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Life Mission Chapter 248

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Black smoke comes out.

A dark demon walks out from among blazing red flames. There are hideous scars all over its body.

Regeneration is slow.

It is because he consumed a lot of energy during his battle with Gabenu. The black smoke will disappear soon as well.

“How annoying. What is that?”

“Didn’t I tell you? It’s a battlesuit that transcends even level S.”


Gabenu spoke while floating in the air.

Cha Jun Sung’s 9 eyes glare at him. It looks similar to a battlesuit.

Cha Jun Sung can see the particles in nanometer that continuously move. It changed its appearance freely. Cha Jun Sung is a whole body mutation mutant, but there is a frame that he can work within.

Even as a master of transformation, he can’t become something like a coin.

But the Miracle can transform into anything. Anything.

While fighting, the mass became a huge shield or a sword.

It was released from Gabenu when that happened, but it fought like a level 8 even without a passenger. The crazier thing is that it operated separately.

If he attacked it, the Miracle scattered like smoke.

It was like fighting a ghost.

He had to focus and attack to feel the impact of the strike. It isn’t safe for Gabenu to stay unarmed when he isn’t in the Miracle.

At some point, he took out a level S battlesuit and attacked with that. He is basically wearing two layers of battlesuits. There isn’t a difference in combat power, but there’s no way to make sense of it. He keeps changing between one-to-one and two-to-one.

He is playing with Cha Jun Sung’s mind so he can’t focus on a single one.

There is significant psychological pressure.

‘There’s almost no effect from cutting or stabbing him.’

He avoided easily because the attack area is small.

When he tried to go through the stomach, a hole would form on just the stomach. Or when he tried to cut, that part would split on its own.

In that moment of surprise, Gabenu would follow up without fail. What would happen if Miracle got in the hands of Lifers beyond level A?

Lifers below level 8 wouldn’t even be able to face it.

Missions would become easy.

It is just that that cannot happen.

There are only two Miracles, which are owned by Jigneon and Gabenu. They can create it, but it had the worst production difficulty even with their scientific knowledge.

So they can’t even dream of creating a supply.

There also aren’t people who can use it, so they would just remain as ornaments.


Cha Jun Sung disappeared.

Gabenu used the Miracle to create a primary barrier, and waited. He didn’t move rashly. It is a one-on-one fight.

Ignore minor attacks.

The win depends on who takes the first real blow.

It should be decided around now. Cha Jun Sung and Gabenu are both at less than half of their attack power.

There are signs of attack from back and front, left and right from near Gabenu. A black shadow comes at him on the ground and in the air.

The Miracle stops attacking.

It is more precise to say that he held onto it.

“The real one is this side.”


Cha Jun Sung’s hand grew like a fly swatter. He has expanded the area because the Miracle keeps scattering like a ghost.

“I thought a secondary attack would come. I had been waiting for it.”


The Miracle clustered in one place and collided with Cha Jun Sung’s palm.

There was no push.

Strength gets compacted as much as the mass does.

It was a fail.

‘I’m going crazy.’

Cha Jun Sung has more offense power, but Gabenu and the Miracle was superior in defense.

Moreover, he is a supervisor.

If he decides to really get into it, Cha Jun Sung won’t be able to handle it.

Who knew he would use an item that Lifers don’t get? The Miracle alone was taking all of Cha Jun Sung’s attention.

‘Does it have to get murderous?’

They aren’t joking around in the battle. They are fighting with sincerity. It’s just that they were fighting with intent to win, to knock the other out rather than to kill. It is more like a spar.

They both think differently, but they become united with one goal.

Cha Jun Sung feels killing Gabenu as a burden.

He is one of the supervisors who created Life Mission. This is enough of a reason.

This is the same for Gabenu.

He did mean to coerce Cha Jun Sung, as he is important data in the experiment. There is unlimited opportunity for him to bring them good results.

They both worried about the after effects of killing the other. They were considering the disadvantages as they fought.

‘If he really thinks that the probability in this fight is 50%, he’ll have a method if I give it my all. I can’t hold back. Let’s go at it.’

9 fronts, 36 eyes looking east and west sink coldly and the emanating atmosphere changes.

Gabenu noticed this.

“Seems you have no intention of giving in.”

“Of course not.”

“Very well.”

Gabenu put the Miracle in full activation as well.

If the fight until now had been to land one blow to injure the opponent, it was now to land one blow to kill.

It was right when they had finished changing states and were about to go into a ferocious battle.

Gabenu suddenly stopped moving.

An unexpected report came in.

[Evil Queen was coming back from South America when she was attacked.]

[The opponent seems to be the unidentified Lifer who is currently under special management, but he still doesn’t get picked up on satellite.]


For something to happen while he happened to be away from his position. It is troubling, but he remained calm and didn’t show it.

“The situation?”

[Evil Queen is getting pushed back. Something must have happened in South America because she lost her strength. We expect that she has 50 to 60% of her normal strength.]

Life Mission has been tracking an unidentified Lifer, but they kept failing because he has the ability to neutralize satellites.

All they were able to do was arrive too late after he killed a level 8 and hid. They hadn’t been able to do anything because the battle ended so quickly.

But it’s Evil Queen this time.

She’s a level 9.

She’s a mutant that is fully capable of hanging onto him. Gabenu needs to go catch him immediately.

He seems to be a Lifer, but he is unregistered.

They can’t understand it.

Cha Jun Sung has no way of knowing about Gabenu’s situation, and he puts power into his body. He compresses like a spring. When he was about to eject that power, Gabenu held up his hand.

“Let’s stop. I have something more urgent to do than fight with you.”

“Who says?”

“I guess that could have been really one-sided. At least I let you know, right?”

It is resolved easily if he recalls Cha Jun Sung’s PDA with his authority as a supervisor.

He personally explained out of courtesy.

“We were able to fight because it was me. If it were Jigneon, it would have been hard for you even if you are another Black Lord.”

Gabenu said it in a roundabout way, but Cha Jun Sung understood. If they were to act as they please, there are many ways in which they can do it.

“Once Jigneon returns, we’ll discuss and let you know.”

“You’re telling me to wait quietly for your decision?”

“I can’t deny it.”


They can’t fight anymore.

Gabenu recalls his Miracle. He’s wearing a battlesuit, so it doesn’t become the form of clothing but covered the battlesuit.

“Rest for now.”

A gate opens up next to Gabenu as it did when he first arrived.

It isn’t a gate to take him back to the world he lives in. It will take him directly to where Evil Queen is in battle.

Gabenu looked over Cha Jun Sung and laughed meaningfully before he disappeared.

“Damn it.”


Cha Jun Sung smashes a wall with his fist.

He’s pissed.

As Gabenu said, there are many ways for them to suppress him. He fought out of obstinacy and pride, but the status quo doesn’t change.

He completed the mission and there are no more risk factors.

Cha Jun Sung releases his awakened state and looks up at the sky. It is dark as if dyed with black ink. It felt like he was looking at his future.

He sighed.

Cha Jun Sung got his PDA and space compression bag again, looked down at his palm, and took out the remaining matter from his body.

He forgot because of everything that had happened. There is something he needs to take care of before going back to reality.

A black liquid comes out of Cha Jun Sung’s hand. It writhed like it was alive, and then fell to the floor.

“Go. You’re a disgrace, but you were just trying to live too.”

The black liquid is the Oriax.

When Cha Jun Sung became a level 9, he gained the ability to control every single cell.

And he knew.

The Oriax was being eaten up by him just as the Oriax had thought.

It is a definite for a living being to struggle to survive.

He is letting the Oriax go because he is considering the normality of it.

The Oriax wanted to gain level 9 strength, but also just purely wanted to live.

Of the two, its will to stay alive was greater.

He will let it live since there is some kind of attachment even if it is negative. With level 7 strength, it will be able to go and live somewhere.

After the Oriax was released from Cha Jun Sung, it hesitated for a moment before disappearing. When the Oriax left, it was left with only fragmentary memories.

It isn’t good to know a lot about the world of Life Mission. It is better to forget the unnecessary things because it will go on to live as a mutant.

“I should get going too.”

Cha Jun Sung goes back.

He really doesn’t know what will happen to him from now on.

What will be the end?

He just hopes that it will be be settled smoothly.
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