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Life Mission Chapter 170

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Volume 6 / Chapter 170

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Red Eye hid his curiosity regarding White Queen, and looked at Blood Lord. He thinks that it will look cool to ride him around, but he will not allow it.

He has only sworn obedience to White Queen. He says that he cannot recognize the rest. Red Eye could kill him too if he wanted to, but it is not overwhelming. It is the difference in strength. Unlike White Queen, Red Eye does not know Blood Lord’s body but knows that he does not have the force to surrender.

“It’s too difficult to go on. I can’t participate in battle like this.”

Parasite King made a sick sound and stopped producing parasites.

It is exhausting. It can rest to a fixed line, but he cannot recover if he surpasses that line and it will be as though he is eating away at himself. The feeling is that he is about to cross that line now. If he goes too far now, he won’t be able to show his full ability in the approaching battle.

“You worked hard.”

Parasite King nods and disappeared. He is going to go to supplement his nutrients. They are provided with the best environment. It is to maintain their ability to fight. They refrained from awakening for no reason as well. Awakening itself means that they are reducing their strength.

“Kihit! I’m an unusual species too, but he’s really weird. So weird!”

A bald monster goes to Red Eye. It is Beholder. He almost died in the fight with Cha Jun Sung because all of his organs, other than his nucleus, had been destroyed. He has basically been reborn, but his personality remained the same. Red Eye squinted at Beholder and stopped paying attention. There is no reason to talk to him and they did not come here to form ties.

‘He controls the mind? Wide-area control is possible too, right? Impressive.’

White Queen asked Black Demon for 1 year before the war with Cruel King. She needed time to grow the degenerated Beholder.

Honestly, she only said that but she did not actually need 1 year.

Several months was enough, but she planned for a lot of time because she could change her mind in the middle. She made up her mind so quickly because she leaned toward Black Demon more than she did to Cruel King. Her will is firm, so it is better to move swiftly rather than waste time by taking up the entire year. They are not lacking in power because of all of their supporters.

The allies are ahead in quality and the enemy is ahead in quantity. This is inevitable. This is Africa. They cannot underestimate the homeground advantage.

‘As long as White Queen gets Cruel King, numbers don’t matter.’

It is the same in reverse. This is not valid for just one side. Overturning the head in a war is an important foundation for deciding allies.

‘This is exciting.’

Red Eye’s lips twist.

Cruel King is coming from beyond there. The allies’ locations are not moving from the borders of Libya and Egypt, and they are waiting in place. They will soon confront Cruel King.


Somewhere in the jungle, Cha Jun Sung is sitting on a rock. Someone on a branch, someone on the ground. They acted as if they were on a picnic.

They did not go after Heinkel when it ran away. It would be appropriate to say that the flow was cut off. The mission’s smooth flow had been cut off by a roar.

Considering the width of the jungle, it is bothersome to search everywhere.

“We’re going to quit the mission, right?”

Violet is asking. The lead went over to the party members when Heinkel ran away. They can quit the mission if they want to, whenever they want to.

Point deduction from quitting the mission is tiny compared to the amount they earned. It is colossal for beginner Lifers, but is not a burdensome amount for Cha Jun Sung’s group as level B Lifers. It does not matter if they quit because this is not an advance mission either.

It is the same for the party members whether they decide to continue or not. They earned more points from going through missions alone than they did with the World Federation.

“I’m thinking.”

“Go back. I have a bad feeling. That awful sound is foreboding too.”

He understands. Cha Jun Sung’s hair rises too. When the party members who are in the middle of levels 6 and 7 in combat ability hear it, it will be like the devil’s whisper.

“Odin, why isn’t a special mission forming?”

[Applying a special mission seems simple, but it is surprisingly complicated. It has not been applied because it is not directly related.]

There is something called coverage. Cruel King or the mutants under his command did not pick up on Cha Jun Sung’s group with their senses. This is why the mission is not being applied.

Limiting missions to Africa was not decided by the helpers, but by the higher ups.

They are watching for when the war between White Queen and Cruel King starts, but they have ulterior motives. Just this time when the special mission is applied, level B Lifers with advanced manpower can return to reality, but those below level C must follow the rules and complete it, whether they survive or die.

There are 2 reasons why they are making a distinction between the Lifers.

They are trying to cut down the power of the two forces by pushing with volume, and using this opportunity as a foothold to filter through Lifers with potential power.

True value comes out amidst danger. There is already a saturation of level C Lifers in Mechanic City. 1st and 2nd rounds of selection reach 10 million and the 3rd round is currently increasing rapidly.

If they step back because they dread level C advancement, they stagnate and are unable to advance. If they will not go themselves, they will need to be forced.

Many Lifers died, but the world’s population is still over 10 billion. No matter how many die, the spots will be filled in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th rounds. Even if the population dries out, if they can kill all level 9s and take care of all of the missions, the higher ups and helpers are prepared to push Lifers to the ledge.

To summarize, the preferential treatment is applicable only to level B, and everyone below needs to figure it out on their own.

The helpers have been observing mission patterns for several years with surveyed statistics of information such as when Lifers enter missions, when they come out, and how many times they go in, but they fit perfectly like an answer sheet.

The level B Lifers that they need to protect have an 80 to 90% probability of not even thinking of entering a mission for a period of time after completing a level B mission. It is because their sights have been set higher because of the tremendous amount of points they have acquired and because they rest in order to deal with the pressure they feel that they might really die. As proof of that, there are less than 10 level B Lifers who are going through missions in Africa right now. Of those, 6 are Cha Jun Sung and his party.

Cha Jun Sung’s group did not get a special mission because they were not picked up on Cruel King’s senses, but Odin would have pulled them out immediately even if it had been applied.

And even if the situation turned sour, Odin felt like Cha Jun Sung would manage to survive. In the 1 year 5 months that he disappeared, he went through strange experiences that increased his combat skills dramatically.

“Let’s quit.”

“Good thinking.”

“Agreed! Since we’ve seen your ability, let’s do a level B advancement next!”

The party members respected and accepted Cha Jun Sung’s stance.

“When we get to level A, I’m going to use the card to open the level S store. I don’t know what the point requirements are going to look like, but that means we can recover the force from the virtual version.”

Level S. If he meets the requirements, he does not need to awaken. With full alteration of the battlesuit, he becomes stronger than level 8. It means that he would be weaker if he fought without it.

He will think about facing a level S mission when he gets to it. Fighting with level 9s… He has a general idea if the disasters are as strong as they are in the virtual version, but he cannot handle the repercussions if there are differences. They will be killed.

“Card! Jackpot! I completely forgot about that.”

“Let’s go back.”

Cha Jun Sung’s group returned to reality. When they were returning, agitation was rising among Lifers because the number of level C lifers dying in the mission was increasing.
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