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Life Mission Chapter 134

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11 rankers in the world federation and 5 people from Cha Jun Sung’s group – there are exactly 16 people. Rankers are debating in a conference room in Black City.

The opposition to take a hit on Blood Kingdom or hold out. Cha Jun Sung did not interfere and just watched. He is not is a position to interfere and say something.

The strategists did not ask for his opinion either. They do not want to make it difficult by getting a 3rd party involved. The conference is leaning towards holding out.

It is impossible to get ahead of Strategist with words. Most of the people who want to attack, just want to get payback without logic.

They cannot think of a way to convince others because they are so angry. Strategist took control of the situation and calmed each of them down.

He explained why it is not the time in different ways so each of them could understand. As time passed, they gradually calmed down.

“Level B, level A if we go further. If we open them up before Blood Kingdom does, we’ll be opening the store first as well. We’re just pushing it back until then.”

With fully modified bodies and battlesuits, they can beat all of Mechanic City’s Lifers even if they all come at the same time. The level of strength becomes different.

If they each have the strength to take on a level 8, they can knock buildings over like a breeze and kill level 6s. They will be able to do anything if they have the power.

“But the card went missing when Argos died. Opening level B. Fine. We can fill the force up with rankers and people with battlesuits.”

An advance mission with 100 battlesuit Lifers? There will be sacrifices, but it is worth trying out. The problem is that Blood Kingdom is the same.

If they had the card, they would consider different cases and choose the optimal timing. If they do not? They cannot dominate the departure line.

Strategist is listening to the rankers’ conversation, and looks at Cha Jun Sung. Cha Jun Sung is nervous and gulps. He can figure out why Strategist is looking at him like that.

“You got the card from Argos, didn’t you?”



Nuclear points to Cha Jun Sung in surprise. A few had the same reaction and a few looked on as though they had been expecting as much.

“….. I assume you have no intention of selling it.”

“I’m going to use it.”

Strategist left out the details of how Cha Jun Sung got the card and how he saved Argos from Blood Kingdom’s attack.

All that is important in the current situation is that Cha Jun Sung has the card.

It may be cruel, but the world federation cannot put much meaning in Argos’ life. Everything originated from the card in the first place.

“Overload. It’s originally an item that was promised in a deal with us.”

“What is he talking about?”

Boom Buster’s tone repels Park Jin Hyuk. It sounds like he is telling Cha Jun Sung to hand the card over. Nonsense! It was only promised, and there was no completed deal.

“What? Kid, get out of the picture.”

“Don’t attack me. I want to shoot a bullet through your head.”

Boom Buster glares at Park Jin Hyuk. Park Jin Hyuk ignores him.

“The world federation can’t claim it as ours.”

“So you’re saying we should hand it over?”

Chamma Sword stops him and Boom Buster raises his voice.

He is holding a grudge from falling to Cha Jun Sung in the past, and is glaring. Is he of the mindset that he cannot see others doing well?

“We’ll give you twice the amount of points we promised Argos. What do you think?”


He will not sell it for any amount of points. He can gather points at any time as long as he is alive, but the card is an item that is full of endless possibilities.

“Braybourke! Are you just going to watch? That was supposed to be yours!”

“Chamma Sword is right. We can’t claim ownership of it.”

Weapon Master abandoned regrets for the card with his arms crossed. Cha Jun Sung selling that? Unless he is crazy, he would not do it.

His abilities are at level with the rankers. He might actually be higher. He has the ability to bring out the card’s value. There is a saying, a pearl necklace on a pig’s neck. To apply it, if Cha Jun Sung is a king, the card is his crown.


Boom Buster storms out in frustration. It is not just that he does not like Cha Jun Sung, but everything including the whole situation with Blood Kingdom is getting to him. They are getting hit from everywhere and nothing is going as planned.

“He still has a terrible personality.”

“I don’t think that’s anything for you to say.”

Park Jin Hyuk eyed Violet and responded to her. Boom Buster is dirty, but Violet is rough around the edges.

“Overload. Do you want to try out a 1 million point mission?”

“We have gone to 900,000.”

Strategist nods. He had a rough expectation.

Overload, Amhu, Empress of Light. The 3 of them alone are enough of a force to go into a 900,000 point mission. With the support of sniper Park Jin Hyuk and medic Kyoko, there will not be too much trouble until 1 million.

“We have gone as far as 1.1 million. 15 rankers, 13 battlesuit owners. A full force with Lifers who have gone through the 4th stage of body modifications.”

Cha Jun Sung listened in silence. If someone is speaking, he needs to show that he is listening.

“28 Lifers with battlesuits were tied on to taking on levels 5 and 6. They really were incredible. I can’t even imagine 2 million.”

He has clearly shown that he will not sell the card. Strategist’s words have a different meaning.

“We were thinking of trying out level B missions in half a year. All of the members are battlesuit owners.”

4 rankers died. That is a big hit. Someone needs to fill up those spots. Why are rankers important? What is the difference between battlesuit rankers and battlesuit Lifers? A simple matter of know-how? No. That know-how is a benchmark of differentiating between the two.

“When those 4 died, we lost their battlesuit modification methods.”

Basic battlesuits can be remodeled according to the Lifer’s style when upgrading. The modification method of Cha Jun Sung’s over booster is something that only he knows.

Even if an average Lifer opens up the level B store, they need to go through countless trial and error before they can remodel their battlesuits in their personal styles. Cha Jun Sung also wasted a tremendous amount of money while configuring the over booster in the virtual version.

The battlesuit is destroyed if they fail in the remodeling. He is not sure if it will work here as well, but he is pretty sure it will be the same. Several thousands of points will be wasted with 1 failure?

The modification methods converted the rankers’ value. Even if they are similar to average Lifers now, their potential ability is unmatched.

“According to my calculations, a full force of battlesuit owners and volume can cover for level C advancement. Though it is like a bee running into a wasp.”

Level B advancement? Thinking of taking on level 7 in pure volume is the same as a shortcut to massacre. That will be when the rankers’ true power is exercised.

“What is the point?”

“That card. Are you going to use it to open the level B store?”

“I am thinking about it…..”

If he is just thinking about his own group, he needs to use it to open level B. This is because there are only 5 of them. Battlesuit modifications are necessary for the 5 of them to advance.

‘Aha. I got it.’

Cha Jun Sung read Strategist’s mind. He once thought of joining the world federation to make an attempt at an advancement mission. The 2 groups have the same goal.

There is no reason to reject them when they are offering to add strength. If they end up joining forces, they can get through C with volume. They would not need to use the card to open level B.

The Lifers had slowly taken steps into level C already, and the rankers have gone over 1 million. This kind of item shines brighter as it is kept for longer.

“Do you want to try to advance with us in 6 months? If you do that, you can use the card to open up level A. As long as you have the points, you’ll be able to gain the strength to fight level 8.”

“Help each other?”

“Even without the card….. The world federation has the strength to open level B. I’m not as confident about level A.”

Cha Jun Sung’s group cannot open level B without the card. But if they receive help, they have the capacity to open level A. Strategist wants to arrange a give and take. The world federation will open level B for them, and they will help the federation open level A.

‘If we get to level A….. I’ll be able to face that guy.’


The level 8 Blood Lord that brings mental collapse. Since it had just been born, it would have developed and reached near completion.

‘There’s nothing to lose as a party.’

They will receive help once and give help once. Cha Jun Sung is of the personality where he usually does not want to do either, but that is different by circumstance.

It may be different if they have several lives, but they just have one. If he wants to stay alive until Life Mission ends, it is right to use everything he can.

Cha Jun Sung looks at his party members. They will all have understood.

“I’m for it.”

“Of course we should if we keep efficiency in mind.”

No one rejects it. They are not so close minded that they are completely against working with others.


Cha Jun Sung allows it. It is not an improvised decision. Even though the amount of time they had to think was short, this is the best option.

“Since you said it’s in 6 months, we can act on our own until then?”

“Yes. That doesn’t matter.”

They will not restrict their actions. They can just help out when they are contacted.

“But are you in contact with any other rankers? If they are preparing for the advance mission as well, it will be better to have more people.”

“What do you mean by other rankers?”

“People like Nine Tails, Light Shooter, Invisible, and Perforation Eye.”

“I can get in contact with a few of them. I was actually going to get in touch with them and ask if they wanted to help with the advancement mission.”

There are 14 rankers gathered here. They are all connected and know each other.

Though it may not be necessary in level C, they need to form relationships to increase their power with modified battlesuits.

“I’ll take it that you will not speak more about the card.”


The conversation is over. The strategists spoke a little more, but there was nothing that Cha Jun Sung needed to pay attention to.

“Jun Sung, we lost that guy twice.”

“Who? Blood King?”

“He’ll get stronger from now on. If we knew this was going to happen, we should have done whatever it took to kill him in Field of Meat.”

“I agree.”

While the world federation rankers spoke among themselves, Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk talked about Blood King. If they had killed him at the time, if they had not saved him, this would not have happened.

“What are you talking about?”

Dual Blade approached Cha Jun Sung. He wants to get acquainted.

“Blood King. We’ve seen him twice. In the advance level E mission Field of Meat and today. But we lost him both times.”

Park Jin Hyuk poured out his complaints.

It was then. Weapon Master’s expression changed. He could hear with his enhanced sense of hearing with body modifications.


“It’s the first time since PVP. It’s been a while.”

Cha Jun Sung greeted Weapon Master, who was suddenly standing next to him. He could remember when he came all the way from Europe to look for him.

“What did you just say?”

“About what?”

“Didn’t you say Field of Meat?”

“Oh! Right. But what about it?”

“Blood King was in that mission too?”

Cha Jun Sung got a weird feeling.

How should he describe it? It feels like he is being interrogated? He was annoyed with the unilateral question, but did not show it.

He thought that there must be a reason for it. Weapon Master has a cold personality, but he has a strong ego as nobility and courtesy is an innate characteristic.

“We weren’t in the same party, but he was trapped in there after failing to attack.”

There is something to it from the way he is asking. He explained everything in detail so that there would be no questions.

Weapon Master frowned because his immature brother and special forces had been attacked out of nowhere and killed by Blood King.

‘So it was him.’

Since his brother’s death, Weapon Master worked to find the culprit.

He had thought that it would be possible with his family’s power, but it had not been easy. It was so difficult that he would have to give up if the culprit did not admit to it.

But he finally found out the truth today. He knows what happened inside the mission. He did not think of it as a coincidence. This had been inevitable.

It is a divine order to kill the person who insulted the Venter family. He cannot do it immediately. He does not have enough power, and it is not a circumstance in which he could do so.

‘I will get revenge. Not for you, but for mother and the family.’

Weapon Master is not as fond of Carlyle as Isabel is. Though they have the same blood, they might as well be strangers.

But that is not entirely the relationship. Carlyle is still his little brother. It would have been different if he had not been able to find the culprit but now that he has, he cannot leave Blood King alone.

Beep beep!

[That man is English.] [Yeah.]
Park Jin Hyuk watched Weapon Master’s actions and texted Cha Jun Sung for confirmation. He suddenly experienced an unexplained feeling.

[Doesn’t he look strangely similar to the yahoo we met in Field of Meat?]
Cha Jun Sung finally began to examine Weapon Master’s face closely. He does look similar. They are both English and yahoos, and he seems to be a noble too.

Beep beep!

[Do you think that’s his brother? Cousin?] [Let’s ask Violet later. She’ll know family relationships at least.]
It is someone else’s matters, and something sensitive at that. Unnecessary interest can ruin relationships. Violet will know what is going on.

‘He has sense.’

Weapon Master did not say it. He could tell that Park Jin Hyuk and Cha Jun Sung are doing something on their PDAs, but he pretended he did not see it.

They have manners. Regardless, he found the culprit thanks to them. He does not want to be seen as strange, so he needs to wrap it up well.

“It is something related to the family. Since you’ve solved something we’ve been stuck on, I’ll be repaying you shortly. I will be going first as I have something to do.”

Weapon Master left the conference room. It was a bit lukewarm. The rankers followed suit and started leaving one by one.

As the rankers were leaving, they each introduced themselves to Cha Jun Sung to get acquainted. Since he had seen quite a number of them in the virtual, it was not awkward.

The conference room becomes quiet. There is just Strategist left in the room.

“The world federation will handle the cumbersome issues. Overload, you can just go on with your daily life until the advance mission.”

“You said that it’s in 6 months?”

“If there is any change, it would be sooner but not later than that.”

The rankers are ready to advance, but it will take some time to fill the force with battlesuit owners. If they are just filling up the force, it will only take 1 or 2 months.

But it is better to leave a lot of time for everything, so they need to arm hundreds to 1000 people. That way, they can fill the empty spaces of rankers. No one can tell if something liek what happened today will happen again.

“So have you decided to leave Blood Kingdom alone?”

“I’m furious as well, but it’s premature. Even without us, they will not be able to act properly for the time being.”

The enemy saw a large amount of damage as well. The cadres all slipped out, but elite level C Lifers were killed. The biggest problem is separate.

“Blood King abandoned his allies. I don’t know how much camaraderie there is between murderers, but he will need time to calm them down after abandoning them like waste.”

The world federation and Blood Kingdom both unintentionally came to find time to take for themselves. And Cha Jun Sung took the card that made the 2 forces come to heads in the first place.

“I’ll be going as well now. The conference room will be empty, so you can rest before you leave.”

Strategist left the conference room as well. Cha Jun Sung’s group are the only ones left now.

“It feels like a storm has passed by.”

“It was a bit crazy.”

“Oh right. Violet. Weapon Master? Does he have a little brother?”

Park Jin Hyuk could not hold back his curiosity and asked.

“His youngest sibling is a little brother, but he died. It’s been about 2 years. A yahoo named Carlyle Venter. I think he went into a mission and never made it out.”

Park Jin Hyuk’s eyes widened and exchanged looks with Cha Jun Sung.

He is showing that he was right. Blood King has found a new enemy.

“Is he an enemy anyway?”

Their forces are confronting each other, so there is no meaning in talking about personal grudges.


“We’ll explain on the way.”

Cha Jun Sung got up from his comfortable chair. They cannot stay here all day and they need to go back to zone A.

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