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Life Mission Chapter 153

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The Caicus was dug into with nails. It has scratched through and eaten the organs and fleshy parts. All that is left are parts like arms and calves.

‘I’ll recover a little with even that much. Let’s not get greedy and work easily.’

There is no reason to get the Devil Saurus. It is enough to enter dangerous situations only when it is absolutely necessary.

The Devil Saurus disappears. This area must be under its influence.

The wind blows in Cha Jun Sung’s direction. It must keep blowing this way. It will become troublesome if the wind reverses and the Devil Saurus gets a whiff of him.

“That pig. It ate this up clean. A Caicus is several tons in weight.”

Cha Jun Sung grumbles as he looks at the hacked up corpse. Then he put his hand where there is flesh left over.

A shadow draped over his hand for a moment, and strange teeth appeared all over his fingers and hand to swallow the flesh.

He stretched automatically without having to move, and sucked up the organ leftovers lying at a distance. He even clung to the skin and bones.

‘My strength is coming back.’

If his state before had been a fiercely glowing flame that had been put out, he is now a wick that is flickering light since eating the Caicus’ corpse.

His dry skin becomes glossy. He did not get bigger, but his muscles become harder with the nutrient intake and his body is activated.

“I can recover 30 to 40% by eating. I have no choice but to depend on rest for the rest. It’ll be best not to fight beyond hunting.”

It’s like Cha Jun Sung is a patient. If he had been a human, he would be getting an IV drip in the hospital right now.

He has no problem with motion as he is a level 8, but he has become weak. Eating a mutant will help him with nutrients and stamina.

If he wants to go back to normal, he must get an enormous supply of nutrients and treat his damaged body without resting. But does a patient get better just by eating?

Cha Jun Sung needs time. Like Medusa, he needs to get medical treatment for several months. He can take on hordes of level 6s once he is recovered to an extent, but it would be preferable to avoid level 7s.

A tiger does not get killed by a rabbit just because it is injured. But what if it is a fox? A fox would be able to rip the skin of an injured tiger.

“A little bit more… This isn’t enough.”

It feels like he did not get to eat to the end. There is a saying, ‘Having too much is as bad as having too little’. This is a case where Cha Jun Sung cannot agree.

“Should I catch it?”

The Devil Saurus is not far away. It is near. It cannot smell him because of the direction of the wind, so it will not have even realized his presence.

Cha Jun Sung considered it a bit and decided not to catch it. With this much, there will not be much of an issue in moving around.

It is also a good idea to eat level 1 and 2s while on his way to Czechoslovakia.

“Is there a supermarket somewhere? I’m sure something will come out.”

There is a lot that he needs to find. This is the first time his residual period has been so long in Life Mission. The Dead Ark had been over 1 month. He cannot even get a sense of how much time has passed since he was taken over by the Oriax.

At least a few months must have passed, and the worst-case scenario could be years. Time is passing by even at this moment as he stands still.

“Some clothing at least.”

Even if no one is watching, he is embarrassed to walk around nude. Though he has become a mutant, he still has a concept of clothing. He would cover himself with rags if he could.

Cha Jun Sung was about to walk in the opposite direction of where he could tell the Devil Saurus was. He must be unlucky, because the wind switched direction. Mutants’ sense of smell is similar to that of animals. It is different to the degenerated senses of humans.

“Ugh….. Well.”

The Devil Saurus sniffed and changed its direction to where Cha Jun Sung is. Why is it coming towards him? It is because of the unique smell. It is interested in this smell that he is experiencing for the first time.

Living as a predator, it did not think that there are individuals stronger than itself.

Cha Jun Sun did not move. He could run away immediately if he wants to. He would not have to go very far and all he would have to do is jump around on top of tall buildings. But that action in itself hurts his pride. He does not want to jump around in high places like a monkey just because of a dinosaur with large arms and legs.

The Devil Saurus looks on in puzzlement when he sees Cha Jun Sung, and goes around him in circles. It is on alert, but still puts its nose to him.

Cha Jun Sung’s face is possessed by a demon. It is partial. Horns come out and his face becomes black.

2 eyes become 9, and they look at the Devil Saurus.

[I’ll let you live. Go back.]

He is speaking in mutant language. Humans will only hear it as growling, but Cha Jun Sung spoke so that the Devil Saurus could understand.

The Devil Saurus roars and smacks its tail down. A crater forms in the stone ground and the dust spreads everywhere. It is angry.

[This is my territory! I’m king! I say who has the right to live and die. You’re a crazy bastard for giving orders to the king! I’ll kill you!]

Its tail attack is different from that of the Blood Suckers but still similar in strength, and sweeps ahead of it.

Cha Jun Sung throws his body back. His expression becomes heinous. Mutant instinct – it is rebellion for a lower level mutant to go against a higher level mutant.

‘Death with one blow will be difficult. I’ll shake up its core and cut off its mobility.’

It avoids him well. The target is small, so hitting it is work in itself.

Cha Jun Sung watched for an opportunity. There is no effect in leaving a small wound. There is something he has had in mind since the Devil Saurus appeared. He will draw that out.

Cha Jun Sung’s right arm changes into a 2 meter sword. Then he transformed. This results in less energy consumption.

‘Tail, then legs.’

The Devil Saurus has slower regeneration compared to mutants of its level. Instead, its skin is as thick as it is big and its muscles are tough, so those are at the same level. With the force of a level 8, he can cut through it as if it is jelly.

The transformed sword cuts the tail. Blood colors the ground. Because it is so thick, he needs to go at it twice before it is cut off.

Creatures that balance their weight with their tails find it hard to balance even if their two legs are in perfect condition.

Everything is relative. Battlesuit-wearing human Cha Jun Sung would have died after leaving minor wounds. But to mutant Cha Jun Sung who has become level 8, level 6 is just prey. Even when he has a major injury.

It did not even take a minute to cut its legs off in addition to the tail. They will regenerate if he lets it be, but he will not do that.


“Don’t yell, you piece of trash.”

Cha Jun Sung flashes a red light and chops up the Devil Saurus. When he digs into its chest, blood splatters onto Cha Jun Sung.

Reasoning becomes paralyzed. In the past, he would have avoided it out of fright but now, it just makes him happy. On top of that, the blood coming into his mouth is sweeter than a soft drink.

Cha Jun Sung’s body grows larger and he chomps on the Devil Saurus’ flesh. It is just exercise for his mouth and his entire body is already eating. A black shadow covered the Devil Saurus as though it is falling into quicksand. He is absorbing it whole rather than eating it by part.

Lower level mutants tremble in fear as the area’s dominating mutant is eaten by a stronger mutant. They watch in order to remember what Cha Jun Sung looks like. They need to know what he looks like so they can avoid him later. It is the method with which weaker creatures survive.

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