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Life Mission Chapter 129

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‘It’s okay. They won’t recognize me. How would they know who I am?’

Argos comforted himself as he walked to Black City.

Unless the PDA gets hacked, Lifers’ identities cannot be revealed. Even as this goes on, they are just normal Lifers to the subversives going after the card.

He wanted to do the deal in public for his safety, but he did not ask for protection, as he did not want to do anything unnecessary and become a target.

Argos usually uses a level E space compression bag. There is the danger that he could be robbed because the bag does not have owner recognition, but he had not really needed that until now.

However, as the card came out, his situation changed. Because he needed thorough security, he upgraded to the level D space compression bag. From level D, no one can open it unless they are the owner. The bag is expensive, but cannot be compared to the card’s worth.

His steps quicken. Argos was expressing his tension without intending to.

His judgment became cloudy because he has an item that he cannot handle.

Beep beep!

He turned the PDA on and measured the distance to Black City. It is about 40km away.

‘I guess I’ll have to get in a car now.’

The day before the deal, Argos returned to reality from near here. He had come here already. He wanted to go further, but he cut it off midway.

It is not a distance that he can walk. He can rush there if he rides a car.

“Seller Argos.”

“What! Who?”

When Argos was about to hail a car, he heard someone call him from behind and reacted. He was trying to be careful, but the subconscious is really scary.

“So it is you.”

“What? No. I’m just someone looking around Black City! I was just surprised because you appeared out of nowhere.”

“Swedish, blonde, blue eyes. And you’re still not Argos?”

“Good – goodness!”

How did they know that he is Swedish? He had not even told the world federation that. While Argos was taken aback, the murderers besieged him.

They thought they might be going back empty-handed again, but they had gotten it right. There are Lifers who react without meaning to if surprised from the back. They can realize the truth by really surprising someone through inductive interrogation, but the man in front of them is 100% Argos.

Look at how surprised he is.

“I can’t tell you if you’re smart or stupid.”

“Sav – save me!”

“Hurry out.”


A murderer, who appeared to be the leader, covered Argos’ mouth with his hand. There was no way to fight him off because the attacker is wearing a battle suit.

“Are you wondering how we knew?”

Argos’ eyes are rolling back. He is frightened, but he wants to know.

“It’s impossible to hack PDAs. But, you went around saying your helper name too much.”

You are bound to get caught if your tail is long. Bus Lifers come into contact with countless Lifers because of the way that they fight. Since reward points are their aim, there are cases where a force will bring on more than 50 Lifers on a bus.

He did that for close to 2 years, so how many people has he met until now?

This would not have happened if he had sold the card with a deadline of several months, but it has just been 1 week since he picked it. There are bound to be as many problems as little preparation there is. Even the murderer understands that thought.

He must have been excited and nervous from getting an impressive item. He wanted to quickly take care of it and free himself.

“Though it is good for us.”

The murderers were about to drag Argos away when a few Lifers passing by saw him and started pointing. Something about the atmosphere is not good. Rumors spread within moments. If they delay, the world federation might send rankers.

[We’re going back to headquarters.]
Dark Side is sending the signal. Blood Kingdom’s headquarters are in the last zone Z. It is hundreds of kilometers away from where they are now in zone H.

The murderer frowns. Argos is flailing his arms and legs. Even a small fish is a bother if it flops. It is concerning even with a difference in physical ability.

He put up his hand. He is about to knock him out.


[Warning! A reaction of energy detected from the sky!]
The murderer looks up after the battle suit’s notice.

“Watch out!”

“Where to? Leave the person and go.”

Koharu came down and cut through one person, while Violet’s javelin speared through another person. She settled and ruined a second person’s face with a right hook.

Cha Jun Sung also went after the murderer with the time limit battle suit, but he activated the booster and avoided him. Instead, he lost Argos.

“Hercules! Take him towards Black City!”

“Mission confirmed!”


Hercules turned the booster on and runs along the road. It is heavy but the space is open, so it went faster than 100km/h.

“Who are you guys!”

“I don’t know, asshole.”


Cha Jun Sung did not fight, and followed behind Hercules. His party members did the same. They will follow on their own. They do not have to stay in this place.

“Ugh! Get them!”


When the murderers were about to chase them, bullets were shot at a few of them from the roof of a building. It was Park Jin Hyuk.



Park Jin Hyuk did not move with Cha Jun Sung, but moved separately from high places and took the duty of keeping the enemy in check. He means to divert their attention.


They heard a thundering noise and stone fragments flew above their heads. Dark Side and Hell Sword read the situation and were running in the direction Cha Jun Sung’s group was going in.

“Damn it. How did they know?”

“We’ll think about that later.”

Dark Side raised the output of his battle suit’s power. Blood King’s group will appear soon as well. If that happens, it is inevitable that the world federation will take notice. They need to catch these people before them.

[Black City, 40km to the rear on the left. There is an engagement between Blood Kingdom and regular Lifers.]
Strategist took action as soon as he heard the radio come in.

Zone H is currently dense with the world federation and all different kinds of large guilds. There must be something going on for Blood Kingdom to make a fuss while knowing that.

[Breaker, Wind Wing, War Hammer. It’s close to where you guys are. You heard, right?] [We were on our way anyway.] [We’ll join as well.]
Dual Blade and Sonic Boom, and Longinus spoke from behind.

[Take care of it.]
Strategist and the other rankers will protect this place. He wanted to send everyone if he could, but he needs to leave half of their power nearby just in case. Those 6 and the Lifers in the world federation should be able to take Blood Kingdom on. Even if they are pushed back, it will not be to the point where they cannot request support. He can dispatch additional force then.

“I can understand in the game. But why are those assholes like that even in reality? Is it normal to kill people and take others’ things?”

Nuclear spoke to himself as he looked in the direction of the fight. He could not for the life of him understand it. He calls them crazy, but they must be in their right minds as well.

“There’s no end to it if you pick at it. They either really are crazy, or they just think it’s a game.”


“This all happened in the first place because of Life Mission and the helpers. If that hadn’t happened, everyone would have gone on living their lives.”

“That’s true.”

They themselves created the process and results, but the cause is Life Mission. Everyone is a victim.

“Where are you going?”

Nuclear calls out to him. He is a traditional noble. In past eras, people would not even have dared to look at him properly.

“I’m going to rest.”

“If you’re bored, do you want to go wreak havoc on Blood Kingdom with me?”

“6 people went. If we go too, the empty spaces will be too big. We don’t want to be in unnecessary fights. If you really want to go, go with Chamma Sword.”

Chamma Sword felt a pang at Weapon Master’s words and smiled. His body is itching to go. He looks like he is about to bolt out at any second.

“I just said it for fun. We have to stay if Strategist tells us to.”

“Call when you need me.”

Weapon Master disappeared. Ice Queen and Boom Buster’s groups are fulfilling their duties and guarding their appointed areas. They cannot move freely.

Strategist does not give rankers commands. He just uses his intelligence and makes requests. It is an equivalent relationship. They do as he asks them to do because they know this.

They will watch for now. As a team, they are a force that cannot be pushed back if there are 6 of them.
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