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Life Mission Chapter 29

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Lloyd’s party was giving up hope. It had been days and Cha Jun Sung had not found Field of Meat. In that time, Smith and Jamie died.

In the present, Japanese Kayamoto was being sliced like raw fish.

That did not mean they could give up all hope because they kept hearing explosions. They were sure that he was lost somewhere, unable to find the way.



The chef who had been eating Kayamoto’s flesh punched the wall in anger and threw its tools anywhere.

It was much more violent today. With its eyes narrowed and nose flaring, it killed Kayamoto with more cruelty. It was angry.

Lloyd’s team did not know, but the chef had come after fighting with the other evil cannibals. 10 evil cannibals had died at the hands of Cha Jun Sung.

There were only a few left. The chef was not happy even though it went up in ranking. He was being pressured to personally fight as he should in his position.

Evil cannibals were smarter than cannibals. The chef knew he would die if he went out there. His mutant instincts allowed him to predict the future.


The chef brought the wagon over and packed human meat. He put the meat of the freshly slaughtered Kayamoto in a large bucket.

He needed to use a bribe since he did not want to fight. Mutants like human or animal meat. It did not have impurities because it had not gone through a transition.

The meat of mutants infected with A virus was tough, so it did not taste as good. There was also toxicity in the blood.

Had Caicus of Closed Area not relished the taste of the paste he made of people? To mutants, humans were just one of many delicacies.

Ke ke!

The chef laughed in satisfaction and left the meat locker. He held the wagon and bucket tightly so as not to let even a drop fall.

They had shared a fair amount before but the meat supply had ended once Lloyd’s party came in, so this amount should be convincing.

“Hah! Others died until now, but it’ll be our turn starting tomorrow.”

Whether by luck or coincidence, the 4 British people were left. The 4 American and Japanese people were sacrificed first. They could say it was fortunate, but even that luck was over.


“It was right around here.”

“Let’s look in each place.”

Cha Jun Sung searched the base for a few days. It had not been at random.

Every half day, he heard screaming. He guessed the path with the sound, and he heard a scream just now as well.

The base was complex. Not only was it large, but it was dizzying because there were a lot of forked roads. It was like a maze because they are not used to the internal structure.


The two freely searched for the meat warehouse. Cannibals rarely appeared. They had killed close to 1000 of them.



“It’s close.”

It was dull. It was closer to the sound of something rolling along than the sound of a collision. It was getting closer. It was coming in their direction.

Cha Jun Sung took out his sword and red fire at the same time. Park Jin Hyuk also took out his crossbow and prepared for a surprise attack. They were used to fighting as they moved.


“Evil cannibal!”

“Look at the wagon it’s pushing! It’s full of human bodies!”


Cha Jun Sung’s eye went to the top of the bucket where a dead head had its tongue out. The expression was twisted in pain. It was Kayamoto.

“I’ll take care of it. Cover me.”

“Leave it to me.”

Park Jin Hyuk stepped back and made an environment for Cha Jun Sung to fight in.


The chef was surprised. Of all the places to meet. There were no cannibals to call to. They were all gathered in one place because they could not split up.

“Did you kill all of those people?”

It was rhetorical. He was thinking to himself.

“The trail of blood is clear. Thanks. It’ll be easy to find because of you.”


Its flesh was so thick that the bullet could not completely penetrate the chef with the red fire’s power. It was wounded, but the shot was not fatal.

Cha Jun Sung shot near its eyes so it could not see.

The chef swung its arms. It was fairly strong. His bones could break with one hit. Park Jin Hyuk could even die.

“That’s not where I am.”

The sword slashed its leg. He cut with such force that the skin split open. It was extremely strong, but incredibly slow.


The chef threw the bucket at Cha Jun Sung. Kayamoto’s blood drenched him. There was a problem with his eyesight as it became red.



Park Jin Hyuk’s bullet went through the chef’s eye and to the brain.

The chef took a few steps and could not handle the heavy weight, collapsing. It was dangerous. If Park Jin Hyuk had been late in shooting, Cha Jun Sung would have been hit.

“That’s disgusting. How is he going to throw that?”

“Ugh, the smell!”

Cha Jun Sung took out a bottle of water from the space compression bag and poured it all. The water washed the blood away as it poured out but it did not get rid of the smell.

It was their drinking water, but he did not think it a waste. They could get more water in the base. They must have been using the underground water, because water came out in different places.

They were suspicious of the water, so they used a cleaning agent to purify it.

After pouring 2 bottles, much of the sticky feeling was gone. He left what was on the plastic armor and impact tights.

“Let’s go.”

“It’s right in front of us.”

As they followed the tire tracks, an ominous iron door appeared. There was so much blood hardened on it that it could not be cleaned. Especially on the handle.

“If this is the right place, all that’s left is the escape?”

“Escaping is easy. We can just go back the way we came when we killed everything.”


The hinges creaked as the door opened. It stuck because it had not been oiled.

“I was right, right? I had a feeling it would be a meat warehouse.”


Park Jin Hyuk had thought that the description of hanging was only fitting for fruit trees. Starting today, he would need to change the way he thinks.

“Do you think all of those people were Lifers?”

“The likelihood is high. There must have been people who were faster than we were.”

“Telling us to check the Field of Meat meant to confirm their deaths.”

There were two types of Lifers to enter this meat house – those who were captured and those who infiltrated. The goal of this mission was to infiltrate it with their skill.

It meant that they needed to get past this much to be able to advance into Level D.

[You have confirmed the situation in Field of Meat. Please escape to the summons area.]
They can escape now that they had seen it. They pushed it back because they could do that at any time. Cha Jun Sung had something to do here. He looked for survivors.

“Mi, Mister Cha?”

“You were alive?”

“Oh! Thank God! Thank you!”

Cha Jun Sung went into the meat warehouse and found Lloyd locked in a pen. He looked overcome with emotion upon seeing his savior.

He had become emaciated while going back and forth between heaven and hell over the past few days.

‘That one’s not dead.’

‘I’ll say.’

Park Jin Hyuk looked at Carlyle with displeasure. The rude asshole had a lot of luck. He had not wanted him to die, but that was just his thinking.

Cha Jun Sung moved to rescue them. He would need to let them go first.

[You have discovered survivors. Activating a conjunction special mission.] [Level E Special Mission: Rescue Survivors] [Goal: Attainment] [Scenario: Rescue the Lifers locked up in Field of Meat] [Reward: 1000 points per person]
Conjunction special mission? Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk looked at each other.

By choice or force, there were special missions by association.

This case was forced, but it felt like a bonus because it had been activated while they were rescuing them already. They would always welcome this kind of mission.


Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk shot at the locks on the pens and broke them. The party was freed. They all seemed to be fine.

[You have earned 1000 points.] [You have earned 1000 points.]
As Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk released Lloyd and Carlyle, Henry and Martin, they each received 4000 points. They were free points that they had not expected.

“We don’t have the translator anymore because they took our helmets. We can’t understand Korean, but I’m sure you’re able to understand me?”


The translator installed in the PDA allowed them to listen to what others were saying in the desired language through the helmet, so the function was halted without the helmet.

Speaking was of the same principle. He needed to be fluent in English to talk to Lloyd. He was at least able to understand Lloyd because of the translator.

“Please save him as well.”


Cha Jun Sung followed Lloyd’s finger and saw Campbell locked in the corner. A new face, he was not a member of the party he entered with.

“He’s a survivor from the first party.”

“The first party?”

He moved as he asked. It was 1000 points just for letting him out.

Even without the points, he was a Lifer with the cannibal as a common enemy. In a situation where rescuing was possible, it was not right to leave him there.


Lloyd explained what he heard from Campbell on behalf of the party. It was easy to understand because he left out the guesswork and only relayed the main points.

“Thank you. My name is Campbell Brian.”

“No problem.”

Campbell did not have a translator either. Cha Jun Sung could hear, but was disappointed that he could not communicate. Park Jin Hyuk kept his mouth shut as well.

“Your equipment is as impressive as I’ve been told. You did body modification as well?”

“Yes, yes.”

One person spoke and one person listened – it was a one-way conversation. He thought he was going to start sweating. Park Jin Hyuk was the one who saved him in a dangerous situation.

“Jun Sung, annihilation? Escape?”

“Hm, annihilation?”

“What do we do with those people? They’ll die on the way out without their equipment.”

Cha Jun Sung wanted to end the cannibals instead of escaping right away. There was no guarantee that everything would go as well as it did today once they entered the top mission in Level E.

If they left Lloyd’s team however, they would lose the lives they had saved.

“I guess so.”

“Let’s think about it after we get those people to the summons area.”

It made sense. They had plenty of time. 3 or 4 hours was enough to get to the summons area from the meat warehouse. They could decide after sending these people.

“We don’t have weaponry, but the things that aren’t dangerous are over there.”

Different types of protective gear were in the area that Campbell pointed out.

There were items for dozens of people. Armor was like a shell that cannibals could not eat. It looked like they dumped it all here because they had no use for it.

Lloyd’s team went through the equipment. All they had to do was find the identification number that indicated it was theirs.

It included the helmets that would activate the PDA’s translating function.

“Where are the weapons?”

“I don’t know, but I saw them take them to a location in the 2nd forked path to the meat warehouse.”

Campbell searched his memories. He was not positive it was really a storage room for weaponry.

“We’ll go and come back. Use this to protect yourself until we come back.”

Cha Jun Sung handed the automatic crossbow to Lloyd. They would kill any cannibals they saw on the way, but it was just in case.
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