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Volume 6 / Chapter 181

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

Once Inferno’s group got a tiny bit of their energy back from resting, they roamed the battlefield to consume nutrients. There are no obvious changes though they are absorbing other lives, but it is not like it is not helping. Titan and Blood Lord are completely immobile. They not only need to have their food brought to them, but need to be fed as well. They are half corpses.

Woong woong!

“A sound?”

It tickles their ears. They hear a bothersome sound that is like a bee batting its wings. White Queen looked around to try and find the source.

White Queen frowns.

She cannot find it. She keeps hearing the sound, but she cannot see the source.

It is not far.

She is sure it is nearby. That is why she is confused. Is it something that can trick her senses?

Woong woong woong!

The sound rings in succession. It keeps overlapping. Then there was a change.

A summons gate was created near White Queen, and hundreds of Lifers came through.

Is a raid entering?

No. It is a force. They are all level C Lifers. The same mission is currently listed on the PDA as if copied.

Therefore, hundreds of Lifers can enter at the same time even if they have not been able to advance to level B.

This mission is Africa Punishment.

The levels are divided into C and B, but those are just letters of the alphabet once they enter.

“Hey, this place is a little weird.”

“….. I feel that too.”

Lifers felt the strange atmosphere and activated their battlesuits.

There are forests everywhere but most of the area is made of plains, so it is possible to identify everything when they look around.

Field scans go over the surface.

They detect life somewhere nearby.

They are inside a mission.

There is a 99.9% chance that the life forms are mutants.

“Look look!”

“A woman?”

“You crazy bastard. Does that white lump look like a woman to you? Not even albinos look like that. Stay alert. That’s a mutant even if this is a safe area.”

A safe area?

They are severely mistaken.

Will they know that what is in front of them is level 9 White Queen?

They could never know. White Queen’s outer appearance is just simply a woman. She is completely naked at the moment. Her sensual body stimulated them, but that was it. That is a monster wearing the mask of a human.

Inferno’s group did not pick up on the Lifers yet because they went to the battlefield. White Queen is the only one looking at the Lifers watching her.

‘Is it space movement? That’s not possible with the science that existed when I was human. Yeah, that’s it. That’s how they could go back and forth as they wanted.

She saw with her own eyes.

White Queen made her own conclusion. She had not known that the world would perish and that she herself would become a mutant.

It would be funny to be surprised that someone invented a super science.

“Why are there so many Lifers? How many are there?”

“What did you choose?”

“Africa Punishment.”

“Huh? We did Africa Punishment too.”



Lifers found each other and exchanged information.

But the more they talked, the more questions they had and the more confused they felt.

Overlaying missions – something that has never happened before.

“Where are our guests from? I have a lot of questions as well.”

White Queen smiled as she approached the Lifers.

The Lifers’ complexions start turning blue when they see her smiling.

“She – she spoke!”

“What level do they start speaking at in the virtual version?”

“Odd creatures are able to do it at lower levels, but they normally have to be level 7 at least!”

“That’s a level 7?”

“Are you high? We entered a level C mission. That must be an odd creature.”

That is right.

No matter how difficult level C missions are, the appearing mutants are limited at level 6. They can meet level 7s in level B missions.

“I can’t understand most of the words you say, but you’re saying interesting things.”

White Queen is most fluent in English, and she knows how to speak a few other languages beyond that. Excluding the languages she cannot understand, she can hear the words that hundreds of Lifers are saying. The amount she can understand surpasses far beyond the human range.

However, she does not have basic knowledge of missions and levels.

“First, let’s kill that. We need to pick up the pace if we’re going to kill 50,000 of them.”

Level C Africa Punishment is complete once they kill 50,000 mutants. If they are lucky, they can come across a level 1 habitat and finish the mission easily.

“I’ll do it. Kyah! What a waste of her body. I’ll have to go have a ton of fun once the mission is over.”

A Lifer at the front pulls the trigger on his reinforced rifle. A bullet that has the power to go through a car, shoots out and hits White Queen in the middle of her forehead. There is automatic aim in the battlesuit. It is a dead-shot system if the target is clear and there is no outside interference.


“No! She’s not dead!”

“She’s fine!”

Lifers high five thinking that they killed White Queen. But they doubted their eyes when they heard the sound of metal behind them.

The bullet bounced on the ground a few times before stopping.

A 10mm bullet bounced?

What about the target that was hit?

White Queen wipes her forehead with her hand. There is blood. The bullet did not go through her head, but it cut her skin. The gun is incredibly large, but she was injured by a firearm. Looking at the Lifers, they each have one.

“I was right, you are dangerous. I can’t let you all live, so I’ll reduce the numbers a bit.”

She does not need to save hundreds of people in order to find out about them. The knowledge they have will overlap anyway, so she only needs one or two of them.

“Whew! It haven’t even really had time to rest.”


White Queen jumped into the middle of the humans in her human state. She does not know the extent of their abilities, but they don’t seem like they will be all that powerful.

She needs to save her energy from awakening. Danger does not come with notice. Even looking at her situation now, she hadn’t known that these humans, these Lifers, would appear.

There is no guarantee that this strange situation will go away after she takes care of these people.

White Queen’s one kick breaks a Lifer’s spine. He is wearing a battlesuit, but is the basic type and cannot endure her attack. Even in her unawakened state, she has the combat ability of a level 7. She is okay because she has just exhausted her energy and is not seriously injured in any way.

‘It’s not easy.’

Lifers seem weak, but they are strong. She gets a feeling of being overwhelmed. If this had been before she fought Cruel King, she would awaken and sweep through them within moments. She is killing as many as she can within a distance with blows, but the armor covering their bodies is unusual. It is absorbing the shock.


They counterattack. It seems useless, but it was annoying when they come in from everywhere. Each person is similar to a high level mutant.

White Queen did as much as she could.

She wanted to end it while saving as much energy as possible. She finally decided that she could not go on any longer once she heard the familiar resonating sound again and another summons gate opened. It has been less than an hour since hundreds appeared, but the number of people increased in that short time. More people come in than she can kill.

“Your Majesty!”

“I’ll end it. Keep recovering your strength.”

White Queen awakened again when Inferno yelled out.

It is the last of her strength. She swells up in size and covers the Lifers.

But she is still in an awful state with her cracked armor and broken shield. She looks like a level 9, but the amount of strength she has stays at level 8. Even this is so low it is like a battery that could run out at any moment.


“Are you coming for me?”

The number of Lifers increases threateningly. The resonating sound rang even while she was awakening, and again after she had awakened. White Queen felt by instinct that this phenomenon is aimed at her and related to her.

“Woah! It’s a mutant!”



White Queen hit the floor.

Level C Lifers attacked White Queen as soon as they saw her like the veterans they are. They are surprised, but their experiences make their bodies move instinctively.

“As quickly as possible.”

She cannot last long in her awakened state. It is like a candlelight that could go out at any time. She must end it before then.
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