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Life Mission Chapter 178

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Volume 6 / Chapter 178

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

White Queen and Cruel King’s battle reaches its climax. No one can even think of interfering. Dead Horse was assigned to Inferno and Medusa, so they go after him since their battles are over. They are both wounded. It is not to the point where they are barely standing, but that could be possible if they overdo it.

Since Titan and Horse Chatun tied, he is a mess. He is lying on the ground without being able to move a finger.

Medusa looks exhausted as she pierces Chatun’s nucleus with her bone spear.

Chatun does not resent Inferno’s group. He is dying because he lost. That is all. Nothing comes out of acting up in this situation. His pride does not allow for that. But that doesn’t mean they are all like that.

“I – I don’t want to die! Let me live! I’ll serve the White King! Kyak! You!”

Dead Horse’s grey slaughterer Ukanta, who looks like King Kong and killed Kimera, is begging and saying he will serve White Queen. When that did not work, his attitude changed and he attacked Inferno and Medusa.

He made a huge fuss because he is at the brink of death.

Inferno normally would have fought alone, but worked with Medusa to kill Ukanta because the group’s win is more important that individual pride right now. He exhausted what strength he had left in the process. It is like he has run out of battery.

Medusa’s bone spear crumbles. She does not have the nutrients to sustain it. Releasing her awakened state was a definite, and this was the same for Inferno. Their strength, which had seemed like the fire of an active volcano, had disappeared.

They are completely out of the ability to fight.

All they can do is move.

Bang bang bang!

They hear booming.

It is not from White Queen’s side. It is the opposite side.

Blood Lord had been tousling with Hell Mammoth when Red Eye and Parasite King get on its back. It is obvious what they are trying to do.

No matter how infinite Hell Mammoth’s stamina seems, it is a finite impersonating the infinite. No creature is without limits.

Even machines manufactured with precision break down.

So how would a living being be?

This is relevant to Disasters too. 3 mutants of the same level have stuck to him.


A mountain collapses.

Hell Mammoth’s lower body relaxes and his huge body crashes to the ground. Red Eye and Parasite King are still on his back. Blood Lord puts his head to the ground and breathes heavily.

“Are the 2 of us the only ones who are fine?”


The subordinates’ battle is over. They just have to wait for the Disasters’ results. It became much more relaxed. Red Eye evaluates the situation.

Red Eye’s ears perk. A suspicious sound is bothering him. After his ears, it is his eyes. He is going to go looking for whatever is bothering him.

Red Eye spreads his wings. He can hear it, but he cannot see it. It is better to look from the sky than from the ground. Parasite King did not care about what he was doing and left him alone.

Inferno and Medusa are not in their awakened states, so their senses are down and did not hear it.

“What is that…..”

Red Eye’s words trail off with the unexpected.

It is far.

It is far but it is getting closer. He can see it though faintly.

A tremendous number of people.

It seems they’re the humans who come from another world or something.

“How annoying.”

Inferno’s group cannot go into battle. The only power left are him and Parasite King. Or the mutants they brought?

“He won’t go.”

If this is the Lifers’ destination, it’d be best to block them in advance.

However, Parasite King’s attention is on Cruel King.

Parasitism is his goal. He looks like he’ll stay in his position in order to achieve this.

“Lifer, Lifer? Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve seen that guy.”

He is talking about Cha Jun Sung.

There’s no way he died, so his skills will have increased a lot. The abilities of the approaching Lifers must be proportional, won’t they?

“Ke ke! Are they coming to hunt? Mere humans hunting me? Us? Fine. I, Red Eye, will show you hell on behalf of mutants.”


Red Eye left his wings spread out, and flew toward the Lifers.

He is not fully well, but he has about 50% of his strength left.


[It’s the enemy. Follow me.]

Gate crashers are coming. Europe’s mutants could not ignore Red Eye’s orders. They have reduced in numbers, but a large force of about 10,000 level 5 and 6s followed Red Eye.

Scattered mutants gather together and run.

There is no way not to notice when there is this much dust, vibration, and other phenomena. Inferno did not stop Red Eye because he cannot help. The only ones they can rely on now are Red Eye and Parasite King.

“Kihit! You’re a mess.”

“You’re here?”

Beholder approaches Inferno. He is not in fine state either. Though his body is okay, he used his mind too much and it was overloaded. A few level 7s and upper level mutants protect Beholder and Inferno’s group. There are few of them but their levels are high so they are not lacking as escorts.

“What’s up with Red Eye? Are there still more of Cruel King’s underlings?”

“It could be related to that explosion.”

“Kihit! Are humans coming?”

“It’s a possibility. He took all of the remaining mutants with him. I guess that means there are that many of them to block.”

“Say your theory is right, what happens if the humans get through?”

Inferno could not easily answer Medusa’s question.

If they get through?

He cannot be sure if it will become the worst case scenario, but the basic answer is fixed.

“It means the situation we wanted isn’t happening.”

The humans hunt mutants. They would have just scoffed if they had been in fine state, but it is difficult for them to handle it when they are dying off. That is why Red Eye’s role is important. White Queen’s and their lives are riding on him.


“What a mess.”

One Lifer compressed what he is experiencing into a few words. He cannot count how many there are. It has already been long since they reached over 10,000.

Lifers going through missions everywhere saw the mushroom cloud in the air and started changing their directions one by one.

These are the people who were unable to hold back their curiosity. They were going to go back in the middle because they were nervous, but they gained confidence from the Lifers joining them little by little.

Parties joined them and forces joined them. Their numbers kept increasing like cotton absorbing water. Each of them were part of different missions, but they united as one mission.

At first, the Lifers thought that they had misread the mission description.

For them, it is so incredible that they would not have dared to attempt it. The surprising thing is that it was fine before, but their ability to return was blocked once the mission was generated.

There is no way to explain it other than to say that the helpers blocked it on purpose.

They could either complete the mission or die. They feel like they are going crazy.

[Level B Advance Mission: Africa Punishment]

[Goal: Attainment]

[Description: War between Africa and Europe. This is the perfect opportunity to clean up the 2 continents as they chisel away at each other’s flesh. White Queen and Cruel King are currently battling, and most of the level 8 mutants are in no state to fight. Go into the heart of the enemy and complete the mission!]

[Reward: 50,000,000 points. Lucky box.]

The PDA marks where the battle is going on.

They are showing the location and pushing the Lifers. The battle is close.

Lifers are a mix of levels B through E, but they are being forced into a level B advancement mission.

They are not considering whether the Lifers have the abilities to complete the mission or not. The reality version is not a game that helps resolve bugs or errors that arise. Everything goes as the helpers want. Once Lifers enter missions, they can be treated like puppets.

Discriminate treatment makes the Lifers angrier. There isn’t a ban for the few level B Lifers. It does not do anything to take this issue up with the helpers. They are basically saying that they will save those with value and kill off any without.

Lifers stopped without advancing. If something is happening over there, it is dangerous even if both sides are at war. Since they cannot fight or go back, all they can do is wait.

It isn’t a relief even if there are so many of them. It is obvious that just as there are a lot of Lifers, there will be a lot of mutants. It is the same proportionally.

“Are these asshole helpers crazy? Can they treat Lifers like this? Are we lab rats or something that they can play with us?”

They are not wrong.

Lifers are like avatars who obtain information on mutants on behalf of helpers.

Helpers value the Lifers who communicate with them, but they have no choice but to treat them as subordinates once they get their orders.

“Look at the sky!”

Lifers ook up.

It is Red Eye, who noticed that they were coming. They will not have imagined that the god of death is descending upon them.
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