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Volume 6 / Chapter 180

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

It has been long since the level 8s finished their battles, and only White Queen and Cruel King are left.

They don’t look like they will go for very long either. They are similar overall but White Queen is relaxed unlike Cruel King who seems rushed.

It is because she has her subordinates to back her up. Battles between those at the top are decided by the small things rather than big things. It was not small that the tables had been turned, but it would not have ended so quickly under equivalent conditions.


White Queen’s spear slashes through the air.


It is a long distance javelin.

Looking carefully, the end of the flying spear is a hook. It is a measure to prevent penetration with a blow.

The spear goes through Cruel King’s stomach. It seemed like it would go through because of the strength it was thrown with, but it got caught on the hook and bounced back as though being dragged.


White Queen stumbles and falls to her knees.

She is exhausted.

Not enough to come down from her awakened state, but her stamina and strength are at their ends.

The right hand weapon and left hand shield she creates in her awakened state are vividly different from what Cha Jun Sung can create. She cannot create them as she wants if they are broken. Her weapon and shield are the most important parts of her body apart from her nucleus.

The most powerful means of attack.

The most powerful means of defense.

Not only is regeneration not an easy feat, she will feel herself losing energy if she regenerates by force. It is best to maintain them.


White Queen holds her body up with her shield so that she does not fall over. The top half is cut off and the bottom looks like it was slashed up.

Cruel King’s relentless attacks have reduced it to this state.

There are cracks all over her body armor, and blood seeps out. The armor is a part of her as well. If it cracks or rips, her main body is being hurt.

White Queen breathed heavily for a moment and then ran at Cruel King. He is unable to move because he has been speared. His body is not touching the ground, but he looks like he is lying flat.

“Huh? What are you doing there?”

White Queen’s eyes are full of wonder. Parasite King suddenly appeared and is observing Cruel King.

“I’m taking over.”

“Taking over? Are you saying that you’re going to be parasitic to Cruel King?”

Parasite King nodded. There is no good in hiding his intentions. He does not know how much time it will take to absorb a host like this.

That is not all.

There is no guarantee that he will succeed. Nevertheless, his instincts are telling him that it is a host worth risking his life to take over.

“Did he allow it?”

“He promised me a great host when he brought me here.”

White Queen scratched her head, wondering what to do. If Parasite King succeeds in taking over, will he stop at becoming a creature of the same level?

‘There’s nothing bad about it.’

She welcomes an ally becoming stronger. And judging by his actions, he does not look like he will back away. Her subordinates are half dead, and she is not in great condition either. It is self-destruction to fight with Parasite King, who is in a good state.

“I’ll allow it.”

“Ugh… What are you guys trying to do to me? You runts!”

Cruel King tried to get the spear out, but it did not go as he wanted because White Queen’s strength had gone into it. Dead Horse’s death was his downfall.

Parasite King gathered all kinds of parasites living in his clear body to one place. They keep eating each other.

Level 1s become level 2s, which become level 3s. As they decrease in number, only the top levels are left and as that process repeated several times, a clear parasite the size of a fist came out of Parasite King’s body.


White Queen lets out an exclamation of wonder. As soon as the parasite came out, Parasite King’s body went into the ground. He has put all of his abilities into that transparent bug.

“A b-bug!”

Parasite King watched for his chance, and went through Cruel King’s open mouth. He is not confident that he could do it by going through Cruel King’s flesh and muscle. That is stronger than steel.

White Queen watched for a lapse and recovered her spear.

Then, Cruel King’s body hit the floor. He should be going at her because he has been freed, but he was just convulsing with his eyes open.

She cannot tell whether the parasitism is going smoothly or not with her knowledge.

He just kept convulsing for a while. There is no change to indicate that something is happening.

Parasite King tried desperately to secure the brain. A Disaster’s brain is monstrous. It transformed at the presence of a gate crasher, and started attacking. It is another mutant inside a mutant. He needs to calm this down before he can do anything close to securing the mind.

Cruel King’s fur grows longer and covers him. It is like looking at a caterpillar creating a cocoon to become an adult, and it went on for several hours.

The cocoon looks like tangled threads, and beats like a heart. It seems he succeeded.

White Queen’s body shrinks. She is coming down from her awakened state. Her armor, halved shield, and spear are absorbed into her body.

She could think that it is okay because the battle is over, but that’s not the case. A car starts consuming gas as soon as it is turned on. They follow similar rules. It is difficult to maintain her state while injured.

‘It’s a good thing that we won. But there are too many things to consider.’

Just as it is a bother to prepare for and go into war, the clean up afterwards is no joke either. Of the mutants here, White Queen is the only one who would be able to go into combat. Inferno’s group cannot exercise their abilities. Kimera is dead, and Titan and Blood Lord are so injured that they cannot even move.

Red Eye has gone somewhere with the other mutants. White Queen also sensed a presence coming. She would support if she could, but the situation does not allow her to. Just as her subordinates have a duty to protect her, she has a duty to protect them in turn. That is what the head does.

Bang bang bang bang!

Explosions from firearms, red flames, and smoke come soaring.

White Queen realized that Red Eye and the other mutants had gone to fight the humans who had started appearing one day.

The battle range is incredibly large.

It is an ominous sign that two large forces are fighting each other.

If Red Eye gets pushed back, this place won’t be safe either. White Queen has the personality to know when to take one step backward in order to take two steps forward.

The best they can do is to retreat.

Whatever the circumstance, they can come back to do what they want with Africa since Cruel King is now dead.

“To become parasitic here of all places where we can’t advance or retreat.”

Boom boom!

The cocoon is a problem.

Since it cannot move, it will not be able to come to fruition if it is left defenseless. It keeps swelling and coming down.

She is in anticipation for what will come out, but also a little anxious. If it cannot be controlled, it might as well be an enemy. White Queen does not have to control it herself. It just needs to listen to Black Demon, or even Red Eye.

“Your Majesty.”

Inferno is pale as he calls out to White Queen.

His body is trembling.

He killed Tirac, but he exhausted all of his energy in return.

Medusa is in a similar state next to him. Her snake hair used to be energetic, but they are now floundering. It is unclear whether they are even alive.

“Inferno, recover as much of your energy as you can and go back to Europe with your colleagues. I’ll wait here for the cocoon and Red Eye.”

“How could we leave her Majesty behind! No! We will stay as well.”

Inferno may seem unreasonable, but there is a reason for it. The war ended with Cruel King and Dead Horse’s deaths. There is no threat.

Red Eye’s actions?

He can’t tell whether he went to fight humans or mutants, but a powerful mutant like him took a large force and went himself.

It is unimaginable to think that they could lose and be pushed all the way here.

They seem to be humans from the way they use firearms.

Weak humans taking him on?

White Queen told Inferno to go back several times, but he would not listen. It may be due to his loyalty, but he cannot be forced. So she drew a moderate line. He must agree to follow orders unconditionally if Red Eye gets pushed back. Inferno did not refute this.
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