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Life Mission Chapter 33

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“The life I saved, I’ll take it again.”

“That’s true, but I can’t let you do that. It seems too early to die.”

Campbell raised his fist. He was holding a grenade with its pin pulled.

“I pulled it when I heard you call me. That young friend of yours over there is aiming at me, right? If this goes off, you won’t be safe either.”

Cha Jun Sung clenched his teeth. He is cunning to have prepared such a thing.

“Ke ke! That expression is great even though it isn’t as good as the one people show when they’re dying.”

Campbell covered his face and laughed. His eyes showed through his fingers.

‘He seems familiar.’

Something had been bothering him. Campbell’s strange tone that is half formal and half informal, seems to overlap with someone but he cannot remember who that is.

Cha Jun Sung watched Campbell and tried to give Park Jin Hyuk the signal.

“No no! Don’t move.”


“The moment you give a signal, I’ll let this go off. I’ll only be caught off guard once.”

Cha Jun Sung stopped moving at Campbell’s warning. They are not even 5m apart. Even if he does not die when the grenade goes off, he would come out with serious wounds.

‘Jin Hyuk, shoot him. Shoot.’

He sent the signal in his mind. Jin Hyuk is fast to catch on. Cha Jun Sung willed him to shoot Campbell in the head.

Park Jin Hyuk squinted as he looked at Campbell laughing from afar. It looked like he is the culprit, but Cha Jun Sung is not giving the signal.

“What’s going on?”

When Campbell covered his face with his hand, his other hand came up and Park Jin Hyuk could see that it held a round object through the scope. It is a grenade without its pin.

He had not seen what was in Campbell’s hand because he had been focusing on getting a signal. Campbell had turned his back with the grenade in his hand.

“This is driving me crazy.”

It is an ambiguous moment. The decision is all up to Park Jin Hyuk. Anyone in this situation would be conflicted. He cannot reverse a decision made on bad judgment.

“If that goes off, Jun Sung will be hit too. Will his body and equipment be able to handle it?”


Park Jin Hyuk’s finger pressed on the trigger. Slowly, so Campbell would not be able to sense it.

If he reacts when he hears the sound, it will be too late. Once his head is hit, he will lose strength and the grenade will go off within a few seconds. There is just sand, with nothing to find cover in.

In that time, how far would Cha Jun Sung be able to get away in order to minimize damages?



The bullet is shot. Campbell dies. Park Jin Hyuk did not doubt this would happen. Cha Jun Sung would use his speed from the 1st stage of body modifications to get away.


He is hit by the bullet and he falls without strength. With that, Cha Jun Sung runs. But something is weird. Through the scope, Campbell is looking at Park Jin Hyuk and laughing.

While Campbell watched Cha Jun Sung, he was aware of Park Jin Hyuk’s movements.

He could be prepared for Cha Jun Sung in any way. Park Jin Hyuk on the other hand is far away and there is nothing he can do to him. If Campbell misses a change in his behavior, he is dead. S

A feeling.

It is a distance that he cannot see from even with twice the sight, but Campbell got a feeling that Park Jin Hyuk’s finger was moving on the trigger.

He could not be sure. He just felt like it could be. The behavior of a person whose life is threatened?

It is just his last attempt to live. Campbell had the feeling that Park Jin Hyuk was going to shoot him and tilted his body slightly. At the same moment, a shot from the rifle rang the ocean.

As Campbell fell, he threw the grenade past Cha Jun Sung’s head.

Instead of going farther from the grenade, Cha Jun Sung had become even closer to it. He thought that Campbell would drop it nearby, but had not expected him to throw it.


As the grenade explodes, countless pieces of shrapnel flew out. Cha Jun Sung protected his entire body with his heavily shielded arms and legs.


The bomb exploded again.

The fortunate thing was that it was not a bomb for attack, but a smoke shell.

“Jun Sung!”

Park Jin Hyuk held his SMG and ran. He did not care if Campbell was alive. If Cha Jun Sung was hurt, they needed to return right away and receive treatment.

“He, he didn’t die.”

“Let’s hurry up and go back!”

Dozens of shrapnel fragments were embedded in his arms and legs. Blood gushed from his wounds. His bones must have broken while his skin was ripped because he could not put strength in them.

“What about Campbell?”

“I can’t tell what happened to him because he set a smoke shell off.”

“He’ll be alive. He tilted his body before the shot and got out of range.”

“Ugh! You’re right. I’m at a disadvantage like this, so there’s nothing I can do.”

Park Jin Hyuk pointed the SMG around them. It is Campbell’s voice. He could not see him because of all of the smoke.

“You… I’ll kill you the next time I see you.”

That’s what I should be saying. If it had been a warning from trash, I would have laughed it off, but I anticipate it because you seem to be skilled.”

Campbell must be activating his return because his voice was becoming distant.

“I’ll be leaving first.”

The sound of blowing air from the mouth. When Cha Jun Sung heard that sound that the guy had made when they met in Life Mission, his pupils grew larger.

That tone and madness, the sound from his mouth upon leaving. He remembered.

“Blood King?”

“Who are you?”


Campbell was shocked. He had returned before they could discuss. That is how Cha Jun Sung and Campbell separated after leaving strong impressions.

“Blood King?”

“I’ll tell you when we get back.”

He could explain the situation to Park Jin Hyuk when they got back. Cha Jun Sung realized that other Lifers were catching up to his rapid growth.

Campbell returns and looks weak as he goes over the situation just now.

He earned a lot from this mission. He had gone through all of his points for body modification, but he earned 20,000 points upon completing Field of Meat.

The mutant hunting points and reward points were generous, but the 5,000 points he got from killing Lloyd could not be ignored.

Lifer hunting.

The secret to Campbell’s points. If you kill a Lifer, you are given 10% of their holdings. It is an easy way to gain points? That is a common misconception that people have.

It’s a double-edged sword with high risk. You could kill someone, but you could be killed if something goes wrong. There are things that Lifer hunters need to keep in mind.

Avoid full parties.
To kill a full party of 10, 9 people excluding myself? There is no chance of winning if fighting face to face. Defeating them individually is also difficult because of the numbers.

If there is no way to avoid going into a full party, it is better to gather murderers together but it is not a recommended method.

They are a team but murderers are also enemies. You do not know when they might stab you in the back. Campbell had gone into Field of Meat with a team, but all of the members had died at his hand.

Know your opponent well.
Make a distinction in strength and only catch the weak guys. If he had followed Cha Jun Sung instead of Lloyd’s people, he would not have come back alive.

If the party you go into only has strong people? You need to hide your intentions.

Do not leave any survivors.
If you become known as a murderer and your face is posted, there will be restrictions to your movements. If you do not have the confidence to see it through until the end, do not start at all.

Of the three precautions, Campbell broke the 3rd. The bigger problem is that Cha Jun Sung knows who he is.

Blood King.

That is his nickname in the virtual version of Life Mission.

There are a lot of ways to change his identity in the virtual version. No one can recognize him by his looks. Then how did Cha Jun Sung identify him? It had been through his actions.

“I know it too. That kind of person can’t just be a minnow.”

Blood King is included in the top of the 36 people ranked in breaking through the 36 nightmares. Someone who could recognize him through his actions had to have been someone at a similar ranking whom he had met often. It could be that he is wrong, but his intuition said that this is right.

“There’s no special characteristic. A special characteristic.”

His body modification is weak and he does not have a unique weapon. Campbell’s pride was hurt. His opponent had recognized him, but he could not recognize his opponent.

It is difficult to figure him out from his appearance, but there will be a special characteristic if he looks for one.

He needs to find his tail. There are rankers who reveal themselves. Whoever he is, Campbell had a basic knowledge of who is he.

“It’s because he doesn’t have full potential now, but I’ll be able to tell who he is when I see his battle style. I have no doubt that he enjoys the melee. Was the weapon on his belt a katana?”



In Campbell’s memory, there are 2 Lifers among the rankers who use swords.

Korea’s Overload.

China’s Chammadogaek.

Chammadogaek is also strong, but he cannot stand his ground against Overload who is in 1st place.

He is strong and grand. Even Campbell who was 1st place in PK lost against him.

“That’s right. Overload was Korean, right? Then he would recognize me.”

It is not something to be surprised by. It was right to have met someone among the 36 rankers in Life Mission by now.

“It feels like I’m at a disadvantage… but I’ll be satisfied with having memorized your face.”

If they meet again to fight, he would win then. For now, he needs to focus on growing and finding Blood King’s force again.

“We’ll meet again.”

Campbell fell asleep. He is not an exception to being tired.
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