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Life Mission Chapter 41

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A sharp-looking man, the master of Hocheon, Chun Myung Ik, carefully looked through the list of applicants who passed. He does not look through the entire list with hundreds of people.

Chun Myung Ik only looked at Lifers with gold ratings. The vice master looks through the silver, and the raider leader goes through the rest. Contacting them is a matter for later.

He turns the page of the list. Shin Ho Young, the operating officer, waited in silence.

“Are there 6 people?”

Chun Myung Ik who read through the content, spoke. He sounds pleased. He does not know about body modification, but they are at the vice master’s level if they are gold level.

“So 3 people rejected the exception.”

“Their reasons for rejecting are similar. They said they would do what everyone else needs to do.”

“Contact the guys that accepted first.”

“We handled them first.”

“The difference between the guys who accepted the exception is just whether they have a lot or a little, and there’s going to be a prestigious ceremony. If they are treated like kings, they’ll fall into that and be easy to handle.”

Chun Myung Ik grew up in a rich family. He knows how to identify a situation.

Even if they are annoying because they are so full of themselves, it could be overlooked as long as their skills are there. They would become blood and flesh for Hocheon at any time.

“It has become quite a fun world, hasn’t it?”

“A dream has become realized.”

Chun Myung Ik leaned on a plush chair. He is the second son of Daeho Group.

He had been far from business administration since a young age. While his brother was advancing in business, he was going into Life Mission. Is that why? Everyone thought him pathetic.

The situation is reversed now. Chun Myung Ik’s brother does not have an account for Life Mission. He was not chosen in the random 2nd round of selection either.

Chun Myung Ik’s position in Daeho Group went up everyday. He did not have ambition before. But now that he has gained power, his thoughts changed.

He wanted to take Hocheon past Korea to make it a world-renowned guild.

He desperately needs talent. He does not need bookworms who write up business plans at their desks. The type of talent he needs is skilled Lifers.

He did not feel that they fell behind other guilds, but the reality version is not like an open highway. There are obstacles everywhere.

It is not a situation where starting first meant reaching the finish line first.

“What about preparations?”

“They are being processed without issues. Currently, we are picking outside personnel.”

Chun Myung Ik, the vice master, 10 raid leaders, and upper levels will participate in the level D mission. Since there are limitations to the crew, small adjustments need to be made to the operations.

The advancement of Hocheon is riding on this. They need to button the first hole well.

If they fail, Hocheon’s honor falls to the ground. Members of average guilds and Lifers at lower levels do not get an opportunity.

“We’re completing this no matter what.”

“Of course.”

Chun Myung Ik stood up and enjoyed the scenery outside. Sacrifice on behalf of a handful is inevitable. He is always part of that handful.

He would try to save as many members as possible, but they would be turned out if the situation calls for it. For Hocheon, there is nothing more important than mission completion.


Lifers’ actions become busy. Various sounds rang in their ears. It was the sound of firearms and gear being checked.

They will be entering a Level D mission in 10 minutes. They checked their equipment multiple times, but they need to quickly go to the store and supplement whatever they were lacking in.

The top 50 Lifers of the 1000 who took the test, were chosen.

They have the skills to complete a 1500 point mission alone. If 10 of them make up a party, they could complete a Level E advance mission as well.

“They’re complete burglars.”

“Think of it as an investment for the future.”

“Does it make sense? To ask for half of the reward points! They’re thinking of getting 2500 points for nothing. They’re going to take all of the mutants anyway.”

Cha Jun Sung calmed down Park Jin Hyuk who was grumbling. It was harsh even to him. He heard that other guilds asked for 30%, but Hocheon is 50%.

Since the guild is the subject of the mission, they go in with a mutant take-all.

Lifers other than Park Jin Hyuk had issues with it, but Hocheon did not force the mission on them. If they do not like the conditions, they can leave.

“I’m tearing.”

“Let’s go see the mood.”

Their purpose in applying for Hocheon is to see how many level 1, 2, and 3 mutants appear, how wide the map is, and what they need to prepare and keep in mind.

“If they’re going to be like this, they should have just gone in by themselves.”

“If they do that, they can’t earn points.”

“Why not?”

“Think of getting 50% of points from each guild member. If it were you, what would you do?”

If it is a guild at Hocheon’s level, it is possible to come up with the members to complete a level D mission. The reason they do not do this is for the bribes.

They are thinking of using outside personnel as a means to earn points. Lifers who pass the test have gotten on the ride whether they wanted to or not.

The auditorium door opened and Hocheon’s master Chun Myung Ik, vice master Oh Min Ho, 10 raid leaders, and the 38 upper levels they chose, came in.

Along with the personnel in waiting, 100 people had gathered together. Chun Myung Ik’s people acted pompous and went up on the stage. Lifers focused on them.

“It’s the burglar boss.”

“Be careful what you say.”

Cha Jun Sung scolded Park Jin Hyuk. When Chun Myung Ik turned around, the auditorium became quiet. If he hears someone saying negative things about him, it could become an uncomfortable situation.

“I am Chun Myung Ik, master of Hocheon.”

Hocheon’s guild members clapped. Lifers did not follow suit and looked at him. They just wanted him to quickly say what he needs to and go into the mission.

“I’ll get to the point. As this is a mission of extreme importance to Hocheon, we hope that you will give it your best.”

Chun Myung Ik said a few more words. If it were not for the mission ahead of them, these are people that he can ignore. Lifers searched the mission name on their PDAs.

-[Level D Mission: Empire Biology Institute] [Goal: Attainment]

-[Content: Pharmaceutical company, Empire, established hundreds of laboratories around the world. Laboratories study samples that are respectively differentiated. According to current Lifers’ standards, deodorizing the sample on the last floor is impossible, so you must create a path to the middle half first.]

-[Reward: 5000 points. Lucky box.]

“Empire Biology Institute? Even the conglomerates can’t escape the clutches of missions.”


It is a world-renowned representative pharmaceutical company of America and exists in reality as well.

With time, there was a connection between the mission’s worldview and reality, but what that was is not revealed.

There are several companies that have experienced damage because of missions. There were even times when government secrets were revealed.

“Give me your force applications. My helper name is Vulcanus.”

Lifers gave their force applications under Chun Myung Ik’s helper name. Cha Jun Sung erased the questions in his head and decided to focus on the mission.

It is not his duty to reveal the phenomenon. If they keep going, there will be a day when they find out. Until then, he will just keep going forward.
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