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Life Mission Chapter 119

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An explosion? No. It is the thin sound of metals colliding.

With an eye for it, there is no way not to recognize it. A fight among Lifers. With this kind of ringing, it must be between people with battlesuits.

As soon as Cha Jun Sung heard the sound, he raised the car used for transportation. He had already entered area 5 and he was close to where the sounds are coming from.

There is a saying that one can die from being hit with a rock from out of sight. If he is swept into the battle by forcing himself in, he must hit from inside. If he wants to handle it, he needs to move with ease.

“It seems like they’re making a big mess. Oy! Look at the air shake.”

Bang bang bang!

Park Jin Hyuk stirs the air with his hand. They are not tangible, but there are weak waves lingering in front of their eyes. They are fighting vigorously.

‘Area 5, battlesuit. It can’t be Ms. Violet, can it?’

There is a possibility. Then the opponent? She is rude but is not the type to provoke a fight randomly off of the street. She is guarded where she needs to be.



It is a woman’s scream. Cha Jun Sung changed his battlesuit into combat mode and kicked off the ground. A crack formed in the concrete and he shot forward like a bullet.

-[You have damaged an asset in Mechanic City. Will you detract 150 points? If you do not, you could receive a penalty.]

-[I’ll leave an automatic deduction system on. That is much more comfortable.]

The former is a warning sent to Cha Jun Sung by Mechanic City and the latter is from Odin.

-[If you cause damage, you can cancel cyborgs before they start moving with points. The deductions also increase with the amount of damage caused.]

With current circumstances, Odin leaves out all of the explanation and gets to the point. He is being straightforward in saying that he needs to pay as many points as the damage he causes.

However, Cha Jun Sung sees it as a big restriction. It is not as easy as it sounds.

All he had done was create a crack by kicking off from the ground, and it had cost him 150 points. If he crashes into a building and creates a hole, it must cost several thousands.

It is not just a couple hundred or a couple thousand. It is a gamble. It stacks up. If the fighting continues and he keeps accumulating penalties, it could easily get to several tens of thousands of points.

“They’re really using their heads. So this is how they’re going to absorb points?”

It is like this in games as well. To try and recover the overwhelming amount of gold that Cha Jun Sung had in a game he enjoyed in his youth, they had created legitimate contents.

It is the foul intention not to leave them alone to gather points as they wish to.

As people gather, there are bound to be arguments. Squabbles between Lifers do not end with throwing fists. They are knife fights with their lives on the line.

The more the battles are cutthroat, the more severe damages will be and that is how much more they can take in points from Lifers. It is an incredibly smart move.

Cha Jun Sung jumped over the 5 floor building blocking him in one try. The booster extended his holding time and helped him look over the battlefield.

Empress of Light is being pushed back by Lifers holding a large scythe and sword.

Cha Jun Sung changes his direction while in the air. A steel arrow narrowly passed by his chest.

It is so powerful that it penetrated through the floor so far that it disappeared from view.

It seems he discovered Cha Jun Sung because he is in a high place. He thought that she was fighting 2 to 1, but the Empress of Light is fighting against 3 people with battlesuits.

-[Calculating path of attack….. Calculation complete! Currently moving.]

Pew pew!

Odin tracks the road. The tracking does not work because the location changes every time he moves. The battlesuit’s tracking is for prevention before something happens.

-[Jin Hyuk, go get him.]



Park Jin Hyuk changed his direction as he was following Cha Jun Sung. He looked for a good place to snipe while holding his Head Hunter and watching for attacks.

He did not stay in the same place either, and kept moving. The difference between him and the enemy is that he reduces the distance while moving.

If he cannot stop the advance, they will be allowed to go all the way to the front.

-[Koharu and Kyoko, go help the Lifers on Violet’s side. You can differentiate between them, right?]

Lifers of Blood Kingdom and the Florence clan are mixed together. They seem to have similar skills, but there is an incredible difference numerically.

-[I’ll leave the wounded to you.]


Koharu took out her twin daggers and went into the vicious melee. She stabs at shoulders and thighs, and slices the side and cuts muscles.

Rather than kill the opponents, Koharu focused on assisting allies who are in trouble everywhere. She also took lives when she got the chance to.

PK, there is no hesitation in attacking Lifers. She is experienced.

In the beginning of the reality version, she gained hostility while going through missions with men. The human nature that comes out in an isolated world is similar to that of a beast’s.

She killed dozens of people before she met Cha Jun Sung in Slayer’s Prison. She did not tell him, but Kyoko is not that innocent either.

In the reality version, the things that men and women see and experience are very different.

“Fuck! Where did she come from!”

Koharu approached the cursing murderer, slit his throat, and quietly disappeared. He spewed bubbles of blood and collapsed.

Kyoko used the battlesuit’s ability to pull the injured out from the battlefield.

The Florence clan was weary of Koharu’s group, which had appeared so suddenly, but let their guard down once they realized that they are facing the same opponents and are allies.

Furthermore, one of them is heading to Violet who is cornered on the defensive. It is an emergency situation where they do not know when they might fall. They hope that these people are their salvation.


“What are those guys?”

“We’ll concentrate and take care of Empress of Light first. There’s a tail on Makung as well.”

Hell Sword frowns at Dark Side. Everything had been going as expected when gate crashers had gotten involved. They no longer have Makung’s support sniping.

He is not responding to the radio either. He is putting all of his concentration on getting rid of the tail. It is as though he is engaging with an enemy he cannot take for granted.

‘There are 2 there, 1 with Makung, and…..’

“1 on top.”

Dark Side and Hell Sword looked up at the sky and retreated more quickly from Empress of Light than they had come at her. Someone is falling on them.


Debris flies from the impact of falling. Cha Jun Sung used his concentration to hit away the fragments with his Wolf Kill. Each one is a bullet.

Ping ping ping ping!

Clang clang!

An anomalous attack. Dark Side brandished the scythe in large movements to clear big fragments while Hell Sword took care of the small pieces going for the center.

“I’ve lost 800 points.”

Cha Jun Sung is complaining. He will not be able to fight in the city because he is scared to. Whenever he does anything, it costs him several hundred points. Those ruthless operators.

“Are you okay?”

“Thank you. You said that you lost 800 points? I lost 350,000 points because of those assholes! I’m going to kill them, whatever it takes!”

The area is chaotic. It has been completely devastated. The attractive streets of Mechanic City had been reduced to junk.

Cha Jun Sung only caused a little damage on his way to Violet, but she has lost a tremendous amount of points because she was outright fighting.

“We’re the same. The points that the 3 of us lost will be over 1 million.”

“Shut your mouth!”

Violet glares. She does not care how many points assholes like them lose. They are disgusting murderers who brought the fight first.

Dozens of Lifers the clan brought up and with whom she had affection for, had already died. With her nature, it is impossible not to be angry.

Knock knock.

Cha Jun Sung pat Violet’s shoulder and squinted at Dark Side and Hell Sword. He did not recognize Hell Sword.

“Dark Side.”

“You know me? Who are you?”

But he did recognize Dark Side. There are not very many Lifers who have large scythes. The weapon itself is a subculture.

No matter how much this is a 2 to 1 battle, Violet has been driven to the defensive. When he thinks that they are rankers at the same level, the suspects are narrowed to one.

“Are you Chamma Sword?”

Hell Sword spoke while looking over the Wolf Kill in Cha Jun Sung’s hand. Asian, a heavy sword. The matching character is China’s Chamma Sword.

“Huh? You don’t remember? 2 years ago, Northern Asian, Cerberus raid.”

Dark Side’s pupils expand. He is normally cool and collected, but he has shown his agitation.

“Level 8 Cerberus. So you’re Overload.”

“You’re starting to remember when you were trying to strike behind my back and fell to it instead, right?”

Cha Jun Sung turns his wrist. Following the movement of his wrist, the Wolf Kill rotates like a fan. Dark Side did not answer.

How could he forget? He had failed not from an outright confrontation, but while trying to go behind his back.

“Ranking in the virtual is meaningless. This is reality.”


Dark Side rolled his foot. He decreases dozens of meters of distance within moments.

Clang clang clang!

The scythe and sword go at each other. They are similar types. The scythe is heavier than the Wolf Kill. Hell Sword watched and then paired off with Empress of Light. It is 2 to 2.

“Red dye! You like the color red, so you must like blood too?”

Violet shows her madness. She has become the crazy bitch. The lost lives of allies cannot be compensated with anything. It is an eye for an eye.

“Ranking in the virtual is meaningless, but I did beat you, didn’t I?”

“You’re arrogant.”

“Well, this is exciting since it’s the first time I’m properly fighting with a ranker.”


Cha Jun Sung applies the booster to his attack, kicking hard. He is better at this than any other ranker.


Dark Side held his scythe up and blocked the incoming hit. His foot went through the ground under the weight and booster’s output.

“Your use of the booster is still the same.”

“This is what I live off of. I have to use it well.”

Bang bang bang!

Violet and Hell Sword are going head to head next to them. It is disadvantageous in the long run. Her energy was consumed while fighting 2 to 1.

Hell Sword would not let her regain her caliber. This is his only chance to kill her. She knows this well too, so she is pushing forward with all of her might.

-[Koharu, can you get out of there?]

-[I can’t. If I leave, the balance we barely created is going to collapse.]

Koharu’s end is busy too. A tiger has joined in a fight between wolves, but there are more than twice the number of enemies. It is all over as soon as the tiger looks away.

Kyoko is also fighting off enemies while looking after the injured. She does not have special combat skills, but she is rushing in with her trust in the battlesuit’s defense.

“Who’s on that side?”

“Are you worried about the people you sent? Say your farewells. Makung is on that side.”

There is worry is Cha Jun Sung’s face. He heard that he had been an archer in real life and had applied that in the game, quickly rising in ranks.

He is not a top ranker, but he is a murderer who enjoys PKs so he is outstanding with ranged combat. He could be too much for Park Jin Hyuk to handle.

He still trusts him.

“That kid is a sniper I recognize. He didn’t do the virtual version for long but if he had started at the same time we did, he would have been neck and neck with Light Shooter.”

Tang tang!

Cha Jun Sung pushed Dark Side out and spun his body, resting the Wolf Kill in its scabbard. Then he leaned forward.

“Come at me like before.”

“You’re… drawing the sword.”

Drawing is the basic with swords. Pulling out itself is part of an attack. Dark Side could not accede to the provocation. His body had been cut in half 2 years ago by that technique.

He thought, ‘This is reality. It isn’t the virtual. It won’t happen like it did then’ but his feet stayed in the same place. If he goes in and makes a mistake, it will be a repetition of what happened then and he will die.

“If you don’t come….. I’m going.”

6 boosters flare up. It explodes before he pulls it out. The acceleration is doubled and there is an attack that breaks the sound barrier in close proximity.

Bang bang bang!

It was time for Cha Jun Sung to become a sharp sword. Suddenly, dozens of special cyborgs flew into the middle of the battlefield. What is happening?

An unexpected appearance. The battle came to a lull. They cannot handle the aftermath if they attack the cyborgs, so they retreated upon a tacit agreement.

-[Helper name, Crandell, Ajax, Tayron….. We are arresting 39 people including these for declining deduction of points. If you refuse to obey orders, we will execute force.]

Everyone was astounded. It is entirely unexpected. The cyborg did not distinguish between the factions and randomly did a roll call of the refractory Lifers.

They had consumed points while in battle. Since they have nothing left, they cannot deduct but they do need to fight. It has become like this because they had ignored it.

All of the Lifers who were called out were in shock and looked to their respective captains. Dark Side, Hell Sword, and Violet had looks of disbelief as well.

Special cyborgs can fight against level 6s with just the basic arms. Even if everyone here fought together, they would not be able to take 5 of them on but there are 30 of them here.

They cannot do anything but submit to them.

‘So it’s that kind of system.’

They do not know what will happen to the Lifers who have been arrested. They are sure the Lifers will not be killed.


The Lifers’ eyes follow the sound of the explosion up a building. There are masses of red flames and smoke.

It is the only place where the battle has not caved to the silence and is still going on. It is Park Jin Hyuk and Makung’s battlefield, distant from the main battlefield.
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