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Volume 6 / Chapter 168

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Notice of completion does not sound. Either Heinkel or the Blade Weasels are alive. There is no reason to be rushed since they will have left them with severe injuries.

“Jun Sung!”

“Oh, that was close.”

The party members welcome Cha Jun Sung. Kyoko is pale and looks at him while lying down. She was treated with medical equipment, but she is not completely healed.

“How many do you think died?”

“At least half? Let’s take care of them when we have the chance to.”


Cha Jun Sung put his automatic cannon down. 6 cannons turn to the direction of the burning jungle. It is long range shooting.

Boom boom boom boom!

It is at random. He cannot see where the weasels are hiding, so he is sweeping through as though sweeping up garbage with a broom. It did not end with that.

Cha Jun Sung pressed the switch on a gas shell and took a pitcher’s pose. It is obvious what he is going to do just from his pose. He is going to throw it all the way over there. They have enough weapons. It is good to save their weapons, but they need to be used in times like this. They are 2km away, but it will reach if he borrows strength from his battlesuit.

Boom boom boom!

[You have earned 180,000 points and 36,000 achievement points.]

[You have earned 180,000 points and 54,000 achievement points.]

It must have had effect, because the points are coming in. Achievement points are different for each. It is because the ones that were killed by the cluster bomb were considered snatched. The vertical launch device is Violet’s and the party members split the cost of the cluster bomb when purchasing it. The points go to a few people, but it does not matter.

They are not going to stop doing missions after this one, and they will take turns. The greatest beneficiary is Park Jin Hyuk. He gained millions of points with one blow.

“Shall we go?”

“Let’s wait.”

There is no reason to put themselves in danger to go check. The Blade Weasels know that they are on the cliff. They will come search for them if they are alive.


Cha Jun Sung’s group had battled with the Blade Weasels the day before, and went down from the cliff once the day brightened. It was just a day, but nothing in particular had happened.

“They’re just lumps.”


There were no life forms intact to be found. Ripped of scraps of flesh were just lying around everywhere. It was such a mess that not even the people who had created this mess could tell how many had died. No one released their helmets. It is obvious what kind of smell there would be the second they take the helmets off. A painful sight is enough.


“It would have been better to just die.”


Cha Jun Sung clucks his tongue. A Blade Weasel that has half of its body cut off is gasping for air without even being able to die. They are killing the mutants because of what Life Mission is, but they haven’t really done anything wrong. When separating good and bad, Cha Jun Sung’s group is technically the bad. All Lifers want different things, but they are killing living creatures in order to gain points that will lead to a better life for themselves.

‘What are you guys whenthat you’re killing us?’

It is what Red Eye said when they met in Infected Tree. It was impossible to respond. No one has the right to kill others, or other living beings.

Cha Jun Sung shook the thoughts out of his mind and killed the suffering Blade Weasel. The party members moved together as one instead of scattering out.

It is not just one or two weasels. There are a fair amount, easily over several dozens.

“There are a lot of points since 6 people are doing a level B alone. It collapses the balance.”

They could each reach 1 million points as a reward if they complete the mission. They are just raking in points. The number is entirely different from when they divided up the points with the World Federation.

“I don’t see Heinkel.”

“I think we killed all of the level 6s. We can check all of the mutants we killed on the PDA. The number we killed reaches 230,000. At this point, it’s annihilation.”

Would henchmen stay in place when the king is on the move? The henchmen will have gotten involved since Heinkel did, and those henchmen screamed.

They can easily complete this level B as long as they kill Heinkel and the leftover weasels.

“It was alive.”

“It must have waited for us. They’ve reduced a lot in number.”

They have been surrounded again. But there isn’t the intimidation they felt the first time. 100 at best? They can take this much head on without having to run away.


“It’s hurt.”

Heinkel’s left eye is empty. When the cluster bomb went off, a fragment embedded itself so deep inside the eye that rapid regeneration was impossible and it just plucked the eye out.

“3 level 6s. Most of them injured. Shall we end it?”

The party members took out their weapons. They could do this properly, but will they need to use their strength when the opposition is in such a terrible state? It is early, but the end is near.

“Alright, let’s…..”


Cha Jun Sung was not able to finish his sentence. A roar they heard from somewhere made him, his party members, Heinkel, and the Blade Weasels freeze.

Cha Jun Sung looked down at his hands. They are trembling. His body tingles as though he has been electrocuted. His party members shake their dizzy heads.


Heinkel heard the roar and acts strangely. The hail that had been erect hangs down and it runs away, leaving the Blade Weasels behind.

“What – what is it? Is it a mutant? Is it level 8 if it can make a level 7 run away and have us react like this? But why isn’t a special mission activating?”

“Maybe because it has nothing to do with us?”

“Jun Sung, what are you going to do?”

Koharu asks Cha Jun Sung. He could not answer right away.

‘Level 8? No. This wouldn’t happen even if he met Red Eye. This… is a level 9.’

This is Africa. If it is level 9, it must be Cruel King Anubis. A distance that they can hear its roar from. Even if it is far, it will just be a few dozen kilometers. What is going on?

Lifers and mutants alike do not know what is happening. Only the ones who created the situation know. It is what happened in the time that Cha Jun Sung, who had been losing time in his insanity, returned to reality and then heard the Cruel King’s roar.

Not long after Black Demon met with White Queen, mutants started moving from her area of Europe. Their destination is France, with Inferno and level 8s at the head. It was a large army that was close to 500,000 and excluding the lower levels 1 through 4, all of the mutants were over level 5.

The helpers watching over the 6 continents via satellite, noticed that all of those high level mutants were on the move and started looking deeply into them.

Levels 8 and 9 are under constant monitoring. The helpers know that White Queen and Black Demon met, but they cannot know why.

It is impossible to tap their conversations as well. After that, Europe’s flow changed and after 4 months, the mutants reached south of Jordan in the Middle East. The Middle East is Southwest Asia. It is Black Demon’s area, where White Queen does not have influence and trespassing without permission would mean war.

But White Queen, who was going south, went over into Egypt. From here, it is Africa, Cruel Queen’s territory. The helpers identified the situation.

[It is hard to move such a large army to Africa by sea, so they would have had to go by land. What if Black Demon permitted this?]

[Neutral Black Demon has formed an alliance with White Queen.]

[Why is White Queen bringing a large army to Africa?]

While they were guessing up to here, changes in Africa ensured the future. Cruel King is also calling its subordinates to it.


It is the single word that explains Europe and Africa’s collision. It is the perfect opportunity to get rid of 2 level 9s. It is early, but the helpers wanted to insert Lifers even if they were overdoing it.

Then what should they do? The method is simple. They can control missions so that Lifers have no choice but to go towards Africa and then block them in. When Cruel King started reacting, they cut off the missions that could be active in all continents except Africa in sequence.

The PDA became full of missions that could only be completed in Africa, and Lifers entered as they normally did without realizing this. The more surprising thing is that it is not all of Africa, but the area that they think has the highest probability of becoming the main battlefield.

That is Northern Africa – Libya, Chad, and Sudan.

There is no such thing as coincidence. Cha Jun Sung’s group might think that they came here by their own choice, but they have fallen in Libya, Cruel King’s area, because the helpers reduced their choices severely.

When Cha Jun Sung heard Cruel King’s roar, 1 million Lifers were completing missions in the 3 aforementioned areas. Cha Jun Sung was not affected compared to the Lifers who had been swept through by mutants moving north or were shaking in fear because they might be swept through.

Their group did not fall in Cruel King’s senses. Every single Lifer it discovered was murdered. Its underlings did not have any mercy either. 430,000 – the number of Lifers that Cruel King killed while going north from its hometown Nigeria to Libya.
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