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Life Mission Chapter 51

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Han Chang Jin mobilized the network he had built in the virtual version to find Ghost Gun.

There is nothing he could do about the people he had met in passing, but there are a few Lifers he had exchanged contact information with. He rode them over and over again.

He was able to find out Ghost Gun’s identity in a matter of 3 months, and they are facing each other now. He had one thought after finding Ghost.

Ghost Gun is in the dark. He is hard to find. Han Chang Jin and Ghost Gun are not personal acquaintances, but he is someone so famous that everyone in Korea knows who he is.

He is a good looking man with a gentle smile. He prepared coffee pods as though they are from a luxurious drip.

Strangely, it was like watching a scene from a commercial he appears in.

Ghost Gun is Lim Si Hyun. One of the top 5 actors in Korea and the master of a large guild sponsored by Chilsung Group.

Maybe because the master is an actor, they have their fair share of celebrities.

Lim Si Hyun is a distant nephew of the owner of Chilsung. There is not a tremendous reason why this distant cousin became master of the guild above other linear relatives.

None of the Chairman’s relatives showed excellence as a Lifer. Since he could not leave it to someone else, he had put Lim Si Hyun in the position.

As it was nearing the end of his exclusive contract, he did not say no. His life as an actor is fun too, but it is nothing compared to his life as a Lifer.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Han Chang Jin.”

“I’m Lim Si Hyun, leading the 7 Stars.”

They introduced themselves to each other. They know the basic information on each other, but it is courtesy to give formal introductions.

Not too long ago, Lim Si Hyun heard rumors that someone was looking for him. When he heard that the person he would have to meet is Iron King, he allowed for the meeting.

Iron King is a fellow Korean and has a good reputation. He is also a soldier. It is fitting for his reputation as someone with a rigid personality.

“I got here after going through 4 of China’s ports for the first time.”

“I heard from Nuclear. Since the 36 rankers keep to themselves, I heard the rumor that you were looking for me.”

The virtual world map has a 1:1 ratio with the earth. Because of this, the 36 rankers have no way of meeting unless they operate in the same region.

“It has become a complicated world. I needed to meet you no matter what.”

“Let’s get to the point.”

Lim Si Hyun’s tone became serious. Judging by Han Chang Jin’s attitude, it did not seem like he had ulterior motives. His profession is also ordinary.

Is the government on the move? He had thought that it had been strangely quiet. It is a thought that anyone could have unless they are dumb.

“Lim Si Hyun, there are 2 reasons why I came looking for you on behalf of the nation.”

“So it is the government. Is it the President?”


“I’ll listen.”

“Sorry, but I have one question first. I can complete a 3000 point level E mission by myself. Are you able to do that as well?”

“Can I think of this as your way to judge whether or not I am of value?”

Han Chang Jin bunched his lips. He had pointed it out correctly. He had the feeling that the situation is, ‘I did come looking for you, but I’m going to turn around now if you have no value.’

“I’ll tell you. As of now, I can complete it by myself in 5 days.”

Han Chang Jin’s expression became prudent. It is as he had expected. The 36 rankers are using what they know from the virtual version to advance faster than others.

Reality and virtual are different? It is true. Could someone who was not able to stand above others in the virtual version, be able to do so in reality?

He got to the conclusion.


It is impossible.

“I apologize if I offended you.”

“It’s nothing. It is true I’m offended that I’m being judged, but it’s something to be happy about to be recognized by someone of the same class.”

Lim Si Hyung laughed. He has a refreshing personality. He was not snobby and was easy unlike the rich. He is worthy of leading 7 Stars.

“What I saw from now on is a national secret, so only you need to know this.”

“I’m nervous.”

Han Chang Jin started speaking. A Lifer organization operated by nations all over the world has been created, and it is nearly completed.

Anything could become a reason for it, but the main purpose is world peace.

If they want to live as they did before the real version appeared, the government needs to hold the power. If it loses the power, it is the return of the Dark Ages.

Nations that normally have close relationships share information and show signs of forming alliances.

“In just the exposed part, 7 of the 36 rankers are included.”

“Are you talking about a mutual aid?”

“What do you think if the most powerful of each country link together to complete missions?”

They are each famous players in the virtual version. There are 5 Lifers who have the best equipment in level E and D, and have gone through the 2nd stage of body modifications?

Level D where level 4 mutants appear will be difficult, but they could do whatever they wanted in those lower. Since their professions are all different, they could anticipate the synergy.

There is a turbo engine on their speed in advancing, and they could reach level C in a short amount of time. This is incredible information.

“Are you telling me to commit myself to the government or register in the alliance?”

“You said mutual aid, right? If you need us or we need you, we can help each other according to the situation.”

As it is not just the government, but a worldwide gathering, it surpasses the category of the powerful. In a small scale, it is 7 Stars. Large, it is bringing Chilsung to the world.

“So you’re trying to subsume me. Are there other Lifers who received this proposal?”

“There is a Lifer who will hear it, but you are the first. And that is the 2nd reason why I came looking for you.”

“The 2nd reason?”

“Are you able to get in contact with Overload? There’s no way to find him.”

“Overload….. I see. He existed. I had forgotten.”

By name, he is 1st in the Life Mission ranking. He is a legend in the virtual version as the only Lifer who succeeded in the level 9 Evil Queen raid. Lim Si Hyun had been forgetting because his daily life was so busy.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have contact with him either. He’s a Lifer focused on solo plays….. Oh right. Doesn’t he run a blog?”

Lim Si Hyun had also enjoyed looking up information on the blog. A lot of what they knew overlapped, but the videos were as fun as watching a movie.

“We would be able to find him if we track the IP address, but we believe that might just be counterproductive.”

“Even if you find him through normal means, I don’t think he’ll join the federation. He resisted the seduction of all large guilds in the virtual version as well.”

Han Chang Jin knew that aspect well. He wanted to give advice if he could.

If they maintain a friendly relationship, he might be able to request aid at a later time. Creating ties is the primary goal.

There is nothing to lose in creating friendly ties with any of the 36 rankers, excluding a few crazy people. They will become reliable reinforcements.

“What do you think about sending a note on the blog? He’ll read it.”

“It’s of no use.”

He tried sending notes several times. Each time, there was no response. Cha Jun Sung was either reading and ignoring them, or putting them in Trash because he could not be bothered with reading them.

“We cannot even put up a notice that we are looking for Overload because we could run into trouble regarding personal privacy issues. This is very frustrating.”

Lim Si Hyun scratched his forehead.

Han Chang Jin was awkward in embarrassment. Truthfully, he had not put that much effort into looking for Cha Jun Sung. He was only pretending to look.

“He’ll meet with you if you tell him that you’re Iron King.”

“Will he?”

The Cha Jun Sung that Lim Si Hyun knew was not so stiff. He is rather open. He is like any other Lifer, it is just that he prefers to play solo/

“If the 3 people in Korea get together, we could complete a level D mission as a party.”

The government had its eyes set on 10,000 points. 7 Stars will be similar. The level D advance mission is 20,000 points. With 10,000 points, a level 4 mutant could come out.

“7 Stars is trying to gather talent with 9000 points on the fringe.”

“Likewise for the government.”

Solo missions are impossible in level D. The level 4 mutants are too strong for someone to take them on alone. It is a suicide mission even with class D gear.

A small group could take it on if the mission is under 10,000 points, but filling all 100 spots for anything above that gives them a better chance at surviving.

They had a long conversation. They spoke for a few hours before coming to a close.

“Since I cannot decide this easily, I will consider this issue of registration.”

“I’ll hope for good results.”

Lim Si Hyun asked for contact information, saying that he would notify him of his decision within a few days. Han Chang Jin left his information happily.

Though he had not been able to find Overload, it is fortunate that Lim Si Hyun’s reaction was so positive. Certainty is better than uncertainty.
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