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Life Mission Chapter 115

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Park Jin Hyuk swallowed and walks around inside the mega tower as if it is his house. One floor has a tremendous amount of space and it is plastered in items.

The floors are separated so that some are level E and some are level D and C. They cannot go up to level B because the store has not been opened yet.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of stores of this scale in Mechanic City, and each store has items that they sell.

If they want to buy the items that they want, they will need to go around to find them.

The more surprising thing is something that even shocks Cha Jun Sung. This will be the same with other Lifers.

“We can sell items we buy in Mechanic City to Lifers?”

-[That is right. As a privilege for level C Lifers, the PDA store is a solitary means but Mechanic City stores are enduring.]

-[They need to be items that you purchase because you have a purpose for it. Whether you purchased in store or from other Lifers.]

If they are careful, they can save on points. If they only buy what they need and then sell when it is time to replace, it will be a lot of help.

The helpers have already taken action in the case of abuse. They have made it so that they cannot go beyond a certain amount of points when selling items that they purchased.

They could benefit if they want to, but they cannot profiteer. If that condition is released, the purpose of Mechanic City disappears.

It is annoying for groups and a good thing for individuals like Cha Jun Sung.

“Wow! It’s really comfortable to see everything together after going through lists.”

It seemed mundane when they saw through their PDAs, but they now realized that there had been a lot of uncomfortable aspects to it.

They have nothing to buy, but there is fun in looking around. Honestly speaking, it is not that there is nothing they want to buy. There are, but they do not have enough points.

-[Time Limit: 8 million points, 1.6 million achievement.]

-[Explanation: Two hearts method. Since 2 energy cores are attached, the vibration strength will be multiplied. It boasts incredible cutting power, but you need to keep in mind that there is that much risk.]

It is the weapon that Cha Jun Sung favored when he was mid-level. The names are the same in the virtual and in reality.

Though it is included in the usual meaning and vibrating category, two heart activates 2 energy cores simultaneously and output is increased.

Overload – it is the perfect weapon for Cha Jun Sung.

Each of the party members stand in front of the weapon of their dreams and look on affectionately. This drought of points does not end no matter how much they gather.

‘Is there a way to use the city to gain points? I feel like there is.’

There is. Though it may take some time, there is a way. However, Odin did not tell him what it is. Lifers need to figure this part out for themselves.

10,000 gained entry into Mechanic City, but no one noticed it. It is because there is not a single Lifer who has a job related to it.

They do not have time to think about how to make money when they are busy trying to get used to the city.

But it is not that difficult. Access is easier than expected as well. The only difference is who is first, and Lifers will figure it out soon.

Once that method is revealed, there will be strife. As they advance to more favorable positions, they will have more influence in Mechanic City.

After looking around the store for several hours, Cha Jun Sung went to look for an apartment. If they want to stay in Mechanic City, they will need a place to stay.

He is not going to go back to reality for the time being. He needs to experience the happenings of this place in order to get used to it.

The party members also respected his decision and enjoyed it as though they had come on vacation. Everything they saw was novel and exciting.

“I thought it’d be extremely expensive, but it’s cheap to rent if we just lower our standards.”

Park Jin Hyuk looked through a stack of papers covered in complicated numbers.

It is the pricing of dwellings by zone and area. There is not a separate realtor, but the way to trade is not very different from their methods at home.

When they find the buildings that are up for purchase, there is a cyborg in charge of managing it. As long as they have the points, they can become the owners on the spot.

The basics are trading, charters, and rentals, and the points they need to pay are widely split by the location and size.

The zones are A through Z and there are 30 areas in each zone. There is no difference between zones, but the prices are more expensive as the area number is lower.

For example, zone W area 2 where Park Jin Hyuk was summoned is slightly better than zone A area 3 where Cha Jun Sung was summoned.

The area that Park Jin Hyuk is talking about is above area 25 – a neighborhood on the outskirts if compared with Seoul.

As areas 25 through 30 are cheap, they are lacking in amenities for Lifers.

They need to come out a far distance if they want to buy something without using the PDA. It needs to be at least area 20 for it to be a neighborhood that can be lived in.

Since they have figured out the usefulness of Mechanic City, they cannot decide on an apartment without thought. There are too many things that they need to consider before making a decision.

“We can’t ignore geographic factors. It’ll come into play a lot later.”

“I know that too. I’m just saying that we should start out easily because we don’t have enough points to overdo it and there aren’t very many competitors.”

They can get one room for a couple thousand points in cheap places on trading standards.

Since the prices get higher as the area goes lower, a small apartment or house in zone A area 3, where they are now, will cost tens of thousands of points.

Large ones will go from 500,000 to 1 million, and buildings reach over 2 million to 3 million. The mega tower with stores or buildings with dozens of floors are in the tens of millions.

As the price is higher, there are more benefits. There are so many that they cannot be listed.

“Odin, that building. Is it the place I’m thinking of in Life Mission?”

-[You are right. This is maintained on a system that is 100% in synchronization with the virtual version.]

The building that Cha Jun Sung is looking at is not that much smaller than the mega tower. It can be used as residence, but it is not a store.

Training Room.

It does not mean a gym or health center. It is a place for training where Lifers can virtually battle all types of mutants.

It plays as important a role as stores do to Lifers. It is something he had wished to see, but it was a new feeling to see it in reality.

“Let’s go there and then decide. Let’s each try it out while we’re there. Jin Hyuk, I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen this since it hasn’t been long since you joined Life Mission.”

The training room system only takes above level 5. This means that there is no information on levels 1 through 4. Park Jin Hyuk was in Life Mission for a shorter period of time.

He would not have been able to gain entry in the short period of 1 year.

Koharu and Kyoko frequented it, so they only showed interest and did not get surprised. Cha Jun Sung and the party members walked over slowly.


When they got to the entrance, the door opened automatically. A cyborg was waiting at the counter. There is no greeting to welcome the guests.

The cyborg explained concisely. There are many ways to get season passes, but Cha Jun Sung’s group only got a one-day pass.

They received cards that would allow them to deal with levels 5 and 6 for a day. The price is 20,000 points – expensive for a one-day pass, but it is worth trying out.

Cha Jun Sung’s group went into a large space that the cyborg led them to.

Physical examinations would soon be starting. They will need to create characters if they want to go into virtual battle and in order to do that, they need to quantify Lifers’ physical abilities.

Everyone except Park Jin Hyuk was used to it. Bizarre machines measured their muscular strength, health, and speed, and had all of their gear inspected as well.

The examination ended after about 1 hour. It did not take too long.

They left the examination room and went to the rooms written on each of their cards. They can fight as a party, but they decided to experience it separately.

The training room in zone A area 3 is empty as Cha Jun Sung’s group is the only people there. In a few months, it will be packed with Lifers.

If people use tricks like riding buses, they can get to level C. They just cannot get over to level B through the level C advance mission because they will be held back by contribution.

The room provided a pleasant space for people to stay in. It is like a luxury apartment. He can see a wide space that leads into the room on the right.

It is blocked with a glass door and there is a card reader.


-[Card scan, one-day pass confirmed. Entry into training room allowed.]

It is a dark atmosphere. It is normally like this. It is easier to concentrate in a dark space than in a bright area. It has been created so that Lifers can concentrate.

There is a cushioned chair in the middle of the room with a helmet. It is the gear that makes the virtual battle possible.

Beep beep!

Cha Jun Sung put the helmet on, sat on the chair, and saw a large hologram pull up in front of him. There is a selection of many level 5 and 6 mutants and maps.

“Search, Caicus.”

A list of hundreds of mutants is only dizzying.

One day is not a generous amount of time. It is obvious that he will lose to a level 6, and it is better to choose a particular type of level 5 instead of looking through all of them.

-[Searching Caicus….. Search complete. Please select details.]

Just as people have different physical conditions, there is a difference between mutants of the same species. It is telling him to choose between whether he will fight with a weak one or a strong one.

The Caicus in 9 to 10 meters tall and has 100 times the muscular strength of humans. There are many other surprising aspects about it, but this is the basic form.

If he chooses one with the highest specifications, it will be like a top level 5.

“Start with a weak one.”

He will start out easy. Cha Jun Sung honestly did not think that he could win if facing it off one-on-one. They will be similar or he will be disadvantaged.

Winning? It is important. If he wants to complete the mission, he will need to kill the strongest mutant that appears in that mission.

But that is the case when going through a mission in real life. Right now, it is more important to focus on understanding the Caicus than it is to win.

He fought it countless times in the virtual,  but he cannot become arrogant. If this happens, everything he creates in the future will collapse.

“Let’s have fun for one day, today.”

He will put his entire body into it since there is no danger of dying.

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