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Life Mission Chapter 39

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“It’s up.”

Cha Jun Sung clicked on the recruitment announcement on Hocheon’s homepage.

They had cast their bait 9 days after he made up his mind at Han River.

During that time, other guilds were diligently recruiting Lifers as well. Their standards must have been raised however, because their goal was 6000-7000 points.

It did not seem like there would be a great gap between 5000 points, but they could not ignore the step. Even if it makes them late, it is important to take each step.

If their patience runs low in the first place, they would not have waited 3 months.

-[We are recruiting intrepid Lifers in Hocheon to go into a Level D mission. We will be selecting personnel with a test, so please knock on the door to Hocheon on the given date and time. Thank you.]

Information like the sponsor and how many people would be recruited were posted, but it meant for them to wait until the test and go to Hocheon.

“The number of people they’re recruiting is 50….. Since it’s the first, are they saying they’ll go in a controlled orientation?”

Controlling becomes easier as a guild has more people. If it is 50:50, he could guess Hocheon’s intent. It meant that this round is a quest.

Filling a guild to complete a Level D mission is solely for the reward points. They accept bribes to take people with them.

People could say, ‘If they’re going to do that, why follow them.’ ‘If individuals make a force, they can get rid of point bribes and take-alls.’

Would all Lifers who went through the advance mission to go on to Level D have outstanding skills? It would have been good if they did, but the reality is in the gutters.

Top Lifers create a party and allow 1 or 2 mediocre Lifers come along in exchange for a bribe of points or money.

Mediocre Lifers could complete the advance mission just by watching from the rear. This is why problems in skill arise.

They only think about getting out of Level E, and do not think about honing their skills.

Since there are Lifers that still struggle with Level D 1000 point solo missions, there is a type that cannot come out alive without the help of a guild.

-[You have applied for the recruitment announcement.]

Cha Jun Sung applied. Simultaneously, Park Jin Hyuk followed suit and applied.

“We just have to hide our body modification.”

There is no change in the equipment. It was all the same as when they left Field of Meat.

450,000 points accumulated. Of those, 200,000 points were invested in the 2nd stage of body modifications. He did not buy anything with the 250,000 points and they were being held in his PDA.

The price of each Level D equipment is at least 30,000 to 40,000 and reaches 300,000. As there is no way to resell them, there could be great regrets with the wrong click.

If there is something that Cha Jun Sung needs to buy, he deals with the most expensive item first. The first thing he wants in the Level D store! The thing that made him fall in love at first sight!

“Wolf blade.”

It is the best blade to buy from the Level D store. Its weak cutting force is a flaw, but it is understandable because it is a downgraded version.

300,000 points! If he just gathers 50,000 points, the wolf blade is his.

If the body modification and weapon are combined, he could confidently take on the lower half level Level 3 mutants as long as they are not as extreme as Slayers.

Park Jin Hyuk was also aiming for head hunter, a 350,000 point explosive sniper rifle. These are sitting right in front of them. They would come into their possession if they complete a few more missions.

“100 applicants. It’ll be noisy.”

An annoying situation could arise, but thinking like that before even going is unlucky. It is better to see everything in a positive light.

“I might as well warm up.”

The test is in 3 days. He does not want to just hang around, so he should just complete a mission.

He wanted to break through a 3000 point mission while he was at it, but it would easily take 5 days alone, but it would be enough to do two 1500 point missions.


“It’s complicated.”

Park Jin Hyuk and Cha Jun Sung had expressions of disbelief as Lifers came swarming in like bees.


They could feel explicit attention. Everyone was comparing their equipment.

The test is simple. After checking their equipment and mission experience, they just have to go into a 1000 point mission accompanied by observers to complete it alone.

“I can’t tell by looking at them.”

“I’ll say.”

Everyone had impressive gear as people making attempts at a Level D mission should.

A 1000 point would be simple to complete if they had gotten here on their sole effort, but those that did not would be filtered out easily.

The difference between an expert and someone who is not shows in the simplest of behaviors.

Only a few users had equipment like Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk’s. They would need to keep an eye out but from what they saw so far, there were only three or four people.

There is a relaxed sense to their waiting. Those people are the real deal. They are Lifers who have gotten here on skill.

“There are a lot of pretty women.”

“So you are a man.”

“But it’s not like I’m trying to do something about it. I just like seeing women more than I like seeing men.

Cha Jun Sung nodded in agreement. Could it be because the ratio is small? Strangely, he has never been in a party with a female Lifer.

According to the government census, the ratio of men to women is 7:3. In some ways, it is inevitable that there are more men.

The violence of Life Mission is more attractive to men than it is to women. Since that was reborn into the reality version, what would happen?

Even among the 36 rankers, only 6 are women. Cha Jung Sung had maintained an amicable friendship with one of those women.

“Reminds me of that woman.”


“Someone. She’s pretty, cold, and quiet, but makes me feel good when we’re together?”

“Oh oh! Invite her to a party!”

“She’s a foreigner. She can’t come here easily and I don’t know her contact information.”

With the ability to add friends in the virtual version, they could take actions like meeting up, but they had lost contact when the game switched to a reality version.

She is not a woman to be taken easily, but if it had been possible to contact her, he would have asked her opinion before inviting her to be part of a party with him and Park Jin Hyuk.

“We’ll meet if it’s fate.”

“What a pity.”

If they are fated to meet, they would meet. If the trust they had fostered in Life Mission had not come apart, the feeling would not have changed with time.

“Lifers, please gather in the auditorium! We will begin the test.”

A staff member of Hocheon’s guild yelled through a speaker. He moved the disorderly Lifers into the building auditorium. Cha Jun Sung was mixed in here as well.

When they went into the auditorium, judges were waiting for the Lifers at the end. They are the primary filter.

They could lie about their mission experience, but they could not lie about their equipment.

“I will call you in order by your names.”

The guild staff member started with last names beginning with K. Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk settled into the seats for Lifers with the thought that they would have to wait for a while.

The order passed in order. There were 2 or 3 people eliminated out of every 10.

Even those who passed were separated by their equipment. People with mediocre equipment and those with distinguished equipment. The guild staff members spoke politely to the latter.

Park Jin Hyuk went out and shortly after, Cha Jun Sung also went out. Both were assessed as the highest level and joined the ranks of Lifers receiving better treatment.

The practice test was also conducted by order of name. Even if a lot of people had been eliminated, it is impossible to observe each mission with just the staff members in one day.

It is safe because the observers are veterans who have gone through 1200 to 1300 point missions. Park Jin Hyuk went on the 2nd day and Cha Jun Sung went on the 3rd.

They were told to stay at a reserved dormitory in Hocheon until their turns came.

“Numbers 1 to 250 will enter the assigned missions.”

The mission numbers are decided, but another is assigned if one disappears. Even if tens of thousands of people enter, there is not a shortage of missions.

If there were, Life Mission would not have been able to handle the Lifers all around the world.


In order to be chosen to enter the group entering Level D, Lifers were making the commitment and throwing themselves into the mission. They just hoped there would be no deaths.

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