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Life Mission Chapter 50

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The nest died uneventfully. It consumed all of its nutrients and cells and there was not much of a fight. After that, they arrived at the completion area without problems.


There are moments when the annoying helper seems lovable. It is when the heavenly voice whispers to them after they have been waiting for it.

If they complete a mission, they gather points. With it, even a lucky box. They can only receive the lucky box in the briefing room. They can check it later.

“I guess it’s a surprise.”

“I want to hurry up and open it.”

It is a reward given to Lifers with the completion of a level D mission and points.

If they are unlucky, it is worth 1 point and if they are lucky, gear worth thousands of points could come out. That is why it is a surprise of luck.

The probabilities are terrible. In the countless comments regarding the box, there are very few Lifers who received boxes with gear that is of any use to them.

As it is possible to deals, there are many Lifers who hoard them.

-[I will purchase lucky boxes for $100,000 each. Does anyone have intentions to sell theirs?]

Chun Myung Ik looked at the Lifers as he spoke. A few people raised their hands to say that they would sell theirs. Cha Jun Sung did not respond. He is geared toward thrill more than money.

Just as people’s personalities are different, their values are all different. If not, would he have used everything on the ultimate Hades blade?

The Lifers who said that they would sell, were not doing it because they need the money. They would rather ensure getting $100,000 out of this gamble instead of ending up with nothing.

-[Daeho Group has prepared a small banquet for you all. We hope everyone will attend as we intend to offer the best services.]

Cha Jun Sung was thinking of returning home. What banquet when he is so tired, he is on the verge of collapsing? The people who would attend are Hocheon guild members and the Lifers who want to join.

They had been stuck together for a week. You stick with your people, not others. This is visible just in the way that Hocheon handles Lifers.

-[Alright, let’s return to Hocheon’s auditorium…..]


Chun Myung Ik could not finish his words. As he was about to finish, an ear-splitting high tone shriek swept over the 47 Lifers like a wave.

The location of the shriek? It is to the side of the direction that they are standing in. It is blocked by an iron door that leads to the second half.

It seems a mutant is excited because it smelled the Lifers and heard them talking. It seems to be a level 4. If it comes out at them, it is annihilation for the force.

Bang bang!


The iron door shakes as if it is going to come crashing down. It did not break down easily because it looked as though it would hold up against a truck.

“I, I want to go back!”

“Me too!”


The Lifers start to return. If they are caught while hesitating, they die even after completing the mission. They do not want to be in that situation.

“The door is stable.”

“If it were to come down easily, it would not have been a 5000 point mission in the first place. It could come out any time it wants and make a fuss.”

They could not know what type of mutant it is, but it is blocking the door to go outside. Or it is not a size that allows it to go out.

‘If I can figure out its identity, I can prepare for it, won’t I?’


Cha Jun Sung turned on his recording function. If you know your enemy, you can win every battle.

There are countless mutants in different ways on his blog. He thought there would be results if he could compare them to reduce the deaths.

‘Forget it if not.’

Not all mutants are there. If he cannot find them, he cannot find them.


Did it tire itself out while making a fuss? The sound of it was getting farther away from the iron door.

“It took everything.”


Clues come from the small things. It took everything. This is important.

“Let’s go back. I need to dig through the blog.”

“Unlock it. I want to see it too.”

“Alright. I’ll go and add a friend to it.”


When he told Park Jin Hyuk who Campbell is, he had revealed that he is Overload. He was surprised at first, but he is now used to it.


Since they returned as though running away, there were not even 10 people left. Most are in Hocheon.

“Number 617? Mr. Ch Jun Sung?”

“Do you need something?”

Chun Myung Ik approached him. When the Lifer registration system was formed, helper names became useless. The Lifer registration card had replaced citizen registration cards.

“Are you attending the banquet?”


Attend? Do they think he will? He is satisfied with having participated in a level D mission. He is totally against anything bothersome. He needs to rest at home and there are a few things he needs to take care of.

“It’s not something to discuss here. Can we go somewhere to talk?”

“Sorry. I don’t want to get involved with a large guild in any way. I have nothing to give and nothing to get. I’ll be leaving first.”


Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk returned home. If they are going to cut them off, they need to do it for sure. It becomes a problem if they leave it up for question.

Chun Myung Ik and Hocheon did not move as if they were nailed to the spot. As it happened so suddenly, it took them some time to understand the situation.

Chun Myung Ik grinded his teeth. He had been rejected unilaterally. Why are people so full of themselves? Cha Jun Sung and that guy had their noses up to the sky.

“Should I go catch them?”

“Leave them. We’ll calm the guild down first.”

He was about to agree with Oh Min Ho’s expression, but settled his anger first. There are a lot of damages. They need to clean up the mess and advertise their mission completion.

“This is Hocheon’s jurisdiction. Let’s gather strength for a few months and make an attempt.”

Since there is no name to the mission, they would have had nothing to say if they had been cut in line. However, level D missions surpass level E by a lot.

There is almost no probability in overlapping unless they seek out the biology institute on purpose. As much as missions reduce with completions, they are regenerated.

‘His name is Cha Jun Sung.’

He had met someone similar to him. He is not someone he can forget even if he tried.


Inside the biology institute. A lot of things were created at the same time including food storage, hospital, warehouse, and a summons gate. One of the bunch comes out from that place.

“The gate closes after 3 hours. We need to move the material in there.”


There is food and medicine for hundreds of people. They can rip off the container box put the materials past the gate. He seems like a Lifer, but there is something different.

He can even lightly lift a 300kg piece of metal. He has the power of 100 people.

The speed at which they move the material is fast because there are a lot of people, but it still took them 2 hours and 50 minutes to finish the job.

“Whew! I was wondering how long we would have to do this for.”

A middle-aged man who looked to be the leader, put out his cigarette. It is a bore.

Smoke comes out and scatters. It feels like a life in vain. If the time to slack for Lifers is short, it is 3 years, 5 if it is long.

“Time is almost over!”


The man puts his cigarette out. They need to return to that awful place. Hundreds of people went through the gate. The warehouse became busy.
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