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Life Mission Chapter 40

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“You don’t have to do this…..”

“I can’t receive special treatment when everyone is doing it. There’s no reason to either.”

An observer had an uncomfortable expression. After checking Cha Jun Sung’s equipment and mission experience, the observer proposed skipping the practical test.

His equipment was of a category indicative of someone who bribes others to join a group. A few other Lifers also received this proposal.

There were people who accepted and those who rejected, and Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk were among those who rejected.

In this situation, that was a favor. A major company giving out a favor?

Cha Jun Sung did not want to be connected to Hocheon in any way. There must be something that they want from him. He is blocking it, whatever it is.

“Phew! It’s high.”

The roof of a 12 story building. All he needed to do was get down from here. The goal is the escape. There is nothing as quick as escape if someone has the skill.

He opened the door of the roof with a crossbow in his hand. He only needs 30 minutes.

Not coming up with a strategy? What strategy. Kill it if he is detected while going downstairs, and keep going if he is not. The only aspect he needs to pay a bit of attention to are Level 2 mutants.

“Excuse me!”


“Are you just going downstairs?”


“Aren’t you going to take equipment like bombs? You’re just going with one automatic crossbow?”

The observer was taken aback by the straightforward answer. He had seen a lot of Lifers’ missions, but this is the first time someone is acting so recklessly.

When they enter missions, they rack their brains to prepare for all potential situations that could arise or equip themselves with all types of gear and crawl out.

On the other hand, test number 617, Cha Jun Sung, ignored all processes.

“It is escape, not annihilation. We need to move quietly to avoid engagement.”

Would it be necessary to call in mutants that he does not need to fight by firing a gun?

“But still…..”

“Does Hocheon get involved in playing styles?”

The observer gulped. He could only assess if a Lifer is passing or eliminated, and he does not have jurisdiction beyond that. He was just worried that he would have to get involved.

“I’m going.”

“Number 617 test is beginning.”

The observer gave up. He thought that Cha Jun Sung was placing his trust in the gear on his body. If it becomes dangerous, he could eliminate Cha Jun Sung and handle it himself.

Cha Jun Sung went down the stairs. About 300 Level 1 mutants appear in a 1000 point mission. There would be about 20 to 30 per floor.

When he arrived on the 12th floor, demons with thin arms and legs and a bulging stomach greeted him. He could not tell what they had been eating, but their mouths were messy.

An arrow embedded in its forehead. The same scene repeated a few times.

One shot, one hit. It was just one shot no matter what. Before the demons could react to the strange presence in their nest, they were dead.

A demon that had been hiding behind some shelves, flung his body at Cha Jun Sung. The observer watching from a distance pretended he did not notice. He could not get involved.

Cha Jun Sung did not even look at it and grabbed it by the neck. The demon that had been caught suddenly made a choking sound.

As its neck broke under the force of squeezing, there was the sound of cracking. Its body went limp. Cha Jun Sung threw the body.

The 12th floor was handled within moments. Even though it is a Level 1, it was done too easily. The observer fully realized that Cha Jun Sung is a true Lifer. He is not like the people who latch onto others. He is better than Hocheon’s raid leader.

10 arrows in one bundle, is 5 points. Since they are a waste to throw away, they can be taken out and reused. It is a bit uncomfortable to do, but quick.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s nothing.”

He was about to go down to the 11th floor, but the observer was standing with a blank look.

‘Its neck….. Would I be able to do that too?’

Level 1 mutants are weaker than humans, but breaking its neck would not be easy. The observer suspected body modification but went past it thinking that it is probably not possible.

Even the master of Hocheon only went through the 1st stage of body modification a month ago.

Since he is now preparing for the 2nd stage, it is hard to believe that a private Lifer is able to go through body modification after getting that kind of equipment.

He thought that Cha Jun Sung in front of him could not do that unless he is a world renowned Lifer. This is why stereotypes are dangerous.

“Ugh, it’s bothersome.”

He wanted to go through the emergency stairs. But these damned helpers cannot let their Lifers take the easy route.

He suddenly remembered something funny he read on Lifer World. One Lifer had posted that he completed an escape mission by jumping off with a parachute.

As he left the mission area, a special mission was activated while it became Level D and because there was no way to go back, he had to give up the mission.

It is a scary situation where one might die, but it is funny in text.

To take a parachute off of a building, he is probably an unusual person in real life as well.

Every time they went down a floor, they met the demons living there. The numbers that ran away in fear of Cha Jun Sung’s strength increase.

They had smelled the blood coming from upstairs. Even if they lack intellect, they have instinct. This is where mutants have an advantage over humans.

After killing mutants here and there, they got closer to the 1st floor. At the same time, they detected strange movement in the front. It must be a Level 2.

“Will you hide somewhere you can’t be seen?”

“Ah, sure.”

The observer left. It is not necessary for him to put himself in danger to see the battle. His mission is complete just by seeing the results.

“Where are you?”


He even went into a shaded area on purpose with the thought, ‘I’m unprotected. I’ll give you the benefit of surprise.’ Going further in, it bit the bait.

Cha Jun Sung tilted his head and got out of the way. A sharp toenail passed right in front of him. It was really close. He moved just the amount that he needed to. He had planned this.

“Demon Chief.”

It is at least a head taller than he is. With its sturdy muscles, it must have muscular strength as well. A normal Lifer would not have been able to take it on with a bare body.

Cha Jun Sung looked the Demon Chief up and down and stopped on a spot. Even the cannibals covered their important parts, but this goes around naked.

The Demon Chief’s voice sounded as though it were mocking him. It made him angry.

“You’re going to be executed.”

Its crime is crushing a man’s pride. He could not forgive it.
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