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A pole pulled out fully hits the center of Cha Jun Sung’s battlesuit.

Since there is a lot of strength nested in it, the impact itself is that of several tons. The outer armor strengthened, but the chest and stomach parts were destroyed.

Bang bang bang!

Cha Jun Sung flew back 100 meter and went through a couple buildings.

-[Battlesuit 78% damaged. Urgent care not possible because damage rate is too high! Fracture in left wrist, fracture in sternum and 3 right ribs, danger of organ rupture.]

This did not happen with one hit. The damages accumulated as they battled, and the battlesuit’s energy fell.

“Ugh….. It’s strong.”

Cha Jun Sung forced his trembling hand and stood up.

There is no pain because it is a virtual battle, but the system places constraints so that the parts with problems cannot function properly. He is a wreck right now.

He tried to balance himself by putting his right hand on the wall.

The battlesuit on his left arm is bent into a deformed shape. Imagine what it looks like inside. If this were real, his skin would have ripped and been coming out.

A 13m tall monster walks toward Cha Jun Sung. He is inside a building, but the system tells them whether or not an enemy is alive.

If this were reality, it would have realized instinctively. This virtual battle does not end until one side dies. Looking at the situation, it seems like Cha Jun Sung will die.

It was wounded during battle and there is blood flowing from all over its body. A part of its thigh has been dug out deeply and a white bone shows.

It still looks to be in much condition than Cha Jun Sung is in all aspects.

Bang bang!

The monster used its arms that are as though they are made of thousands of iron bars to sweep away the building that Cha Jun Sung was in.

The Caicus and Cha Jun Sung met eyes with the Caicus looking on in arrogance at its opponent and Cha Jun Sung in anger.

Its yellow teeth come out through its teeth. Of similar level mutants, it is a level 5 Caicus until its genes go through variation.

It is a head and a half taller than the average. It is also that much larger and its muscles are thicker. Its physical ability has only strengthened by 50%, but it has Cha Jun Sung at its mercy.

He fought for a few hours with a weak Caicus of about 9m. A mid level? He barely won against it. He raised the level of difficulty little by little.

As expected, he was at a disadvantage against a Caicus at average level. It is too much to take on alone, but he would be able to handle 2 of them if he works with Koharu or Park Jin Hyuk.

Cha Jun Sung took his helmet off in frustration and spit out blood. It is virtual, but it is as detailed as though it were reality. Every single detail was given attention.

There is no clear reason for his fighting with a top level. He has 5 hours before his time in the training room is over and he just wanted to try it out on a whim.

As a result, he is being beaten up. He did not take it lying down though. Overload’s pride would not allow for that.


He squeezed the remaining energy in the battle core and advanced to the front of the Caicus’ face. All it takes is 1 second to go a distance of 13m.

The Caicus took a step back and tried to grab at him. It was attacked by this type of trick multiple times and was wounded. But Cha Jun Sung was expecting that as well.


The booster burst for a moment and pushed his body forward. The big hand grabs at the air. Cha Jun Sung is already on the Caicus’ right side.

“This is a body hit with all of my soul in it.”

All 6 of the boosters on his body were activated and he became a fist, striking the Caicus’ unprotected face.

The impact was large and the Caicus falls over. It is the perfect opportunity to leave a mortal wound. He would have taken this chance if he had his Wolf Kill, but that had already been destroyed.



When the Caicus fell over, it swiped at Cha Jun Sung as though swatting a fly. He was embedded in the concrete ground with the tremendous hit.

-[Damage rate of battlesuit 97%, virtual blackout, body fractures, organ ruptures, fatal injuries beyond regeneration. You worked hard.]

This notification is not from Odin. It is an artificial intelligence appointed by the training system. Odin is in the real battlesuit.

“I lost.”


The Caicus gets up and roars. It beats its chest with both arms like a gorilla. It is a kind of victory performance for beating a strong opponent.

It lifts a large foot. It is big enough to cover Cha Jun Sung. It is going stomp him to death. It is virtual, but he still feels annoyed that he has been put in such a situation.

“I’ll be back.”

Cha Jun Sung is flattened. The battlesuit is completely destroyed, and his blood and guts come flinging out. He was logged out of the training.


It will be the case anywhere in the empty Mechanic City, but there is no end to the quiet in zone D area 29.

No Lifers were to be seen and only a couple cyborgs wandered around.

Finding a needle in a haystack is used when something is really unlikely. That is the probability of Lifers running into each other in Mechanic City.

Zones separated by the alphabet and 30 areas of subdivisions.

The helpers said that each letter is for a population of million people like a large city. Even if they are separated into areas, the fact that it is of an enormous scale does not change.

It is weird to run into other Lifers and normal not to. However, probabilities are just a simple numbers game unless it is 0%.

A blue dagger slashes the throat of a Lifer. It is a vibrating weapon. Since the metal armor has been deactivated, the impact tights’ defense is not enough to block it.

The carotid is cut and blood pours out. The Lifer clutches at his throat.

He cannot breathe and his body grows heavier. He still did not die.

It is an effect of his body modification. As it strengthens everything else about him, it also increases his vitality. He can be treated if he puts medicine on it or is treated in the briefing room.

That is why he did not let go of his life line even though he was dying. How could he let go when he is in such a great world? It is unfair and makes him angry.

The vibrating dagger goes into the Lifer’s head. The brain, one of the most important organs, is penetrated. He cannot live. As proof, his pupils become cloudy.

-[You have earned 110,000 points and 1000 achievement points.]

“Wow! 110,000? This is jackpot. This punk must have been preparing for the 4th stage of body modifications.”

He had been lucky. It means that the Lifer had 1.1 million points. He would have been a Lifer who could go up to level C if he just gathered a little more.

“He he! This yellow monkey gave me 70,000 too.”

“Oh? That’s jackpot. So it was 180,000 combined?”

The first PK upon entering Mechanic City had been 180,000 points.

The murderers lick their lips. It is rare to find a Lifer in this place. The 2 people killed just now had really been found by chance.

There had been 1 person at first. He was going to attack but decided to wait because the Lifer might call out for a friend. Since another person came out when he waited, they decided to share.

There are a lot of points because they have opened level C. They want to catch as many of them as they can, but there are none to be seen. It is a pity, but they’ll leave it here.



“Hey, that’s a Lifer over there, right? A woman? Wow! Good! She’s beautiful.”

One of the murderers detected a beautiful woman walking on a street hundreds of meters away. It is thanks to his 4th stage of body modifications.

“Are there more?”

“I don’t think so. Should we wait?”

“No! Don’t wait it out and let’s just attack. That kind of girl is going to have a lot of relationships with men.”

He has never seen a pretty woman who does not do her face’s worth. The murderers decided not to wait. The guild members are all far away.

They somehow killed well this time, but it would take some time for everyone to gather. If they are outnumbered, they could reap damages instead of killing the opponent.

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