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Life Mission Chapter 145

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[Lifer Cha Jun Sung! If you cannot come back to being a human being, you will become the subject of the mission. The upper levels are thinking about creating a level B mission with you at the center through the PDA. Regain your sanity! It is not too late!]

A Lifer who becomes a mutant and is forced to fight other Lifers. It is material that could be used in a third-rate movie. It is level B if he stays like this, but level A if he evolves into level 8. The purpose of Life Mission is mutant obliteration.

They need to kill as many mutants as they can, but it would be him bringing a powerful mutant to life.

[It’s a relief. The brain hasn’t been completely encroached. It’s a possible phenomenon because it’s an Oriax that is keeping its host alive.]

If it had been a mutant that fed off of the brain like a parasite, there could be absolutely no expectations. The species’ parasitic method is entirely different in the first place.

[Cha Jun Sung! The Life Mission you played has been virtualized and is not virtual! How could Overload, who caught Evil Queen, be brought down by just a level 7! Show the pride that took you to the top!]

Odin’s voice flows into Cha Jun Sung’s ears. He will have heard it if he is still sane. If he heard it, he needs to fight to go back.

Bang bang!

The Elder had been laying down as if it were dead, and launched a thorn at Cha Jun Sung. It is a simple attack. Even if he gets hit, he can just use his incredible stamina to recover.

The thorn gets stuck in Cha Jun Sung’s shoulder. It is so thick that his arm gets cut. The headache has gone down, but he had not been able to avoid it because the host is not reacting.

The Elder is out of strength and dies as its body flops down. It is the same for the Oriax wearing Cha Jun Sung as a mask to find it difficult to do 2 things at the same time.

The Oriax’s attention is divided into subduing the host’s rebellion and into recovering the arm. In that gap, Cha Jun Sung’s weak subconscious woke up.

“Get… out… of… my body!”


A human’s yell and mutant’s roar explode from the same body. The Oriax is taken aback. The host it has absorbed has regained consciousness?

Impossible. It cannot be possible if it follows the method that its mother showed it. The host needs to be stronger than the Oriax for this to be possible. But it does not consider this scenario. The host is just a human.

He is fairly strong, but not strong enough to reverse the current situation.

Boom boom boom!

Cha Jun Sung’s body swells up again. He is almost as large as a 2-story building.

His form is that of a human’s, but he looks terrifying with 4 horns pointing to the sky and a twisted face of a demon in hell.

He still has 9 eyes. Thick snake-like veins come out through his skin and writhe.

A clear form, which is not normal for the Oriax that can change its body freely. The image is reminiscent of Red Eye from Infected Tree.

This human is weird. The body has escaped control and is changing on its own. It does not listen as though mutating into a special body.

It had a strange feeling since the first time it saw Cha Jun Sung. A group of 100 humans had given off a seductive scent that it could not resist. It had seen a few good potential hosts.

They all fell short to Cha Jun Sung. It had learned that humans are not candidates for hosts, but it had gone at him without being able to resist. And then it had been surprised.

With rapid development, it had taken less than 1 hour to gain the power that its mother had boasted. It usually takes at least 5 days to stabilize, but it had been shortened by a lot.

‘Potential power.’

The Oriax borrows Cha Jun Sung’s knowledge to analyze the phenomenon. Human Cha Jun Sung’s potential power is being revealed through external interference.

To borrow human terms, it is a level 7. It is one of the top predators with its endless strength. But a potential power that can surpass that top predator. Could he be a level 8 or 9 mutant?

The Oriax cannot know that its prediction is precise. If Cha Jun Sung had been infected with A virus and had gone through development properly, he would have become a level 9. That is when he is normal. Right now? It is abnormal.

His potential power has not been exerted 100%. That is why the Oriax is holding on. It is a suicide mission for a level 7 to try and swallow a level 9.

‘I can’t quit.’

Evolution. Evolution is survival for mutants. It is a world with law of the jungle. The stronger one gets, the better it is able to protect itself against enemies.

It can become a level 8.

It can become a level 9.

It will do whatever it takes to absorb Cha Jun Sung and gain his potential power. It will become even more powerful to become a genuine predator that nothing can take on.


The Oriax released control of the body.

Instead, it put all of its strength into overpowering Cha Jun Sung’s mental consciousness. It could lose 2 rabbits by trying to catch both. It will take care of one first.

[Level 8…… It is the Oriax’s fault, but if level 8 is possible with just an indirect injection of the A virus, does that mean he is capable of reaching level 9?]

Odin spews airtight secrets that must never be leaked.

It does not matter. There is no one listening. Cha Jun Sung is not paying attention because he is busy fighting the Oriax over control of his body.

Cha Jun Sung’s body tries to move. He will destroy everything he sees now that the control has been loosened. Nothing can block him either.

Level 8. The only level 8 within a radius of hundreds of kilometers is the Blood Lord. That Blood Lord left to conquer the north. This is Cha Jun Sung’s world.

[Release of block on return! Helpers in charge of Lifers who have entered Public Underground, please quickly send your Lifers back to reality!]

Odin sent a warning signal to the 99 Lifers’ helpers. The Lifers need to be sent back before Cha Jun Sung goes outside and discovers them. There are a lot of important people here. They need to avoid a massacre.


Beep beep!

[Lifer Cha Jun Sung has evolved into a level 8 mutant, the mission has advanced to level A. The block on returning has been released. Will you return to reality?]

“Level 8…..”

“Shouldn’t he be a level 7 if he was absorbed by the Oriax? This is at the level of the Nightmares.”

“He lives up to his name even in death.”

“Shut up!”

Park Jin Hyuk is in a frenzy as he punches a wall near him. It was a fairly high stonewall, but he punctured a hole and it cracked.

“The mission is a failure. Let’s leave.”

The force members return to reality. There is no hesitation. They are strangers. Only friends are saddened by the deaths of others. Park Jin Hyuk understands with his head too, but he feels sick as he cannot understand with his heart.

“Let’s leave.”


Koharu led Park Jin Hyuk. Her face does not look good either. Kyoko and Violet are not very different either.

“You want to leave? What about Jun Sung? You don’t know what happens if we leave him in the mission?”

“I know.”


“What can we do in this situation? Level 8. The helpers violated the laws and released the block on returning. You know what that means.”

Lifers grew a lot over 2 years, but they still have difficulty with level 6.

Mutants get stronger by level. But starting from level 7, the mutants are monsters that can destroy entire countries. Even if there are dozens of top level 6s, they cannot beat 1 level 7. Level 8 is a Nightmare.

Parasite King and Red Eye are on the same level. Mask? Even while wearing a battlesuit, a person would be ripped apart in a second. They have no choice but to go back.

“Don’t give up. We can come back. We can come again when we’re stronger.”


“Jun Sung isn’t dead. The Oriax doesn’t kill its host. I don’t know why he advanced to level 8 from 7, but there’s still hope.”

Koharu pats Park Jin Hyuk’s shoulder.

“Fuck, fuck. I’m going to come back no matter what. I’ll get strong beyond belief and come back.”

Tears fell from Park Jin Hyuk’s eyes. He cannot endure this without crying. If Cha Jun Sung really has become a mutant, there will be a level A mission, won’t there?

There are very few level 8 mutants. Even if individuals overlap, there won’t be more than 100 of them. They will be able to find him just by reading the mission descriptions.


As Park Jin Hyuk was returning to reality, he heard what he guessed was Cha Jun Sung’s mutant roar. It is stronger than the roar he heard at first. They all hung on to their shaking consciousness as all of the force members and then Park Jin Hyuk’s group left the mission.


Bang bang bang!

A black demon roams the city. It is different in appearance alone from the top level mutants that are created in factories. It destroys everything in its way, whether it is a mutant or building.

It would be easy for him to take a path going around, but he ignorantly forces everything out of the way because his sanity has gone blank white. He has grown from the original 6-7m into about 10m in height. The easiest way to distinguish an individual mutant’s strength is its size. Mutants grow larger as they go up in level.

Of course this is not an absolute. Cha Jun Sung’s size is at a level 5’s standards, but his strength is that of level 8.

Cha Jun Sung’s left arm is malformed. It has gotten more than 3 times longer and thicker. It has multiplied in size so he looks like he has a child’s body with an adult’s arm. He uses that to smash down a 15-floor building in front of him.

The shock from the blow goes into every corner of the apartments. The giant wreckage splits in half and shakes the ground as it falls.

Level 1 and 2 mutants had been living there, but that does not matter. Cha Jun Sung cannot be bothered to fight with the enemies inside.


The mutants who witnessed the destruction site, trembled in fear as they scattered and ran away. The energy that Cha Jun Sung gives off is full of death.

A tail with hundreds of strands transformed into sharp skewers and pierced through the mutants running away. They even extended to 300m in length. He must have eyes on the back of his head because he did not let a single one get away. He repeated this action 2 or 3 times and killed more than 1000 on the spot.


Hiding mutants either passed out or died of heart attacks from his roar. Cha Jun Sung is drunk with the top priority of mutant instincts, the instinct to slaughter. He felt alive while killing.

Boom boom boom!

Cha Jun Sung swept through the dense areas of the apartments with each strand of his tail, moving as though alive. They changed into sharp knives or blunt bats, devastating the area.


Once he destroys an area for no reason, he moves on. A decided place? He does not have any. He just goes where he wanders in.


Cha Jun Sung’s eyes looks dozens of kilometers away, all in different directions. Something is idling nearby. His senses pick up movement, but it is pretty fast. It does not stay in one place, and keeps moving back and forth.

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