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Life Mission Chapter 179

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Chapter 179

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Editor: Hungry Panda

“An earthquake?”

“Mutants are coming in from 11:00!”

Thick dust is blooming.

The area is extremely wide.

“Fuck! Shoot shoot! Kill them!”

Someone screamed to shoot, but nothing is working out properly.

They are too dense.

They can only see dust in the rear, and mutants are not visible.

They are in no condition to shoot. Each of their command systems are different as well.

However, not all of these Lifers are dumb. Talented people are in the mix. A few moved quickly after they evaluated the situation.

“There’s still distance! Prepare the howitzers! You guys fall back and cover!”

There are so many of them that even with a portion of them moving, it was thousands of people.

They created formations and attacked the mutants coming from the 11:00 direction.

Pew pew!

Bang bang!

Mutants are dying under the hail of bullets and bombs.

But there are more mutants than there are Lifers, and their range is wider.


The wave of mutants goes over the Lifers at the front. The 2 groups, which cannot mix like water and oil, force shuffling and are surrounded by battling.

With a path, all that is left is close-range battles.

The con is that even this is not easy. They realized that the force of mutants is comprised of level 5 and 6s once they came head to head. Who would have imagined this?

This nonsensical situation?

The fortunate thing is that there are much more Lifers. Due to this, they were able to fight back viciously once they grew accustomed to the situation.

However, they are being pushed back by the mutants on the side of power.

It is because their levels are high. Even lower level 6s need to be taken on by 5 or 6 Lifers with battlesuits.


After the time it would take for a cup of tea to grow cold passed since the fighting began, a summons gate opened up near the battlefield. Then, Lifers ran out. These are people who came in without knowing anything.

Since they entered at a distance from Red Eye and his force of mutants, they entered as a level C mission.

It is a ridiculous operation. As soon as the Lifers were summoned, they could not understand the reality unfolding before their eyes. Standard procedure for an initial summons area is for it to be a safe place.

But that rule was broken.

What does that matter when they are manipulating missions.

The Lifers came to their senses when the mutants noticed their presence and went at them. They have no choice but to fight if they want to live.

As the number of Lifers entering increased, the momentum rose and mutants went down. The difference was in whether they provided support or not.

“Are they going to just keep bringing people in? They’re just intending on pushing through recklessly.”

Red Eye watched this from the sky and flew to the ground. He is so fast he isn’t visible. The battlesuit’s response is late, too. Lifers were already in the midst of a melee once they felt that something was weird.


Red Eye lengthened both of his arms into whips and swept through the area. Lifers within the perimeter collapse without even the chance to scream.

“Start with the strong guys, end the places with smooth connections.”


These secret weapons that change people into super humans. Did they say they’re called battlesuits?

He will focus on killing battlesuit users and make the ones getting clear orders a top priority. He can leave the rest to the subordinate mutants. He’s strong, but there is only one of him. He can’t do what 10 hands need to do with just 1 hand.

Level C Lifers were being slaughtered with Red Eye’s participation. Even if they are dumb, there is no way that they do not know he is an ultra high level mutant.

They did not even think to level 8. There are less than 10 people who saw Red Eye in the virtual version, since people who are not rankers do not come close.

“Die! You monster!”

A vibrating weapon goes into Red Eye’s thigh. Just by height, he is multiple times taller than Lifers. It is a good location to be stabbed. It seemed to be an attempt at offsetting his mobility. The attempt was good, but the results were bad.

He was fine even after being attacked by Hell Mammoth.

Will his flesh and muscle be cut when a Lifer cuts him?

There’s no chance.

Red Eye waved his hands reflexively. The bones of the Lifer hit broke and he went flying like a pin hit by a bowling ball.

“What level is that!”

“It must be level 7 since it’s a level B mission! Let’s get away from him first!”

Normally, level A should have been applied but the helpers blocked the special mission applicable with Red Eye’s appearance. They completely shattered the rules that had been kept until now. It is a secret that only they know.

Lifers who are able to think quickly, quickly create distance between themselves and Red Eye. The situation has come to this, but there are a lot of them and more are coming in. Their chances of surviving increase if they use other Lifers as shields to buy time. Retreating does not mean that they are no longer fighting either. They will do as much as they can. They are next if their shields are wiped out.

“What’s your goal? Why are you trying to go in this direction?”

Red Eye spoke.

Korean, the human language he learned from Black Demon.

He spoke skillfully because he started learning it from birth. It was not difficult for Lifers to understand what he was saying because they are using their translators.

“You think we’re going because we want to? All we did was advance a little when the mushroom cloud went up, but our return was blocked. And then you came!”

Lifers started yelling. They are not surprised by Red Eye’s ability to speak. There are level 7s that are able to speak in human languages. Even those below are able to communicate if they can learn.

“I’m the one who came? You’re not wrong.”

He had come before the Lifers could do anything. Red Eye himself came to them. But that doesn’t mean he has any intention of apologizing.

‘Was it by force?’

The thought came to Red Eye’s mind.

Lifers are forced to go through missions because of those that play with humans on one side and mutants on the other. He has heard the basic situation from Cha Jun Sung.

‘Rules? That has no meaning. Those guys make changes in whatever way suits them. It gets worse as the difficulty gets higher.’

This is what Cha Jun Sung told him. These people are also in the same situation.

Red Eye knows less about Life Mission than Black Demon does. He only grazed the surface, and Black Demon is the one who heard everything from Cha Jun Sung. It is all doubtful. He can’t tell what is what.

‘I’ll take care of this place first. That’s the right order.’

There’s no change to the fact that he needs to kill these Lifers. When he is finishing up, the other side will be ending as well. The allies’ win is a given.


“Where is he going with that many mutants?”

Odin kept his mouth shut. Even if he knows nothing else, this mission will become a huge controversy once it is over. He can anticipate extreme backlash from Lifers.

But that is all. There can be backlash, but there are no losses for Life Mission. They are not a customer service center that deals with complaints.

Lifers think that they have the upper hand as they cleanse this world, but they are absolutely under them. Even a top expert doing great in a game is over once the operator suspends the account.

Tsk tsk!

Cha Jun Sung tsked at the scene created by the cluster bomb. The mutants that had been coming at him had evaporated within moments.

The mission was not completed. He cannot let a single one get by since it is annihilation. Mutants out of range are still alive and there are those that are even in pretty good shape. The mission is complete once all of those are dead.

It would be nice to take care of everything because it is an advancement mission, but he did not cling to the idea. He did not want to miss his chance of watching this rare sight, but the level 8s that were done with their battles also held him back. If they approach him out of suspicion of the explosion, he needs to run.

“What a waste. I’d dice them up if it weren’t for Parasite King and the guards.”

The only level 8 in good condition is a parasite. Beholder is out of energy and not awakened. To think that he can only observe mutants worth millions of points when they are in bad condition and defenseless.

If he goes the extra mile, he could kill one or two.

After that?

It is fortunate that they do not care about the explosion. They could be choosing to stay together instead of going out on a search because they are in such a bad state.

But if one of them dies, they would not stay still. His location would be revealed and Parasite King or the guards would come chasing him. Beehives are ornamental. They are not there to poke at.

“What can I do here?”

A war between level 9s is going on in Africa. A lot of level 8s followed as well. Missions are strangely concentrated in Africa as well. He cannot figure it out easily because he does not know what the helpers are up to.

He had initially entered out of curiosity. He hadn’t had thoughts of completing the mission. He predicted that something Lifers do not know about is happening inside the missions.

He realized he had been correct when he entered. He quenched about half of his curiosity.

There is nothing he can do. He would be able to do something if he could go into his awakened state, but there are a lot of eyes here. All of the helpers will be looking here.
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