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Life Mission Chapter 151

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“Ha? You know that there are 6? You were just a human before evolution, but you know a lot about the mutant world. Who did you serve?”

“Uh… Medusa, it’s complicated. We need to explain to everyone including the White Queen. I can’t really believe it either. Wait a bit.”

Beholder is wondering how to unravel this in his words. It would be good if Cha Jun Sung himself interfered, but he will have a role distributed to him as well.

‘White Queen…..’

She is one of only two female mutants out of the 6 disasters. She is the empress of Europe, with everything from her looks to her fighting style opposite to the Evil Queen.

“I’ll tell you our situation briefly. We partnered with Africa.”

“Africa? Lies and betrayal, I can’t trust him when he ostracizes others. You never know when he might stab your back. Someone like Oceania would be better.”

“We thought of that too, but we excluded him because it’s hard for him to come out on land. At any rate, we need strong allies in order to keep Africa in check.”

Cha Jun Sung listened to what Medusa was saying. He lost his PDA and became a mutant. Whatever happens, he needs to gain more information about this place.

“Am I the only recruit?”

“The Blood Lord in Latvia is also a potential recruit.”

“The Blood Lord!”

Cha Jun Sung raised his voice. He recalls the description for the Public Underground mission.

The Blood Lord, who went north on an expeditionary force! He left the Public Underground so if he traces his steps back, he might be able to find the path he needs to go back to.

“What do you have to do with him?”

“Where does the Blood Lord live?”

“Somewhere in Czechoslovakia.”

Medusa does not know in detail either. She can find out if she wants to, but there is no reason for her to do that. She knew that he would move on his own.

‘Czechoslovakia….. It might be possible.’

The country’s total area is smaller than that of Korea. The future looked bleak, but Cha Jun Sung is optimistic. He thinks that he will have to dig around for several months to find what he needs to know.

“My baby is back.”

Cha Jun Sung’s senses identify the living creature approaching them and its smell. It is the venomous snake that Medusa sent out. It has gotten bigger. It was 3 or 4 meters before and is now 7 or 8. This growth is evidence of how much it has gained in nutrients.

Cha Jun Sung’s eyes narrow. If that snake goes back to Medusa, she will probably recover her strength. What about himself? He is tired, but he can still fight. He will not follow them. He loses his freedom the moment he meets the White Queen. To reverse the situation and win his freedom after meeting the White Queen? How is he supposed to do that against a level 9?

There is no way he can win. A 6th sense awakened in him after he became a mutant. He cannot express it, but he knows that he is incomplete. If he thanks them for the explanation and says that they should go their separate ways, will they let him go without a fight? They will take him by force if they have to.

‘On 3. I only have one chance.’

He pretended to stretch his body and prepared to reach the optimal point to attack in the shortest time possible. Medusa and Beholder were not suspicious.

Both arms grow larger and Cha Jun Sung changes into a monster. The back of his hands become faces and his nails, teeth. Two wolves went for Medusa’s snake and Beholder. This is not the end of his attack. Cha Jun Sung’s tails become one giant sword and slash down on Medusa. The attack takes advantage of their relaxed states.

Beholder is surprised and swings hundreds of tentacles around. He is not a combative type, but he is still a level 8. He has the defensive means to protect his own body. But Cha Jun Sung’s attack was such a surprise that Beholder was not able to block it completely.

The beast cut the tentacles off with a blade and tried to pierce through Beholder’s center. He will not die, but it is not a minor injury.

The other beast chews the entire snake. Cha Jun Sung has taken the nutrients instead of Medusa.

Medusa realizes the situation and took position to attack him, but she had to escape because of the sword coming down at her. Her children must have worked hard to hunt supplements for their mother because of the exhaustion that she incurred. She could tell there were a lot of nutrients in the snake from the black smoke coming out of his mouth.


“I have a lot to do. I don’t even have time to lounge around with you two here, but to go meet the White Queen?”

“We were going to take you back calmly….. I’ll cut off your limbs and drag you back by your torso. I’m sure they’ll regenerate as long as you don’t die.”

Medusa is angered and awakens again, but she is a little weaker than before because she lost her snake.

‘Beholder first!’


Cha Jun Sung swoops down on Beholder. It is dangerous if Cha Jun Sung shakes up Beholder’s mind. Cha Jun Sung cannot attack both of his enemies at the same time, so he needed to choose one.


The bone spear comes flying. He made his left arm thick like a shield and held it up at an angle. This creates less impact from the spear than blocking from the front.

“Kihit! Don’t come!”

“You’re too bothersome. I’ll kill you first.”

Beholder is busy taking care of his wounds. Cha Jun Sung made his tails into a shield as well and covered his body from two sides. He is capable of taking on Beholder with just his right arm.

Tentacles hit Cha Jun Sung. It is painful, but bearable. His right arm digs at Beholder’s eyeball. He is returning damage done four fold.

“You’re not defending against me?”

Medusa had only been about half of Cha Jun Sung’s size, but grew to be a similar size. This is power. Her snake hair has gotten bigger, and they were each big enough to bring on individual attacks now. Furthermore, the end of her tail split with a snake’s face coming out. Her whole body is made of snakes.

A power incomparable to the impact until now went diagonally through Cha Jun Sung’s tail and left arm shield, and stuck in his side.

“The poison hasn’t been diluted. I know that you’re strong, but that was reckless. There are 2 of us and you’re alone. This is the difference between one against one and two against one.”

Her snake hairs are 3 meters long, and they bare their teeth to bite Cha Jun Sung. Though they are far away, they stretch out like rubber bands.

“Reckless? I gave it a try because it seemed doable.”

It is two against one, but their conditions are equal. Cha Jun Sung is not pushed back. He believes in this body. It can endure most attacks. He will handle the rest himself.

Cha Jun Sung twists and pulls his right hand, which is in Beholder. A big chunk of flesh comes out stuck to his nails.

‘Your weakness…..’

He did not have a chance to fight them in the virtual version, but Medusa’s weakness is her hair and Beholder’s is the nucleus stuck deep within his body.

He cut and pulled it out. He will kill them and go to Czechoslovakia to find his PDA.

‘I’m going back.’

He is a human, not a mutant. He will return to his colleagues. He will go back and find out why this happened to him. Do they think he will die here?

An angry roar comes from the center of a battlefield that has been reduced to ruins. Anger is the base of the roar, but there was also a murderous and hateful feeling included.

Though they are worn out because they have not been taken care of, hundreds of buildings in relatively good shape were destroyed as though they were blown up by bombs. This is the result of Cha Jun Sung and Medusa fighting with level 8 power.

“Ugh! Damn you! I’ll find and kill you even if I have to search this entire world!”

The bone spear is stuck in the ground. The spear shakes with the strength from her arm. Medusa cannot find balance and wobbles.

She looks wretched. Most of her tail and hair snakes have been cut off and she has serious injuries. It is not her will. She is so tired she cannot keep going.

“Damn it….. Beholder…..”

Medusa looks at Beholder. He barely protected his nucleus, but his body has been chopped up. Cha Jun Sung knows their weaknesses. She does not know how. The important thing is that he knows.

“How are we going to look at the White Queen…..”

They have failed their mission. Other organs are another story, but the problem is that his brain was affected.

The brain administers memory. He will grow back to normal because the nucleus is safe, but he will lose the time and memory until now.

He is still Beholder, but he will be reborn.

It is true that they had let their guards down, but to be reduced to this when they had both attacked him. There is nothing more shameful. They gained nothing but lost so much.

A crack has been formed in her strong pride. She can only kill Cha Jun Sung in order to heal her pride, but it feels like she will have nightmares until that day comes.
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