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Life Mission Chapter 177

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Chapter 177
Volume 6 / Chapter 177

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Editor: Hungry Panda


The mutants’ war stopped for a moment. Those evolved from animals like Cruel King and Tirac did not know what was going on, but those who used to be human like White Queen knew that was the result of a strong bomb. Black dust covers the mutants though they are not harmed because they were not under direct impact of the explosion.

“Did the strange humans come all the way here? It’s dangerous.”

White Queen spoke as she looked at the mushroom cloud. She cannot see it in a positive light. She knows well what science is. If a weapon of nuclear strength had gone off near them, a portion of them would have completely evaporated and they, excluding some of the mutants, would not be able to avoid annihilation.

That is why she is saying it is dangerous. The strange humans who had started to appear became stronger little by little and showed up with strange weapons. She does not know whether they have nuclear weapons, but she cannot be sure that they don’t from the way they act either. That is why she had been watching them, but they are so close. Could they be using a special means of transportation? They pop up randomly and she cannot guess where and how they will show up.

“You’re distracted by something like a fire? You’re a dumb female!”

Cruel King thought White Queen was distracted. He went behind her shield and kicked her unprotected stomach.

White Queen’s hip bends like a bow under attack of this powerful middle kick.

Her rib must have pierced an organ, because blood is coming out of her mouth. However, her expression does not show that she is feeling overwhelmed.

“Just a fire? Ho ho! That’s why I say you’re a mere animal. There is a reason why you were ruled over by humans.”

She straightens her back and turns. Her shield and Cruel King are opposite each other, a location that cannot be hit.


White Queen rotated her body and hit Cruel King, who had gone to the other side. She has used a backspin blow.

She had pretended to be off guard to take a hit before landing a blow. It wasn’t a resolution to give a little skin and take a bone, but she left a greater wound than she was given. Cruel King draws a long parabola from the first hit point and flies. There is a reason for why White Queen is doing this. Fighting with Cruel King is level pegging. If their abilities are similar, their mental attitudes are what is important.

“I’ll take the win even if I lose my arms and legs.”

Bang bang bang bang!

Cruel King flounders in the air, rolls on the ground, and stops when he hits a tree nearby. The tree broke from the trunk.

Cruel King shakes his head. His brain shook from the strike. It seems he has taken quite a hit because he stumbles as though he is drunk.

“Lance charge!”

White Queen changes to a black spear and charges forward. It is a weapon that Europe’s horsemen used to maximize penetration. She may not be able to kill him, but this is an opportunity to try. It is better than not having the chance. Who knows? He might die with this attack.

“You dare look down on me! You think you’re the only one who can do that?”

Cruel King does not avoid White Queen’s lance charge, and instead takes it in with his body. The spear goes through his chest. The attack from Cruel King’s nails had no effect because it was blocked by the outer shield. White Queen saw the gains.

White Queen saw that her attack succeeded and was going to retreat. But Cruel King smiled ominously from next to her shield.

She was about to shake him off with a bad feeling, but his neck grew like a snake and he bit White Queen’s shoulder and neck whole. It is not over.

The teeth he is biting with grew longer, going through the skin and coming out. It is a secondary attack. There is no way to say who was more harmed.

Bang bang!

White Queen pushed her shield and shook Cruel King off. A huge chunk of her skin fell off from her shoulder, and blood flowed. A few hours have passed since they started fighting, but they still have plenty left in them. It could take a few days before there is a winner, but it does not matter as long as she wins.


A powerful scream penetrates the battlefield. White Queen and Cruel King look at where the sound came from. It is the scream of a mutant that is worth reacting to.

The roaring fire goes out and Inferno’s smooth left arm goes through the stomach of the Tirac that is much bigger than he is. It is melting. His strength is focused in his left arm, going through his skin and muscle to grab the Tirac’s center.

Inferno lost his right arm and most of his strength, but knocked Cruel King’s son down on his own. No, he will be able to knock it out soon.

“Kyak! No!”

Inferno takes out Tirac’s heart. Its heart is in the pit of its stomach. It is the size of a young child’s fist. It was incredibly small compared to its size.

Cruel King is devastated not just because he cares about his son, Tirac, but also because the flow of the battlefield will lean toward the enemy if Tirac dies.

It doesn’t matter if the underlings die. What they need to block at all costs are the deaths of Dead Horse for Cruel King and Inferno for White Queen. While both of their attentions were taken away, they faced the battlefield and examined the situation. Their subordinates’ battle is coming to an end. Medusa must have won because she has come down from her awakened state and is lying down. She is not moving, but she is living and her body goes up and down. Kimera lost with his body in pieces, and Titan must have tied. Overall, it is not that bad.

Inferno and Medusa exchange looks, moving their tired bodies away. It is not over. They need to kill Dead Horse, who is still alive.



Hell Mammoth and Blood Lord’s battle becomes more fierce. They are most visible because they are so large. That side needs to be handled as well.



Something is falling from the sky. It is crashing to be more precise. It looks like an eagle – Sky Kuntar, Red Eye’s opponent.

Ha ha ha!

Red Eye laughs crazily and follows after Kuntar as he falls. Then as soon as Kuntar lands, he comes down on it. Kuntar’s stomach explodes under the pressure and organs scatter out. Kuntar’s eyes roll back. Even if he can regenerate rapidly, pain is pain.

Red Eye’s hand becomes a hook and starts digging at Kuntar. He had a hard time catching up to Kuntar, but Kuntar doesn’t know what a full body transformation type is like.

“If you only run away, you’re just bound to get caught. That’s the cause of your defeat.”

Kuntar would have died faster if they had faced off properly, but running away does not help in battle at all. Completely retreating is different, but running away out of fear of frontal confrontation is stupid.

Red Eye looks around before killing Kuntar. His level 8 abilities help him evaluate the situation on the battlefield. His allies have the advantage.

Inferno and Medusa are moving. If he joins them and they take care of the remaining enemies, they will have created the conditions to help White Queen.

“What? You want to be parasitic?”

“No. I don’t like the way he looks. I like having arms and legs.”

Parasite King has nothing to do because the mutants ran away, so he is killing time in a quiet place. He seems to have no intention of fighting.

Red Eye gestures to Kuntar and asks Parasite King what he wants to do. Kuntar lost to him, but it is a strong mutant. If Parasite King takes over, he becomes stronger.

“Arms and legs?”

The only top level mutants with arms and legs right now is Cruel King. The rest do not have the desired conditions. Does he want to take him?

“You’re not thinking of going into him, are you?”

Red Eye gestures to the gold fox fighting White Queen, Cruel King.

“It’s optimal.”


He is saying that he will if he can. Taking over Cruel King? Does he need to stop this or not? If Parasite King succeeds, he will become stronger than himself. One Disaster dies and another is born. He does not know if Parasite King will get to use all of Cruel King’s abilities, but he will certainly surpass a Disaster’s limits.

Red Eye adjusts his finger and stabs Kuntar. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of attacks devastate a powerless body. Kuntar does not rebel.

“Should I leave those guys to them and go to him? Follow me.”

Parasite King follows Red Eye with an expressionless face. He is going to Blood Lord’s battlefield. He is thinking of taking care of them one by one.

‘I can’t tell what this guy wants.’

Red Eye is curious as to what is going on inside Parasite King’s mind. Parasite King has a quiet personality, so there is no way to know what he is thinking.

What he knows for certain is that he is not ill natured? The instinct of parasitic mutants is to take over strong bodies to become perfect.

Cruel King is an obvious opponent if he is following his instincts.

‘No one is right. If this guy takes over Cruel King, recovers, and changes his mind, it’ll become a big problem.’

With Parasite King’s strength, he can recover nutrients and stamina to an extent.

Parasite King watches Cruel King’s state as he moves. He is only worth the nutrients if he dies. He needs to take advantage of the situation before then. Red Eye saw this and pretended not to notice.

‘Do what you want. I’m sure White Queen will take care of it if something goes wrong.’

He promised him a good host when he brought him. He had not said that it would be something at the same level as his father, but he will keep his promise.
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