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Life Mission Chapter 171

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Volume 6 / Chapter 171

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As soon as Cha Jun Sung returned, he washed up and sat in front of the computer. Before, he would have been passed out for half a day in fatigue. But his body has become that of a monster’s. Rest? His strength will go down, but he can withstand several months without sleeping and eating. It has been a long time since he has surpassed being human.

[Large guilds are going crazy right now. There are a lot of places that have reaped damage because level C Lifers who went into missions, didn’t return.]

[I heard that one force completely evaporated.]

[The news has been buried by level C Lifers, but many more level D and E Lifers have died. It’s not surprising because this happens every time, but it’s on a large scale this time.]

Not returning from a mission means that they have gone missing. Going missing inside of a mission means death. Each guild tried to keep their matters under wraps, but that is not possible. Someone who died is someone’s friend. Hundreds of thousands died, and this is the first time that so many people have been unable to return since the game was stabilized. It is odd.

“In level C? But there’s no reason to be annihilated unless they’re attempting advancement.”

Beep beep!

Cha Jun Sung looks over level B through E missions in turn.

“There are fewer than when I entered. There were few then, too.”

Levels D and E are as usual, but C and B – especially B – are extremely limited. There had been about 100 when he chose Weasel Hunting, but there were a few dozen now. Level B was small normally, but this is severe.

“Why is this like this?”

[There has been an error, so we are tuning the missions. It will take some time.]

Odin vaguely explained it away. Cha Jun Sung does not have the ability to figure out whether that is the truth or a lie. He cannot be suspicious either.

“There are only 2 advancement missions?”

There are just two 50 million point level B advancement missions. There are bugs in the game too, so there must be in real life. He subconsciously went past it.

[When are you planning to advance?]

“Right away in the next mission.”

[Can you… push back the timing a bit?]

“Push back timing? Are you infringing on my personal opinions right now?”


The advancement missions on the PDA are related to the war between the 2 disasters. Odin likes Cha Jun Sung. All helpers like the Lifers that they have raised. What he said now is also against the rules.

[If you really have to advance, I wish you would go in alone. This is all I can say to you.]

Under the premise that Cha Jun Sung is alone, Odin can help him come back alive even if he cannot complete the mission. The minimum is satisfied if he has the combat ability of level 7.

“There’s something you want to tell me without the higher ups knowing, isn’t there?”

[There is not.]

Odin stopped talking. Cha Jun Sung did not ask either. Odin tends to say something and disappear, but nothing is useless. It was the same with Dead Ark, but there is a lot that comes in helpful if he keeps it in mind.

Alone. Alone, he says? Advancement missions are not running away or anything like that. If Odin is getting involved to warn him, he shouldn’t ignore it. Something is up.

Blood Lord slithered like a snake and moves from the head. The monstrous blades stuck all over its body flips the ground like a field. Europe’s mutants follow behind. It is not because Blood Lord is the leader. They are following White Queen, who is riding on top of him.


Blood Lord’s high and wide view comes from the front and discovers the enemy. Of all of his senses, his sight moves the fastest.

A heterogeneous entity of white, White Queen smiles. A white ripple spreads in her expression. It is beautiful and horrifying.

Though she looks gentle, she is another level 9 disaster who rules a continent. She does not show it all of the time, but she is wrapped in total madness inside a nice wrapping.

“They’ve come in hordes.”

“They look to be at least 3 times us in number. I can smell a tussle.”

Medusa added an explanation to Inferno’s dull tone. They cannot get an exact number, but in a space occupied by mutants, the area became so full with mutants multiple times the allies that it became frustrating.

As they get closer, the mutants’ bones throb from the aura of the disasters at the head of each side. Levels 5 to 6 were not even able to show their energy. Even without awakening, their energies seep out.

Cruel King’s side brought lower level mutants in addition to higher levels, but they already felt heavy pressure from Blood Lord’s aura as a top predator before White Queen. Their levels are so low that they are not recognized as equivalent to levels 8 or 9.

“Hell Mammoth.”

Titan is as silent as Parasite King, and flexes the thick muscles on his huge body while glaring at Hell Mammoth. Hell Mammoth is one of the opponents that he was originally supposed to take on.


Bang bang bang!

Hell Mammoth roars and stomps. It stomps with strength as though demonstrating force. The ground shook as though there was an earthquake. It was overwhelmed by the disasters, but Hell Mammoth is also a monster that cannot be measured in level 8. Simply looking at it as a single object, it has the strength to suck a country dry.


Blood Lord showed aggression and responded. He is longer but Hell Mammoth is bigger, so they are similar overall.

Instinct. Blood Lord could tell that he needs to fight Hell Mammoth even without White Queen telling him to. It is because he felt an aura coming from the small creature on top of it that rivaled that of the queen he is devoted to.

When the distance narrowed to 2 to 3 kilometers, White Queen and Cruel King looked at each other. It is far for humans, but it is nothing to those two. It looks as though they are maintaining composure at a glance, but even their cells have already gone into battle mode.

“You’ve started a funny game.”

“Who would be crazy enough to start such a game?”

Their conversation is not hindered by the distance as though they are in close range because their extremely developed senses enable smooth communication.

Cruel King’s eyes flared red with murder when he saw White Queen answer naturally. They have crossed a river that they cannot come back from.

“You pretended to form an alliance with me and are playing around with Asia’s Blackhead.”

“What? Blackhead?”


At that moment, White Queen heard the air bursting in the formation and Red Eye ran out. Insulting his respected father. He had tried to restrain himself because it is not his conversation, but he lost his mind at the word ‘Blackhead’.

Red Eye rushed at Cruel King and turned into his main body. The distance shortened in a blink as though running a short distance marathon, and he leapt onto Hell Mammoth’s head with one jump.


His right arm changed into a saw blade and slashes through the air. He made a powerful cut to try to split Cruel King’s head in half, but he could not.

Hell Mammoth’s long nose shrank to be thin and whacked Red Eye while he was in the air. Though they are both level 8s, there is a tremendous difference in size between them and he went flying to where he came from like an out-of-park homerun.

Bang bang bang!

Red Eye rolled like he was going to smash the ground, found his balance, and stood up. There is a shock but he is stronger than steel and more resilient than rubber, so he bounced off or absorbed attacks with more than dozens of tons in weight.


His aggressive personality quickly came out after taking a hit. He raged like he wanted the world to end and erupted in a force that he had never before shown. Cruel King showed interest. It is a fairly strong aura.

“He’s quite strong. Did that bitch have someone like you?”

“I’m Black Demon’s son!”

Red Eye dug into the ground with toenails sharper than blades, and prepared to push from the front. He can go faster than he just did, but he could not. There are sanctions against individual actions. War is not carried out alone. It is done by a group.

“Relax and come back.”


“Come back.”

White Queen’s tone had been gentle, but she turned harsh and lowered her tone. Red Eye felt a hair-raising madness in this. Mutants are different from humans. As they are beings that live by the law of the jungle, they end up bowing to those that are stronger.

“Damn it!”


Red Eye retreated. White Queen’s chilling expression became warm. She has a thousand faces and no one can know what she is thinking.

“Kuk kuk… You had something you were relying on. That’s why you went behind my back.”

“That’s just a result, but the reason.”


“I can’t trust you. We formed an alliance, but you still look like an enemy. If I hadn’t done it first, you would have done it to me.”
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