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Life Mission Chapter 148

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Cha Jun Sung roars with his chest puffed out in the middle of the city. How much time has passed since this crazed version of himself has lived inside the mission?

He will not know even if he comes to his senses. He needs to meet another Lifer or his PDA in order to regain his lost time or go back to reality. If he continues in this state, it is questionable whether that day will ever come.

If he meets Lifers like this, he will annihilate all of them,much less hold a conversation. Is there really a way to go back?

“Hee hee! It’s him!”

“That’s the right level. We need to fight to know, but its physical ability should be superior.”

On top of a tall building.

Beholder and Medusa exchange their impressions of seeing Cha Jun Sung with their own eyes. Judging only by physical ability, they will be overpowered.

Beholder’s fighting power is a low level 7. Instead, he has various abilities and the one he uses most is mind control.

He can even take on two level 7s. This envious ability is something that all Lifers and mutants are averse to in all ways.

“Will it be possible to talk to him?”

“Kik! He seems to have gone a bit severely insane, but I’ll try.”

He is not saying that he will face him. Beholder will go inside Cha Jun Sung through mind control to talk to his sane thoughts.

Medusa waits next to him. If something goes wrong and he fails, she needs to interfere and block Cha Jun Sung. It is good if everything goes smoothly, but there is nothing to lose in this going badly.

She licks her lips with her long tongue. The snakes on her head also flick their tongues. She likes fighting. She likes the negative atmosphere of it even more. She wants to rip his skin and see his tender insides. Like minds gather together. Like Beholder, Medusa is not completely sane.


While Medusa was lost in her imagination, Beholder used telepathy to go into Cha Jun Sung’s mind. As they are at the same level, his defenses are strong.

But he falls a little short of those at the same level. If they are 10, he is at around 7 or 8? He did not think much about it because it is not important.

[Get out of my body!]

[This is mine.]

[Huh? There’s one body, but 2 minds? Who’s who?]

There are 2 minds. The 2 are fighting over one body.

He has gone into the minds of countless humans and mutants, but this is the first time he is seeing something like this. Beholder became curious.

[Hee hee! Are there 3 if I get in there too? If I win, is this mine?]

He cannot go into the body, but he would be able to control it like a limb. This is normally not something he is able to do, but it might be possible when it is in such a messy state.

[Hey hey.]

There is no response even if he speaks. Is this the reason why the mental defenses were low?

[Ki ki ki!]

Beholder instinctively goes into the mind. They are so busy fighting among themselves that they do not realize an enemy has intruded. This is probably what fish in troubled waters means.

He went into various places and gained information on the new mutant and Cha Jun Sung. The more he learns, the more surprising it is and the more mysterious Cha Jun Sung becomes.

[How strange for an Oriax to take a human as its host. Huh? There are levels to us, too. What level am I? Let’s see…… Level 8?]

[Life Mission? Game? Earth? Helper? This human killed Evil Queen? The whore in South America? He met Red Eye inside a mission?]

[We’re inside a mission right now? It isn’t Earth? I don’t understand.]

Beholder is confused. Is this all true? He cannot describe the mental state of this human, Cha Jun Sung.

He moved past this question however. He can do the understanding later. First, he needs to kick the fighting minds out and make this body into one of his limbs. He could become at the same level as Inferno if he makes a level 8 into his limb.

[But what’s that?]

While he was slowly getting involved in the fight, something caught Beholder’s attention. It does not have a clear form like other information. It is transparent and hazy.

This means that this is something Cha Jun Sung does not know either. Beholder thought.

‘Should I open it?’

He can do it after taking over the mind, but he is curious. Beholder cannot restrain himself when he is curious. Looking at the situation, there should be no problem from opening it.

Beholder opens the hazy thing. Is it something fun? He opened it with great expectations, but it did not meet up to his hopes.


His mind is being pushed out. He is forced out by a power that came in like a typhoon. He would not have opened it if he knew that this would happen.

“It didn’t go well?”

“Huh? Hee hee! He’s just crazy. He’s a crazy bastard. Let’s knock him out and take him.”

Beholder hid his mistake. She cannot know unless he says it himself anyway. And all they have to do is take him back.


Cha Jun Sung’s body twists. There is no big change externally, but he seems to have become more refined. He had already been perfect physically, but he is now transcending that perfection.

“What did you touch in there?”

Medusa gulped as she saw the goosebumps forming on her skin. She is feeling fear for the 3rd time in her life. The first was when she saw the Empress for the first time, and the 2nd was when she saw Africa’s disaster.

Cha Jun Sung finishes changing and breathes out. Black smoke comes out when he breathes.

“Black… Smoke?”

“This doesn’t make sense! How could he be here? I checked!”

All top level mutants that succeeded in evolution as individuals have a characteristic that distinguishes them from other mutants.

Beholder is his body and Medusa is the snakes on her head. They do not know how Cha Jun Sung is breathing black smoke, but that is the trademark of Black Demon Aduroque, who is dominating Asia.

Cha Jun Sung’s eye goes around and finds the exact location of Beholder and Medusa’s hiding place. He still feels the madness, but it feels stable.

“Who… it is?”

Cha Jun Sung has not been able to use human language since he lost his sanity. But now, he is unsteadily asking about the identity of the foreign beings. It is a great development.

“Fall back and support me.”

“I promise! He isn’t Black Demon!”

Medusa had been in human form but woke up her original state and released her strength. Her slender feminine body becomes covered in muscles and she grows to be 5 meters.

Other than the fact that her hair is made of snakes, she is still beautiful, but her legs combined and changed into a snake’s tail.

Medusa pulled her neck bone with strength. Then, a spear made of bone 8 meters long was curiously formed. A clear liquid dripped from the handle, and it is poison that could kill a level 6 mutant just by touching it.

Cha Jun Sung had made his way to Medusa, made both of his arms into blades, and brought them down.

Medusa was going to avoid it, but blocked it thinking that they should meet for the first time.


Though they are mutants, it must still be flesh colliding, but the sound it made is comparable to a mission exploding. The shockwave generated from the center of the crash shattered all of the windows within radius.

Bang bang bang!

Cha Jun Sung had leveraged himself to float in the air but bounced back because of the shock, and Medusa plummeted down when the ground collapsed under her.

When there isn’t much of a difference in ability in a fight, it is better to be attacking from above than it is to be below. Medusa reaped damages in this crash, but this is it. She is alive. She came out with not even a scratch.
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