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Life Mission Chapter 38

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It seems he does not know. Park Jin Hyuk had not been in the virtual version for even half a year.

Unlike Cha Jun Sung who started in South America, his starting point was Asia. Slayers do not appear in Asia.

-[That’s a disgusting bastard. If even 2 gather, they can fight 3 Evil Bloodsuckers.]

-[What! But Evil Bloodsuckers are at the top of Level 3!]

-[Opinions are divided, but I see Slayers as the strongest in Level 3.]

They are fast and sharp. That is Cha Jun Sung’s assessment of Slayers.

Its body is two or three times the size of a person’s, its legs are abnormally long, arms are sickles like a mantis’, and it’s fast enough to make someone pass out.

It may be possible with an ambush, but it is impossible to hit with an automatic crossbow. It may or may not work with a gun either. It moves to get out of the way before the shot goes off.

Its thin skin is a flaw, but if its skin was thick and even had guarding properties, it would have gone over to Level 4. This is the type that uses pure physical strength.

-[If we combine our strength, we’ll be able to fight with 1 Slayer, right?]

-[If it’s in a wide space.]

He could not guarantee it. One of the two of them would die. It could be that both do.

-[Are we going to go as a party?]

-[It is our first attempt, so don’t you think it’ll be better to go in as part of a raid?]

It is not like he is looking for wealth, so they must go in and take a look with the thought that it is a quest.

If they go in together and fall into an unfavorable situation, they can only quit the mission. It is better to earn less points and join a raid operated by the guild.

Most private organizations cannot go out because they are blocked at 3000 points but when viewed globally, there are many people who have gone into Level D.

Is their equipment better than Cha Jun Sung’s? The answer comes out just from looking at a Level E mission. The difference between 2 people completing it and 10 is 5 times the points.

If the number of people who enter Level D goes from 10 to 100 people, it goes from a party to a force. They are making up for the lack of skills with equipment.

The word is that if a private Lifer goes into a guild raid, there are a lot of opportunities to take all of the points with few casualties in situations that are not dangerous.

This is why even if the rewards are great, people are unable to gather enough points to go through body modification as Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk did. It is fortunate if they even get to complete the 1st stage.

-[Have you decided on a place?]


-[If you say Hocheon, are you talking about Daeho Group? Their reputation is bad….. It’ll be alright, right?]

Daeho Group is one of the 10 groups. Their ranking is at 8? Since they completed this advance mission, they could be expected to make an attempt at Level D.

Rumors say that several major companies shed a lot of blood and each completed Level D, but the number of casualties exceeded 60.

Daeho Group is on the late side. Enterprises do not like to lose. It is inevitable that they will become impatient in trying to catch up. They could be followed then.

-[Since there are a lot of people going in, I guess it’ll be genocide if we don’t command properly.]

-[Strangely, major companies don’t have patience. I don’t know if it’s an issue with guilds or with alliances, but they rush into assault. That’s why so many of them die.]

They are armed with good weapons like limited SMGs and sent into missions. It seems their strategy is to blindly run in since there is an unending supply of Lifers.

3 months have flown by since Cha Jun Sung completed Field of Meat. He only looked at Level D missions. He felt that he was too lacking.

The standard for making an attempt at a challenge is whether or not he is able to fight a Level 3 alone.

After preparing for 3 months, he finally felt like he was qualified. He found new Lifers who went into missions recklessly daft and pathetic.

-[Rest for a few days. I’ll contact you.]

-[You relax too.]

They ended the call. Soon, Daeho Group would be recruiting Lifers entering Level D. They would need to complete simple missions while examining the situation until then.


People gather in. While Cha Jun Sung was leaning on his car, locked in his thoughts, there was a fuss not far from him.

“You bitch! I fed you, gave you a place to sleep, and gave you clothes to wear and you cheat on me?”

“Honey! That’s not what happened!”

“Shut up!”

A Lifer holding a crossbow was glaring at a man with a woman while aiming at them. He looked as though he would kill both of them.

Cha Jun Sung slowly moved in among the people. A crossbow show at Han River, it would be something unimaginable before. Life Mission had ruined the world.

“Everyone, go away! I’m going to kill you two! You guys want to die too?”

When he swung the crossbow back and forth, people became frightened and backs away. There are Lifers among them. Lifers are people too. They die if a hole goes through their heads.

“Who are you!”

“Me? Just an observer. Don’t pay attention to me and go on so I can watch.”

Cha Jun Sung’s finger was pointing at himself. It is an infuriating gesture.

He did not back off and watched from his spot, pretending he did not care. The angry Lifer felt as though he had been lit up.

“Asshole! I’ll kill you too!”

“If you can.”

An arrow from the loaded crossbow flies out. It is not a bullet, but it reaches a speed of almost 200km, so the average person cannot avoid it.

As the distance is a mere 10m, it is over in the blink of an eye.

“It’s the lowest level of the crossbows. It has short range and weak penetration.”

Cha Jun Sung lowered his body and ran forward. He could see the arrow clearly. With the 2nd stage of body modifications, his physical abilities increased by 4 times.

His calloused hand caught the arrow. The repulsive force pulls his shoulder.

“He caught the arrow with his hand!”


The people who had watched a scene that was like magic made a fuss.

Cha Jun Sung reached the Lifer within moments and punched him in the stomach.

His eyes rolled with the pain of his guts being twisted. Cha Jun Sung had really only hit him slightly. If he had hit him with force, his muscles would have been ruptured or he would have died.


Cha Jun Sung looked at the Lifer who had passed out with pity, and went back to his car.

Rather than getting involved because he wanted to, he felt that he would have been in a terrible mood if someone had been murdered right next to him.

“I saved a couple people’s lives.”

The law says that a Lifer who commits murder is to be executed.

That is what it says, but no one knows if it is actually true. They may not really kill the murderer.


He started the car and left Han River. If he stays here, there will just be bothersome incidents. In a short while, the police would come and resolve it themselves.
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