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{Writer: Anonymous}

{Title: Top Store Opening Card}

{Subject: I am attaching a certified description from my helper. It is a card that allows the owner to open a store on a level higher than the one he can access now. I will create a group chat room under helper name Argos on the designated date. We can discuss in detail there.}


{Is this a joke? A top store opening card? Who’s he trying to scam!}

{Are you blind? There’s certification from a helper. It’s real.}

{So it opens level B when used in level C?}

{Rankers and large guilds are going to go nuts. What is the selling method going to be like?}

There are tens of thousands of comments. There are also Lifers in large guilds who monitor. Information is relayed through them in real-time.

All of the comments were hot, but the most interest lay in the method of buying it and its price. It is an item that warrants kidnapping while trying to sell.

It is better to filter through the people in a group chat room and go through with a deal from there. It would be better to do this in reality than it would be in Mechanic City.

Since direct trading is impossible, the owner needs to cope with it or get paid a reasonable price.

Everyone agrees that the number one item in the Level C store is the battlesuit. Even with 10 battlesuits combined, they do not reach the potential power of the card.

It is not an item that should appear at this point. It has a worth that destroys common sense!

Even if a normal transaction is not possible, he will try to do it anyway. The large guilds who already got this news were moving in the dark.

He will decide on a price after discussing its worth in an autonomous meeting. It will be in points or items.

Cha Jun Sung, who had been spending his time leisurely, showed interest as well. He needs the card too. It is the perfect opportunity to remodel his battlesuit.


Cha Jun Sung looks through the notebook in haste. He is looking here and there to see if there is any information on the card.

“December 2021…..”

December 23, the day the writing came up. He looked for the date. The group chat room was opened on the 27th. There are 10,000 people.

“This is it.”

Cha Jun Sung skimmed the text with his finger. There are only a few short lines that lack sincerity, but there is mention of it.

{December 23, 2021. The beginning of an auction war in Lifer World.}

{December 27, 2021. A group chat opens with 10,000 people and Lifers gain interest to start a bidding competition.}

{He wants to be paid with something that has the value of the card.}

{January 4, 2022. Expected to take an official position in the world federation, but died under the Blood Kingdom’s attack. Card missing.}

Cha Jun Sung kept his eyes wide open for any special information. The main point is missing. This is weak. He needs a link to the seller.

{Zone H area 1. The incident occurs on the roadside to Black City.}

It does not have a description of the seller, but it does say when and where the incident occurs. He is better off than others with just this.

“Why did he ask to meet here? It would have been more comfortable to meet in a mission.”

It is safe inside a mission. They can be free from others’ eyes. They would not have been interrupted if they decided on a place to meet in a level E mission.

Cha Jun Sung thought about it from the seller’s point and interpreted it as an ‘official meeting with a world federation,’ especially the ‘official meeting’ part.

It is the same as intending to go through with the deal where others are watching. It would have been harder for the world federation to believe as interest became more focused.

Since it is official, an open location is the obvious choice. It is highly likely that Blood Kingdom killed him by accident while trying to attack him in order to steal the card away from him.

Cha Jun Sung memorized the contents and closed the notepad. There is nothing more to look at.

If his predictions are correct, the seller was doing something foolish. But he cannot admonish him. Humans are not beings who always make the correct judgement.


Blood Kingdom will definitely be involved. Rankers are bound to be interested. The card opens up level B at the least. It is a boosting item.

{This is seller Argos. I ask that we go through with a smooth auction.}

As though planned, not a single person spoke. They all wanted him to hurry up and start. Argos was almost embarrassed.

{I don’t know where to start because it is impossible to make a point transaction. There isn’t a determined market, so I’ll hear the conditions first.}

The Lifers could not speak up easily. They must be iffy about laying their cards on the table first.

Though not visible to the eye, it is obvious that they are all wary of each other. They can determine the approximate standard through the first offer.

‘I didn’t mean to, but I guess we’ll be able to see the bottom of a large guild.’

Cha Jun Sung does not fall behind as an individual, but he is at a disadvantage in numbers. There is nothing he can do if they come at him with numbers of people.

In the case of a large guild, the card will belong to the master. How many points will they have accumulated? How much would guild members be willing to sacrifice?

“Will large guilds in the world federation work together or separately?”

Park Jin Hyuk is asking. Cha Jun Sung’s group is gathered in zone A area 25’s park. There is no restriction on their actions because the auction is being done through a chat.

“That’ll be different based on the situation. I’m sure they came up with a plan amongst themselves.”


“They’ll hide their cards and play separately and then come together if the card is about to go into the hands of a random person. No one can beat the world federation in normal ways.”

It is a supergiant that holds 40% of rankers. Whether they go at it as individuals or a group, they have the quality and quantity to take anything on.

“If I can’t have it, I’d rather let my ally have it than an enemy?”

If an ally has it, I can benefit from it. If rankers gather around a powerful individual, advancing level C is a definite and they can even go after level B.

“The comparison is appropriate.”

“Can we win like this? Blood Kingdom is second in influence to the world federation. We’ll have to stay quiet.”

The only person with personal power in this party is Violet. Even so, her clan falls far behind Blood Kingdom.

It is a PK group with 6 or 7 rankers. And what is the world federation like when it is more rigid? They need to go after the win with something that is not material.

‘No matter how I look at it, normal tactics are a disadvantage for me. I have no choice but to employ an expedient.’

He does not have the ability to outbid the competition when they are large guilds. He is thinking of doing what only he is capable of doing.

[Hello. I am Touvergon of Black Song from Spain.]
Black Song, the representative of a nation just like Korea’s Seven Stars.

If it has a fault, it is that it does not have any rankers? There are 2 rankers in Spain, but they are not in the guild. They work individually and in the world federation.

{I will pay with 3 level C items and 20 million points.}

The man is trying his best. His effort is clear. His offer is obviously impressive, but it is lacking to hand over ownership of the card.

{Our guild…..}

{We also…..}

Once one person spoke up, the dam broke and the bid competition finally started.

First is the individual competition They all became enemies and tried to move the seller’s heart by revealing the best benefits that their respective guilds could provide.

The true competitors did not get involved in the beginning. The meat needs to cook before they can be the ones to eat it.

Tens of millions of points are discussed as though a joke. Even the great masters are going over the amounts that they can spend individually. The entire guild is going to get stuck.

There is no difficulty in this because all they need to do is to let a few people on their bus. There is not much of a difference in the offers that they are making.

‘The seller isn’t saying a word. Does he feel that there is nothing worth responding to?’

It is the opposite. Argos is rendered speechless by the bidding competition. Items that he could not have even dreamed of as a bus Lifer are being poured down on him.

The battlesuit, the most popular item in level C, is the basic option. Brazil’s guild says that they will push him for 30 million points. How much is that if he exchanges that for money?

1 point is $20. The market has fallen a lot, but 30 million points $600 million. 3 generations could live comfortably without doing missions.

Argos is more surprised that there is no ceiling to the offers. He suspects that this may never end.
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