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Kyoko rubbed her hands together and breathed out. Her actions show how the party feels. Violet shakes her head as well.

She would make the same offers too if she could become the owner of the card. The problem is that there is nothing that distinguishes her from the other large guilds.

Say they took the top 20 students in a class and created a class of their own. Will all of them be in 1st place? It is not so. They become separated into 1st through 20th places.

Based on this principle, this chat room is a gathering of the 1st places.

The Florence clan is one of the groups with the most influence in England, but they are just considered pretty impressive in the scope of the world.

{I am the world federation’s Uranos, a.k.a. Strategist of the 36 rankers.}

{What! Strategist!}


When Strategist appeared, the chat room cooled down.

He is a Lifer who was known for his intelligence in Life Mission. Since he has just gotten involved after watching, he must have something that can flip the whole ordeal over.

{I won’t waste my time talking about items or points. If it isn’t unreasonable, we’ll hear out your demands.}

{Whatever it is? What are you going to do if I ask for you to push for 1 billion points to me.}

{1 billion!}

{Ho ho!}

Argos spoke for the first time since the bidding began. Does he want 1 billion points? The Lifers are taken aback at the nonsensical number.

However, Strategist’s response was more surprising.

{We will put you in the ranker party. You should be able to gather that much in a couple years.}

Strategist looked to the future. 1 billion? It is impossible to push that much to him in a short period of time. But if they open level A or B stores with the card?

They advance and go into level B. Reward points will skyrocket to over tens of millions. The issue becomes time, not the points.

It is an internal secret, but the world federation already reached 1 million points.

They also fought against level 6 a few times. It took 6 rankers to take on 1. If it was strong, 10 rankers would face it. Strategist felt it.

If they want to advance, the force needs to have battlesuits even if they are not rankers. He has the same thinking as Cha Jun Sung in various aspects.

2 weeks ago in a 1.1 million point mission, 2 low level 6s and 7 high level 5s had come out at the same time. It was the greatest danger they had felt in the mission.

15 rankers were caught up by 9 level 5 and 6 mutants, and 12 took on 2 level 6s. They still could not handle it.

Since it was not a situation where they could face off one-on-one, Strategist enlisted support from 85 Lifers they had brought in as auxiliary power.

The ranker power was half killed and 40 regular Lifers died.

There were even 5 with battlesuits among the 40. Think about it. How many level 5 and 6s would come out in a 2 million point mission?

Strategist thought hard about how to advance safely, but danger and sacrifice were inevitable. This is it. This is when the card that would relieve him of his worries appeared.

There is just one chance. They will accumulate as many points as they can and open the store.

They will go through body modification, upgrade their battlesuits, and purchase the items that they each need. If they just advance to level B, rankers will be able to figure the rest out for themselves.

Whatever they do, whether it is labor, it is not difficult to gather specs again.

‘The world federation will take the card.’

The competition is fair. Other large guilds have the right to participate.

However, they cannot hand it over to those who cannot even get past level C. They will use everything available to them and take it even if they have to overdo themselves.

{Of the offers proposed, the world federation’s is the best.}

Argos’ mind is the same. There is no guild that can offer more than the world federation can.

Everyone who can be is gathered. Rather than dragging it along with his ambitions, it is better to end it at the right timing and create a close relationship with the world federation.

{In addition to the points, we intend to support you with level C items and create a small position for you with the world federation as is within my authority. Please reference.}

Following Strategist, the large guilds put their tails down. The scale of this is different. It felt like they would be buried to death if they tried to keep digging in.

{Uh. Is Nine Tail in the world federation as well?}

{No, but I will try to arrange for a meeting if I can.}

Life Mission’s rankers are a target of envy. Argos personally likes Nine Tail’s ability to use 9 skills freely.

Strategist caught on that Argos is a fan of Nine Tails.

{Tha – thank you.}

{We’ll push 2 billion points for you if you give us the card. We could even completely outfit level C and B items since reward points are given to everyone.}

A third person intruded in Argos and Strategist’s friendly conversation. The proposed offer is incredible. It outdoes that of the world federation.


{Pilados, I am Death Fear of the 36 rankers.}

The chat room becomes noisy with Death Fear’s entrance. It is a different reaction than there was with Strategist. For Lifers, he is one of the worst murderers they know of.

{Does Blood Kingdom want the card too? You don’t know your place. Want to get in trouble?}

{Who is this?}

{Me? Nuclear. How many of you came in here? Do you want to meet and face off?}

It is a conversation between rankers. It is a fight that is as fun to watch as a fire is. Cha Jun Sung also monitored it with interest. They really were in the chat room.

{You don’t think your guild is capable?}

{I’m sure you have the ability, but there’s no way to know if you’re willing to maintain it or not.}

{We’ll maintain it.}


Nuclear laughs. There is no way to look at them in a good light. Maintain it? It is nonsense.

PK is just another content in the virtual, but it is murder in reality. Blood Kingdom is a PK group, it might as well be a lair of killers.

What is the greatest crime in reality? Burglary? Rape? Violence? Scamming? They are all crimes, but they are lighter than murder. The weight of the sin itself is different.

To credit the words of a murderer. Not even an insane person would believe that.

{Sor – sorry, but I will leave Blood Kingdom out of the candidates for the deal.}

There are things that Argos heard about too. No matter how courageous he is acting, he does not have the pluck to go through a deal with Blood Kingdom. They might really go through with it, but their credibility is the lowest.

The world federation is linked to countries. There is no reason for countries to try to scam him.

{You’ll take us out and choose them even with this kind of offer? Think about it again.}

{Your words are full of thorns.}

Nuclear interfered. Is it because they were rejected? There is a threat in Death Fear’s tone. The chat room’s atmosphere becomes rough.

{Strategist, you said that your helper’s name is Uranos?}

{Yes, that’s right.}

{I will contact you separately. There is no reason to stay in here any longer.}

{Oh, then we will tune the details then.}

Argos ended the chat room. The Lifers showed up to the public. It was not different for Cha Jun Sung either.

“Ugh! We came out without being able to get a single word in. They’re just throwing their points at him.”

“I expected as much.”

Cha Jun Sung stretched. Their competitor is the world federation. They do not have the means to overtake them and present something that Argos would want more.

‘January 4th.’

It is the day that Argos is attacked on the Black City roadside.

He does not know how Blood Kingdom figure out who he is. The important thing is that the whereabouts of the card become unknown due to that incident.

They cannot take an item with thorough security by force. If it did not fall into the hands of Blood Kingdom, it is highly likely that it was just lost.

‘What does it matter if there are a lot of points? There’s no use for them if you die.’

He cannot match even the average for material payment, but there is something special he can give instead. That is life, Argos’ life.

Give and take.

I will save you, give me the card.


“I thought it’d be impossible, but it was possible after a bit of digging.”

“Even if a helper name hides a Lifer’s identity, there are limits to it if he let loose here and there.”

Death Fear responded to Hell Sword. There had been 5 Blood Kingdom cadres in the chat room that Argos opened.

As soon as Death Fear was rejected in the chat room, he gave the seller’s helper name to the guild members as a hint and ordered them to reveal the identity. The other cadres did not apply sanctions either.

After about 4 days, they got a call from Sweden. Seller Argos’ active area is Sweden, so it is highly possible that his nationality is Swedish as well. They tracked and went on a small clue.

His mention of Nine Tail was the decisive factor. She is Swedish.

They cannot find personal information because they cannot hack into the PDA, but one Lifer said that he is a man in his early 30s with blonde hair and blue eyes, 180cm in height, who is a bit chubby.

It is a tremendous result with just the name Argos. The exact time and location of the deal had not been decided on yet. They will find out as much as they can until then.

Everyone needs it, but Blood Kingdom also needs the card. They reached 1 million like the world federation did, but they had to quit the mission without completing it.

It seems like they need 20 people with battlesuits to be able to complete it.

The numbers are increasing by the day.

But as they aim for the top, they are not worried about now but the future.

The immediate future is 2 million points. If they get the card, they can get an advantageous footing. They cannot leave it so the world federation takes possession of it.

“If we can’t have it, neither can they.”

“Of course.”

Blood King turned his wine glass as he spoke, and Hell Sword agreed. If the gap becomes wider, they may be overtaken. The enemy’s advancement means the decline of their allies. If there is nothing they can do, they will block it with force.


“What is it?”

“A location and date have been decided in Lifer World. It won’t be easy.”

The cadres turned on the internet on the PDA and went on Lifer World. Just as Death Fear said, there was a message regarding the deal.

“Zone H area 1, the top floor of Black City?”

“Zone H is under the world federation’s influence. You’re saying we need to get through this?”

Hell Sword’s tone is negative. It is inevitable. All of the rankers in the world federation will be dispatched. They have twice as many as Blood Kingdom has. They do not have the odds to win if they come face to face.

“There’s no reason to make a mess.”

“Right. We can end it before he gets close to Black City. Whether we steal it, kidnap him, or kill him.”

Dark Side gained strength from Blood King’s words. They will handle it before going inside. It would be easiest to kill him, but they will push that to the back and leave the first 2 at the top.

“January 4th.”

“He’ll move hidden among Lifers. Or with an escort troop.”

“The card…..”

Opening a higher level store. It is a treasure and lightning that has fallen from the sky out of nowhere. The world federation will have prepared as well. They need to prepare the awl to drill through their preparations.
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