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Life Mission Chapter 35

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“Please excuse my rudeness.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“How did you get these items? Did you buy them with your points?”

Cha Jun Sung smiled gently so that Jung Hye Ryung would not get the wrong idea. There is no crazy Lifer who would buy items with points to sell them.

They sell items when they no longer need them or if they come across them by coincidence as Cha Jun Sung did.

“They were gathered in a mutant nest.”

“There are store item numbers, but does that mean that many Lifers died?”

Items are classified into two groups. Ones that were bought in the store or ones found while going through a mission. The difference is in the product number.

“Since there were 3 survivors in 4 parties with 40 people, 37 people died.”


Jung Hye Ryung’s eyes widened in surprise. If 37 people went in and died in parties instead of solo, she could guess the difficulty level.

“And purchasing them?”

“Ah! They’re the point pricing decided in the group. Please check.”

The competent employees at Chilsung Group had created appropriate pricing.

Jung Hye Ryung showed him the prices written out simply. He had heard of the approximate prices on Lifer World, but seeing them is different.

The situation is different when selling items worth hundreds of points instead of 1 point Of course an item is more expensive.

300 points is $45,000.

400 points is $64,000.

500 points is $85,000.

This is how the price of points rises. The most expensive items that Cha Jun Sung brought are the 1000-point machine gun and sniper rifle.

If he sells the booty he discovered in Field of Meat, he would get hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is quite easy to make money. To someone with nothing, Life Mission is a way of life.

“Let’s do it.”

“That’s an excellent decision.”

Jung Hye Ryung looked satisfied. The items that she buys from Cha Jun Sung would become a way to develop the Chilsung Group Lifers a step.

If they arm 2 parties and go in a 1500-point mission, it would be a tremendous help to the guild founded by Chilsung Group/

Jung Hye Ryung handed a bag of money that was under the table.

“We rounded the last digit up and it is $25 million.”

“Thank you. The number makes it easy to split with my friend.”

“Do you have someone with you?”

-[Zephyrus, put your gun down.]


Park Jin Hyuk’s voice came out of the PDA. As a means of contact like a cellphone, it is the type that trades points.

When Jung Hye Ryung finally understood the situation, there were shivers down her spine.

“My friend is a sniper.”

“He was aiming here.”

“I had to leave everything covered because we need to meet in person in order to make a deal.”

How could he go out unarmed without knowing what kind of person would show up? Since he cannot walk the streets with his equipment on him, he needed to do this at least.

-[Aim at this woman in front of me for a second.]


A red dot showed up on her stomach. Jung Hye Ryung gulped when she saw it. If she had done something wrong, there would have been a hole in her pretty face.

“I did something rude.”

“Since I did the same thing just now, we’ll call it even.”

It seemed she was talking about the space compression bag.

“As an apology, I’ll answer one of your questions.”


“I’d like to if possible, but only what I know since I don’t know everything.”

Cha Jun Sung put the bag with the money in his space compression bag. Even as he prepared to leave, Jung Hye Ryung was only thinking about what to ask him.

“I don’t know how to ask you because I don’t know what you do and don’t know.”

“I know everything about level E missions.”

“Are you joking?”

Jung Hye Ryung’s expression hardened. Level E goes up to 3000 points. Until now, the only attack missions were Field of Meat and Bone Mountain with just a few others.

“Looking at the weapons you’re buying, I assume you’re trying to make a full 10 person party concentrated on 1000-1500 points and your goal is 3000 points?”

“How did you know that!”

“Are you going to stay at level E forever? You need to go up quickly and advance.”

Jung Hye Ryung had said that Life Mission would become the next generation of business with huge profits. Even if it is for the reward points, they will fill it up completely to go out.

With the proper weapons, 2 people could complete a 1000 point mission. As they go through, they will not be able to help but become ambitious and aim for higher.

“There are over 1000 mutants in Level 1 and close to 20 in Level 2. If each individual Lifer can’t break through 1000 points, don’t even try.”

Cha Jun Sung say goodbye to Jung Hye Ryung and walked toward the exit.

“Is that information with evidence?”

“3 survivors among 40 people – that mission is Field of Meat.”

Cha Jun Sung opened the door and left. Jung Hye Ryung who had been standing blankly understood what that meant and quickly followed him out, but he had already disappeared.

Jung Hye Ryung had seen it. Under Cha Jun Sung’s sleeve, there were impact tights worth 15,000 points. No wonder his body looked bulky.

With the space compression bag, he had only shown her 2 pieces of equipment, but even those total 65,000 points.

In a mission setting, how good is he? She could not be 100% sure, but he could really be the person who completed Field of Meat.

“Helper name Odin, level D Lifer who recently completed an advance mission. Since he said he had someone with him, does that mean there are 2 people just in Korea? I need to report this.”

It is worth reporting.
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