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Life Mission Chapter 122

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“Interesting. You attacked Empress of Light but Overload and Amhu showed up? Ha ha!”

Blood King laughs joyfully at Dark Side’s words. How had they already met when it has not been long since Mechanic City was opened?

At this rate, all 36 rankers will meet somehow. A thrill, different from what he feels in missions, goes throughout his body.

Blood King is certain that after a few months here, there will be opposing forces over the land in Mechanic City.

Since there are no restrictions on real estate trading, doesn’t it mean that people with more points are at an advantage? Someone could even surpass an area and own a zone.

It is unlikely, but people are mysterious and can make the impossible happen. If it is difficult, they can do it with unions.

“There’s something I want to do more than missions now.”

“Is it acquiring land?”

Dark Side finished his thought. Acquiring land? That is right but his hidden intentions were not that simple. The scale is large.

He can see a bloody war before them in order to get that land.

“Buy the zone and area we’re in now. Kill anyone who tries to settle in the vicinity. Add incoming guild members here too.”

There are 7 rankers who gathered under the purpose of Blood Kingdom and they need to find more, but they cannot get in contact. They are sure to meet while they are here.

“We will do it in our way.”

Everyone agrees with what Blood King says. They are not bad.

It is just that the way they go through Life Mission is different. Ultimately, their final goal is to advance all the way to level S by acting as their helpers’ puppets.

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Bugs cry. It is a ringing that they have heard hundreds of times.

Cha Jun Sung and his party members react to this sound that they always heard when taking walks through parks or wherever there is lush grass.

“It’s different.”

“Since even normal and common things are different by what they are applied to.”

If they think about it, it is nothing. But it cannot be easy to hear such sounds of nature in a world that has been infected by the virus.

Cha Jun Sung is in a forest. It is not thick enough to think of it as being dense.

There are tall trees and grass here and there, but it was not hard to get a view and with that view, they can see Closed Area.

He remembers what Odin said during the tutorial. The building where Cha Jun Sung is and the landscape he could see from the building is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hundreds of buildings forms 1 area, and there are dozens more of those.

The front of Closed Area is surrounded in mountains. The environment is one thing but when considering their habits, they will have a hard time finding the party where they are now.

“The Caicus has a lot of eyes, so it’s sensitive to sight. So it likes stuffy rooms. It will usually dig in mountains or the ground to make a habitat.”

It is second nature. They sense living creatures’ breathing that they see with their eyes but it is just a standard for determining their prey, and the way that they think is not very different from humans.

With dozens of eyes, it is easy to get tired. Because of this, they rest in a place without anything to worry about as long as they do not need to be out.

It must be this quiet because they are hidden somewhere.

Cha Jun Sung climbs a mountain. There is no path. Wherever he decides to walk is the path. He means to search the mountain first because it will be easier to move around in than the city.

Analyzing the party’s power against Closed Area’s difficulty, it is a level that they can handle. They will be able to complete the mission even if they come face-to-face.

Then, they cannot go around searching recklessly. No matter how easy it is from analysis, it is still a level C. They need to learn about the atmosphere to some extent.

“This is the first real time, but his methods are similar to yours.”

Violet was bored and spoke. She had no time to observe Cha Jun Sung before because though he had saved her life, she had joined when the dominated land was a mess.

Seeing him for the first time, he is the cautious type like Bolton.

Bolton is very careful. Whether it is due to his personality or because he places weight on life, he is always the same even if the force that she is in enters a level D mission.

He would proceed methodically and then release the force once he thought, ‘This is enough.’ The opposite from Violet.

She is cautious as well. It is just that she pushes forward if it is obvious that they have an advantage in power. She appropriately controls strength.

“Are you talking about Bolton?”

“You remembered his name?”

“It’s not hard to remember. All you have to do is pay attention a bit.”

Not everyone can work in the same way. Some people are like this and some people are like that. Each Lifer has his or her own method of attack.

Violet pointedly expressed the allies supporting her. It must be a compliment because it will not be a generalized insult.

“There’s nothing in particular.”

“Nothing gets caught on the scan either.”

“You’re not thinking of searching through the whole mountain, are you? That would easily take a few days.”

It would be a few days because of the battlesuits’ field scans. If they had come without them, it would take a couple months, though they would have done something by then.

They were not very productive with their sight after wandering for several hours. This side is trees and there are mountains over there. They do not see any mutants either.

“Stay here. I’ll try going up there.”

“We’ll be waiting.”

Cha Jun Sung activated the booster. In the direction he is looking is a tower so tall that they need to bend their heads all the way back to see it from a mountain.

There are limits to field scans. If he goes up and looks around, he will be able to get an approximate idea of Closed Area’s layout.

“The drivers are impressive. How do they come up this high?”

About 150 to 160 meters? Cha Jun Sung was fortunately able to use the battlesuit to fly up but if he had not had it, he would have had to come up using a ladder.

Elevator? There isn’t one. The safety devices are insufficient too. Do they need to die? The building can be covered with just one finger. It is an optical illusion caused by distance.

The top of the tower. There is enough space for one or two people at most to sit. He recorded the panorama here as a hologram.

Pat pat pat!

“It’s a mutant.”

Dark figures go in and out of the building. There are level 1 and 2. He did not care about them. He is not here to catch them and he has no plan to.

He used to catch them as he saw them for the sake of points, but he considers efficiency now. It is better to take care of the big one and try again after.

“Have they cleaned up the area? How is it that there’s only prey here?”

The mutants Cha Jun Sung had fought until now had mostly been homogeneous.

From adultoids to imagos, they were the same species with different stages of development, allowing them to live in coexistence.

If they are ambiguous, they need to struggle to survive under strong mutants.

But the Caicus is a top level mutant that live in family units, and their population is not that large considering other level 5s.

Unless there is a predator that they cannot handle, they specify the area as their territory and capture and eat the mutants that may pose danger to them first.

Removing competitors and hunting prey – they are granted these 2 of significance.

The Caicus boasts a body like steel and superhuman strength. It would be comfortable if they could control level 3 and 4s, but they are far from mind control.

Since they cannot control them, it puts them at ease to kill any potential threats.

If the area has been organized as expected, there is no reason for there to be other mutants for them to be aware of. They would all have died.

“If that’s the situation…..”

Cha Jun Sung goes back to his party members. Humans and mutants both do not like invasion of privacy. He cannot find them? He needs to make it so they come looking for him.

Just like the last time as that drunkard had done without realizing he would die.

“You’re here?”

“Yeah. I think they’ve cleaned up the area.”

“What’s that?”

Koharu explained on Cha Jun Sung’s behalf. She was bored too.

“It’s characteristic for mutants who like living exclusively in small numbers. Since they’re strong, they don’t leave risks in their area. I don’t know their standards, but a level 3 or 4 like the Caicus would have gotten rid of 100% of level 4s.”

Koharu summarized concisely and it is all information that Violet and Kyoko already know.

Park Jin Hyuk lacks this kind of knowledge. The time he has played Life Mission is very short. He was busy trying to figure out what everything is now.
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