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The deepest hideout in the underpass – it was built as a bunker in case of emergency situations, but it had been a long time since it was used for those purposes.

A place with plenty of space for tens of thousands of people was bustling with blood-sucking insects.

To use military terms, this was their headquarters. The habitat that Zephyrus had discovered was a small camp of the evil blood-suckers.


As they got closer to the center, higher levels appeared. There was a clear order.

The weaker ones were gathered on the outside, but the stronger ones had constantly dug in to get to the center. Something was brewing.


A stifled cry as if something was caught in the throat. As soon as the sound was heard, it became quiet.

As a thorn the size of a human arm scratched the hard concrete, 5 demon blood-suckers a few times the size of the evil blood-suckers raised their heads.

Demon blood-suckers controlled the incoming insects and drew a circle.

It was to protect the giant cocoon behind them. The cocoon was large enough for all 5 of the demon blood-suckers to fit in.

The top of the cocoon cracked. Something inside was trying to get out.

The demon blood-suckers and insects moved as if they were having seizures. It was like looking at fanatics enshrining a pseudo-Sheikh. It was about half larger than the normal demon blood-sucker. It was an elder to the insects.


They could not describe the despair they felt when they lost their king in a losing war. Fortunately, the king left an heir and the heir was about to be born.

-[We are not yet finished. Worship his return.]

This was what they would have said if the demon blood-suckers’ thoughts were translated into human language.


The cocoon could not withstand the power being exerted from inside and a hole formed. The creature that sprang out of it surged towards the ceiling.


There was a mighty power in its roar.

This was when Cha Jun Sung had passed out. This was the type of mental collapse that a Level 7 mutant could invoke.


The ceiling was cracking. It had been split by a thorn sharper than a knife.

As it was in the basement, the concrete’s thickness was unimaginable – but the mutant had pierced it.

It was easily 100m from its head to its tail, and 10m in diameter.

Other than the cone-shaped thorn, the underground creature also had blades attached to it. The thorn was larger than a person.

It looked similar to the demon blood-suckers but the underground creature was more fit for destruction. Its color was a harmony of blue, red, and black.

The blood-sucking insect’s 3rd form of evolution.

The blood-sucking lords took one spot in the 36 nightmares.


The blood-sucking lord looked down. The things that gathered. They were weak and insignificant, but he could tell that they were a fellow species.


The blood-sucking insects howled. The king they had so waited for had been born.

How could they express this happiness?

They were ready to avenge the sorrow they felt in the past under the new king’s command.

Mental collapse.

It was the mind control used when high level mutants wanted lower creatures to submit. This concept of lower creatures included humans.

3 years ago in Life Mission, a Level 8 mutant was let loose in a big city.

Outbreak event? That was the basic objective. At the time, Lifers below the 5th stage of body modifications in a 500m radius passed out.

Cha Jun Sung survived the mental collapse and caught the mutant with other Lifers.

Level 8 was that fearsome. He recognized the same noise in the Underpass before passing out. But Underpass was only supposed to be a Class E. What was going on?

“How could it be a blood-sucking lord. Even I’ve only caught one before because they’re so hard to find.”

Disaster and nightmare.

It was the way to refer to Level 9 and Level 8 mutants. Blood-sucking lords were a Level 8 mutant.

Its ability to exert its power was real. In the virtual version, it destroyed a 10-floor building that Cha Jun Sung was hiding in with a flick of its tail.

He had meant to surprise it, but could not fool its sensitive senses.

‘This is incredible information. It’s information that brings value just by having it!’

Lifers advance through missions. He was struggling with Class E right now, but it was obvious that he would soon pass Class D to go on to C and B.

There were missions until Class S. The blood-sucking lord’s strength was estimated at Level A.

It was unthinkable at the moment, but as it became a goal to seek without rest, it would become the grounds to cross over to Level S.

‘Keep the goal big. We advance one step at a time, but I must be ever prepared. And knowledge is key.’

He did not care about the boundary between the virtual and real. As long as he had made up his mind, he would become the best in reality as he had been in the virtual version. Overload does not change just because it was now in reality.


The Great Spider, whose body was cut off, fell over. Cha Jun Sung blew at the heat coming out of the red fire. This signified mission completion as he had caught the last one.

“Jin Hyuk, come here.”


Cha Jun Sung called Zephyrus, Park Jin Hyuk. 10 days ago after the Underpass mission, Park Jin Hyuk had contacted him immediately upon his return.

They made plans the next day and entered a mission where they formally introduced themselves.

Park Jin Hyuk was young. He was now 19 years old. He had earned his GED for school. Cha Jun Sung didn’t see it as a problem because this was not a day and age where schooling meant everything as it had in the past.

“With today, you’ll be getting all Class E equipment?”

“It’s close but it should be. It’s all because of you. Thank you.”


Park Jin Hyuk bowed politely. In 10 days, they raised 30,000 points.

They had initially planned to get there in a month, but they had done it 20 days faster. A lot of it was thanks to Cha Jun Sung and his experience.

Underpass, which had been Park Jin Hyuk’s reliable mission, became the one to avoid.

The blood-sucking lord was there. It was a given to avoid it in their right mind. They had to have at least the 7th body modification and the battle shoot to try it. But at least they knew to avoid it. Valuable information indeed.

“To commemorate becoming comrades, I’ll tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“I said I completed a Level D special mission, right? Class D store has something important.”

Park Jin Hyuk thought about it. Cha Jun Sung would not have told him this for no reason. Cha Jun Sung was curious to see if Jin Hyuk would be able to read what he was thinking.

“What’s in the Class D store?”

“Body modification.”

Park Jin Hyuk’s eyes rounded. He had not played Life Mission for long, but he knew the importance of body modifications. It was absolutely necessary for Lifers.

He had not been able to find it anywhere in Class E, but it was hiding in Class D?

“Are you saying we should attempt a Level D mission? I don’t have it in my list.”

“Think outside the box.”

He was at an age where he had a questioning and curious nature. They were discussing Level D mission and store right now. It must be related.

“I think I know what is it.”

“What are you thinking?”

“Special mission!”

“Right. I’m thinking of giving that mission a try. There’s nothing left to do in Level E. It’ll take half a year to buy Level D equipment with the points we earn here.”

Each level had its own wall. If he could not break through it, he could not advance.

Cha Jun Sung was at an advantage over Park Jin Hyuk because he completed a Level D mission. If he invested 1 year, he could freely advance to Level D missions.

On the other hand, Park Jin Hyuk was a Level E. Unless he attempted a Level D mission, he would stay at Level E even if he gathered hundreds of thousands of points. Cha Jun Sung was asking if he will take the challenge. No reward without risk.

“My guess is that if we get it, the Level D mission will open. Granted, mine is already open.”

“Will it be okay with the two of us?”


Cha Jun Sung revealed his negative thoughts. It was 3000 points at least. He did not know what type of mission the upgrade mission was. But it was dangerous for just two to go in.

“There are more 1000 point parties. I’m sure we’ll find someone soon.”
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