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Life Mission Chapter 169

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Volume 6 / Chapter 169

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“I don’t… want to die!”


A large pillar falls from the sky. The eyes of the Lifer watching that pillar are filled with despair. His body has frozen stiff and he cannot move.

The pillar, giving off a ray of dark gray light, is rough like an animal’s skin.

The wide pillar covers the sun from the ground and crushes the Lifer. He is not visible, but he will have been smashed flat like a pancake. The diameter on the ground alone is over 10 meters. It is so wide that blood does not even seep out. It has just quietly swallowed up a human.

Boom boom!

The pillar goes back up. A lump expected to be the Lifer is squished on the floor. The wreckage also stuck to the bottom of the pillar.

The pillar that killed the Lifer is a mutant that resembles elephants. It is huge, the size if an elephant had been enlarged multiple times. It is heinous. Dark eyes, a pair of long horns, muscles all over its body, and three pairs of legs that support its body.

It is Cruel King’s pet, Hell Mammoth. It is a level 8 even if it is a pet, so it has the strength that Medusa and Beholder have.


Africa’s ruler is breathing in and out on Hell Mammoth’s back.

Cruel King Anubis. With a human’s body and a dog’s head, it has an ordinary appearance compared to other heinous mutants.

It is not big either. 3 or 4 meters? It only looks to be a level 3. But Black Demon and White Queen also do not look like much before they are in their awakened states. Judging the opponent by its appearance is foolish.

“That’s strange. Were there this many humans left in my territory?”

“There is an increased inflow of humans these days. The curious thing is that they do not go by sea or land, but just suddenly appear.”

Cruel King frowns at the subordinate’s report. When it awakened and acknowledged itself, it killed all humans in Africa.

It had not left even an ant alive. Where had they come from?

“I’m not pleased.”

It does not like people. They are horrible. Before it became a mutant, it was born in a zoo run by humans. This is a secret that only it knows.

It had believed that life was definite at the time, but realized that it had been repressed once it awakened and exceeded the limits of living beings. With what rights are humans repressing them? It could not forgive them, and made Africa its own territory with this mighty force.

Starting a few years back however, a little activity showed and they were not coming in by hordes. It cannot understand this phenomenon. Cruel King has eyes and ears scattered all over Africa. It is impossible for tens of thousands of people to get past all of this surveillance and enter its territory. On top of that, there are humans who are stronger than Cruel King’s own soldiers. These soldiers are just at levels 1 through 5, but they are not creatures that mere humans can take on.

“What about capturing them?”

“We are targeting the ones that seem like they might be useful.”

Any strong figure is bound to be treated better. This is the same in Africa. It is impossible to capture all of them, so they chose the strong humans. They have no intention to let any of them live. They will get information with whatever method, including torture.

“Bring me a few.”



An eagle sitting on Cruel King’s shoulder transformed into a large mutant and went down. It is Sky Kuntar, one of its subordinates.

“That’s that… They’re going behind my back? Kuk kuk! I’m the stupid one for thinking of her as a simple female and it’s my fault for overlooking the fact that she is a human at her roots.”

Cruel King grinds its teeth. It is angry. If anyone were to go behind another’s back, it should have been the Cruel King. Its pride as a king does not allow for getting played. Though it is just a semblance of an alliance, it had not expected that the situation would come to this. It is not hard to recognize this as a betrayal.

White Queen’s large army is too visible. The moment it went south from the Middle East and into Africa, it only took a few days for the news to travel.

“You’re positive that Black Demon let them through?”

The 6 continents are vast. Interactions between the disasters are not smooth. Cruel King and Black Demon have never met. All Cruel King knows is that he rules over Asia.

On the other hand, it is a similar situation. They need to go through Africa on land. The female and male have stuck together.


There is a clear sense of enmity and murder in its growling. It does not know human language. It became possible to communicate as their intelligence developed, and they systematized a language of their own. The conversation with Kuntar would have sounded like barking to a human.

Cruel King looks over the endless horizon. White Queen is beyond that. A battle with a being at the same level. Its blood boils.


A strong roar spreads out. It contains the desire for slaughter. It is not just loud.


Near Hell Mammoth, a variety of mutants in animal form are going out into the plains of Africa. There is no order in the rabble, but they are overwhelming in numbers at the least. The flames of war are burning. These flames will not go out until one dies.


When Blood Lord first came out of the egg, it was colorful and just 200 meters long. It grew to 350 meters as it became an adult. The ground shook even when it moved. It feels like a natural disaster. It is the largest type of all mutants.

On ground, Titan, Hell Mammoth, Blood Lord, and a few others are the only ones that categorize as super large and the rest are orthodox physically.

Blood Lord flashes fearlessly and lowers its head. White Queen, balancing herself without holding onto anything, is standing above him and gives off a feeling of noble elegance.


White Queen detects a roar she can hear faintly. It is Cruel King. She is much farther than Cha Jun Sung is, but her level 9 senses made it so that she did not miss her opponent’s existence.


Blood Lord’s muscles and thorns become rigid in tension. It is the fear he feels while facing White Queen, the aura of a superior predator.

He thought that Inferno is strong as well, but the feelings did not reach fear. As soon as he saw White Queen however, his instincts warned him that he cannot fight her.

White Queen strokes Blood Lord’s head. Blood Lord enjoyed the touch, uncharacteristic of a head of Blood Parasites.

“It’s okay. Don’t be afraid and relax. Cruel King is my opponent. Blood Lord, you have a different enemy. You’ll be pleased.”

When they were forming an alliance, she herself went over to Africa. That is when she saw Hell Mammoth, which is as big as Blood Lord. If she could not get Blood Lord on her side, it would have become Titan’s matter.

“Be on friendly terms with the others as well.”


Blood Lord turns his head. Denial is evident. He does not care about Inferno or Medusa, but he is incompatible with Kimeira. Kimeira killed his mother. Kimeira is his mother’s mortal enemy and the reason why his race declined. He wanted to fight immediately and kill Kimeira. As long as White Queen is there, he cannot do it and it will not happen.


They can hear the screaming. White Queen looks down at the ground. They caught all of the higher level mutants they saw since entering Egypt.

She brought a large army from Europe, but Africa is Cruel King’s land. If their power is overwhelmed somehow, they are conditions under which they can make up for it.

On the other hand, White Queen cannot recruit troops. That is why they need to catch as many of them as they can. What do they do once they catch the mutants? They make them into allies.


Parasite King of a body transparent like jelly with strange insects inside, injects the parasite into mutants.

White? Brown? Neither. It is a level 5, green parasite. When the green parasite fuses with the higher level mutants, they immediately grow to level 6.

Inferno’s group watches the process in awe. They multiply endlessly. Its combat ability is weak for a level 8, but its fertility is the best. White Queen also eyed Parasite King’s ability with interest when she first saw him. Was it brought over from New Zealand? It is a very rare species.

Parasite King’s body shrinks. His nutrients and energy have been consumed by sustained production. They do not multiply endlessly. The parasites it produces are level 5, but if infinite proliferation had been possible, it would have surpassed level 8 and reached level 9 areas.

It is just expressed as endless because there is no limit if he gets constant rest. Even if there are restrictions, it truly is an incredible ability. There was an increase of thousands of upper level mutants because of that ability, and they are still increasing now. It is a race specialized in group battles than they are in individual combat.

‘Red Eye. Black Demon’s bloodline.’

White Queen faces Red Eye, who is sitting with his arms crossed arrogantly. He gives off a strong aura even amongst her subordinates. His form is split as mutant and human, but the aura he gives off is exactly the same as his father, Black Demon. Their combat styles will be the same as well.

Is it because he felt a stare? Red Eye lifts his head and looks at White Queen. It is militant. The eyes are full of yearning to fight.

‘Slightly stronger than Inferno, but transcendence hasn’t been possible yet.’

They are just strong compared to Inferno’s group, but inadequate when compared to the disasters like Black Demon, Cruel King, or White Queen.

‘Hm… Quiet. My type. Females should be like that.’

Red Eye watches White Queen looking at him. He is at the same level as his father. The result will already be decided, but he wants to try fighting. But this is separate from fighting, but she is the type that he likes.

He refused when Evil Queen asked to mate because it is dirty, but he would be willing to say yes if White Queen proposes it. The field is better than the seed, but a mutant at the same level as he is would easily be born.

‘I’d like to try riding him…..’
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