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Volume 6 / Chapter 167

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The forest pushes through like a wave in the direction that Cha Jun Sung’s group moves. It looks like this is happening because of the Blade Weasels moving together on a large scale. They cannot be attacked in a state where they are not ready. They need at least a couple of hours.

“I’ll follow behind quickly.”


Cha Jun Sung put his booster in reverse. The Blade Weasels were about to follow the moving party members but stopped when they saw Cha Jun Sung coming at them.

As soon as Cha Jun Sung landed among them, they encircle him. They blocked the ground and the tops of trees. They will attack him from the top if they see him try to fly again.

A path opens up. Heinkel, with grey and distinct white fur, walks out on 4 legs. Its erect tail expresses its pride and confidence. It permeates various feelings. There is no way to define it with one. Curiosity, murder, rage, surprise.

[Lifer Cha Jun Sung, do you have a plan? The odds are not in your favor.]

Odin is warning him. Even one level 7 is a handful, but it is crazy to walk into a place with hundreds of level 5s and 6s.

“Shut up.”

Cha Jun Sung releases the helmet. He feels refreshed by the smell of grass. Wouldn’t it be better if the Blade Weasels, baring their teeth in murder, were not there?

“You live such short lives.”

Only Cha Jun Sung’s eyes awakened. He turned off a part of the battlesuit’s functions. It is okay to awaken just a part like his eyes. It is okay as long as he does not display it obviously. A bizarre and indescribable aura wraps around Heinkel and the Blade Weasels. Unless Heinkel is stupid, it would have realized that Cha Jun Sung is a higher predator. There is no way for it not to know.

“You’re frozen? Kik!”

He did not talk to Heinkel in mutant language. It is dangerous to leave traces. He uses what he has from an appropriate standpoint.

Other Blade Weasels seemed to show fear of Cha Jun Sung, but Horned Tail Heinkel overcame that fear. It is doing its level’s worth.

‘It’s not working.’

He wanted to make Heinkel retreat too, but that will not happen just by frightening it. It is right to take it on with strength since it is a level 7.

‘I won’t be able to hold out if I get attacked by this many without awakening.’

There are too many of them, though it is in his favor that he dominated the aura. He just needs to buy a little time. He will run away before they stop fearing him.


Cha Jun Sung wore his helmet again. The first impression worked, so it will be embedded in their brains. They cannot keep holding a staring contest.

‘Where should I get into?’

The battlesuit system analyzes the Blade Weasels’ enclosed network. It is searching for a gap. It is not easy because they have blocked him so tightly that there isn’t even space for water to leak through.

[Northeast 19.2%, Southwest 17.8%. Other places are under 10%, so those 2 places are currently the ones with the highest chances of escape.]

Odin took the functions in the battlesuit and Cha Jun Sung’s mysterious ability into account to calculate the probability. Even the higher places did not reach over 20%.

Life Mission officials know that Cha Jun Sung is not normal. Directly? No, indirectly. There is no way for them not to know. He either turned off or removed all battlesuit functions that analyze the user’s state. Just physically, he surpasses the 6th stage of body modifications.

There is no doubt that there have been changes since he fused with the Oriax and was released. They honestly wanted to perform in-depth examinations and tests on him, but they have received a sample and he picked up his cut off relationship with his colleagues, so it is not easy to enforce this.

So there was an order from the top for Odin to just watch over him and not to engage. Cha Jun Sung did not think that they would be entirely clueless either. They are blindfolding each other.

[Jun Sung, how’s the situation?]

[Not good. How about Kyoko? Are you done setting up the equipment?]

[She’s receiving treatment now. I think the basic setting will be done soon, but we’re stuck at the vertical launch device. We still need more time.]

[Alright. I’ll hold out for as long as I can and then get out. Just give me a signal when you do it.]

As top level stores opened, Lifers’ mission standards transformed from fighting with guns and knives to strategy reminiscent of war.

Weapons of mass destruction are sold starting with level C, and there are tons of weapons that could kill thousands of lower level mutants with one hit. Missions are battlefields where they put their lives on the line. They need to be fully prepared. Cha Jun Sung’s group also has powerful firearms that can sweep through a large number of enemies.

“Play with me for a little. Slowly.”


Cha Jun Sung fires his reinforced rifle. He did not aim at just one place. He is blocked from everywhere. Wherever he shoots, there will be a hit.


The Blade Weasels scatter to avoid the bullets. They were still spaced out evenly, blocking Cha Jun Sung’s escape.

A thick tree is penetrated to leave a hole in a Blade Weasel hiding behind it. Everything, even rocks, collapsed under the penetrating power of the bullets. Among all of the shooting, a few Blade Weasels came close behind Cha Jun Sung. He only has one body, so he cannot watch all of his defenses.



A blade tail flies toward him to go into his back. Cha Jun Sung turns and hits the Blade Weasel’s head with an overhead kick.

Its skull smashes and eyeballs pop out. Its face has twisted shrewdly – instant death.

Boom boom!

Cha Jun Sung turned on the Overbooster and flew into the air. As soon as he killed that one weasel, attacks from the others showered down on him. His plan is to take advantage of the gap that formed when he killed one of their comrades. Hundreds of Blade Weasels? There are thousands. There are fairly large Blade Weasels gathered near Heinkel. He can tell just by looking that they are level 6 leaders.


Heinkel and the leaders did not interfere. They stayed in the same place and watched their subordinates fight Cha Jun Sung. They are putting on airs.

“Are there really this many?”

Even without awakening, level 5s are just toys to Cha Jun Sung, who has the power of level 7. But the volume coming at him exceed standard value, so he is getting sick of it. No matter how many he kills, they come at him endlessly.

“You’re getting annoyed because the space is small too, right?”

Cha Jun Sung beat a blade tail coming at him from the front. They keep stabbing at him because they cannot whip their tails. A small weasel’s tail is 6 to 7 meters long. If it makes a turn and creates a radius, it becomes 12 to 14 meters. If they whip their tails the wrong way, they could kill their peers.

His vibrating weapon slashes the tail and cuts the body to pieces. The strength of a level 5’s tail cannot withstand a product of super science.

[Jun Sung! Installation is complete! Tell me your coordinates!]

[931.623.551! Shoot!]


Before 10 seconds after saying his coordinates, a ray of light from the cliff shot up to the sky, changed direction, and fell like a meteor.

It is a cluster bomb, a missile as large as Cha Jun Sung. It is also called a hat bomb, and it is a wide-range bomb with small bombs inside of it. One of those is enough to cause devastation to the area where Cha Jun Sung is standing. Heinkel might be able to get away, but the level 5s and 6s will nearly be annihilated.

The Blade Weasels all looked to where they could hear an explosion.


Cha Jun Sung ran. Of all the places to run, he ran in the direction of Heinkel and the 6 leaders. He did this on purpose.


Heinkel is taken aback by the sudden situation. It had not expected Cha Jun Sung to run away in its direction. Why? Because it is dangerous. Mutants are instinctual. Even when hunting, they go for the weaker side first before the stronger side. This is the same when they are running away. They go for the place where the weaker ones are instead of the stronger.

‘Probability 1.7%.’

This is the chance of escaping that Odin calculated for him. But there is something he overlooked. Heinkel’s side is the worst for escape, but life isn’t based on probability. Heinkel did not think at all that Cha Jun Sung would come toward it. It is the arrogance of the strong, not looking back because it is full of conceit.

But a level 7 is still a level 7, so it regained its composure quickly and slashed its blade tail down. It has momentum that could even cut through a building.

“I can just avoid it. You try to get away too.”

Boom boom!

Cha Jun Sung avoided the tail and left the area with his Overbooster on 100%. He wanted to fly, but he held back. He could die if he flies now.

The cluster bomb broke up right before crashing into the ground. As the large missile dismantled, hundreds of bombs rained down.

The principle is similar to that of a white phosphorus shell, but the difference is between focus on detonation and heat. They are both the devil’s weapon. Beautiful shooting stars come down from the sky. The Blade Weasels’ attention was taken away by the grand fireworks against a dark background.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Small explosions going off everywhere overlapped and overlapped in firepower to result in a giant explosion with a radius of hundreds of meters.

The Blade Weasels were swept up by the small and giant explosions, blowing up before they could even scream. There were the occasional ones that screamed, but the sound was drowned out by the explosions.

Cha Jun Sung mobilized all of the battlesuit’s functions. He picked out the cluster bomb’s drop point and explosion range. He can take it as long as he is not hit.

“How grand.”

Cha Jun Sung got far away and looked over the results of the cluster bomb in his way to the cliff. Flames flicker as they burn the jungle down.
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