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“The hell…..”

-[To put it simply, Mechanic City is a large public briefing room.]

Cha Jun Sung was speechless with Odin’s explanation and the new world opening up in front of him.

He had thought that nothing more in Life Mission could surprise him, but this was just an illusion. As the level goes up, there are things coming out that are beyond common sense.

A large city with an area of 2000km. It is larger than Korea’s Jeju Island. It is like looking 100 years into the future, full of things that they do not know of now.

It is too big to say that it is a city. It is the size of a small country.

After meeting Empress of Light, he accepted the changes while going through the PDA as usual while resting.

The path to Mechanic City is not hard. If they say that they want to go, the assigned helpers set the coordinates and open the gates. Since it is not a mission, they can go back whenever they want.

-[Extensive system. The human brain capacity can understand this concept at once. We will explain it whenever necessary.]

“I don’t have to understand everything. It’s like a city in Life Mission.”

It is a game. The only difference is that it is not connected to brainwaves like in the virtual, but has come over to the true body in reality. That is all he needs to know.

He will learn the parts of the extensive system over time. At times, it is easier to learn with the body than with the mind.

Cha Jun Sung looked around and thought, ‘So this is Mechanic City.’ The notepad does not detail specific parts. It only gives an overview of the main points.

It does not lay everything out, but just things like ‘Mechanic City opens when the number of Lifers who have opened level C reaches over 10,000.’

His surprise had been great even though he had already known about it, no matter how indirectly. So the average person would be dismayed.

“Without getting complicated, only explain the basics that I need to know immediately.”

Even if he is going to get to know the basics by experiencing them, he cannot wander around this large city without knowing anything. He needs to at least know the basics.

-[Mechanic City is maintained by top level and special cyborgs, and the only living beings who can enter are only Lifers who have met the conditions.]

-[It is a city. There are residential buildings there, so Lifers can live there if they use up all of their points.]

It means that they could completely live in Life Mission. If they do not return to reality, they become people who do not exist there. It is similar to migration or immigration.

This is welcoming for people who want to live freely in Life Mission without entering missions through separate dimensions and going through a process.

-[All items from levels S through E are sold because it is the store headquarters, but entry is limited if the level is not met.]

The basic principles of level classification are the same. If the PDA is an internet shopping mall, Mechanic City is a department store. This alone gives it a different flavor.

“Are there any places that are restricted or off-limits to Lifers?”

-[As long as they do not try to go outside, there will be no sanctions.]

-[The levels will separate the restricted areas, so they are not specified. Do not worry because you will not be arrested or anything.]

Odin told him that Mechanic City is created as a dome. It is covered in an incredibly thick alloy, so they could not get out even if they wanted to.

Put nicely, it is a large city. Put in another way, it is an isolated area. There are no complaints. A 2000km area is perfect to become tired just by moving around.

[If any wares are damaged, Lifers must pay in corresponding points.]
It sounds like they are being told not to make a fuss, but that is not the only thing. It said that it would not become involved in any way in Lifers’ PKs or disputes.

Lifers can do whatever they want as long as they do not cause damage to the city.

Cha Jun Sung left the outer area and went toward the city center. There is a skyscraper with dozens of floors. Even the architecture is all state-of-the-art.

The exterior is grand, but the quiet is reminiscent of a ghost town.

It opened today. There are 10,000 people entering. There will be more going forward, but it is large enough for millions of people to live in. It is lacking compared to the area.

On top of that, the 10,000 people were summoned to different locations and not everyone had been summoned. They do not know the geography, so they cannot meet even if they want to.

-[Jun Sung, where are you? This place is huge. What is this? We’re like families that were separated or something.]

Park Jin Hyuk’s voice comes out of the PDA. Where is he? How would he know. It is difficult to even choose a direction immediately. They are going wherever their steps lead them.

-[Cha Jun Sung, your location is zone A area 3. Exchanging locations with helper Zephyrus. Park Jin Hyuk is zone W area 2. The distance is 94km.]

Odin exchanged locations with Zephyrus. They are 94km apart. It would take days to meet by walking. If they get lost, there will be no end.

-[Since we’re all separated, we should meet where Jun Sung is.]



Kyoko made the suggestion. It is right for them to go to the leader. The locations have been identified due to the helpers. They just have to choose a place to meet and get to the area.


Moving is easy. There is mundane transportation as there is in reality. There are taxis, subways, and buses. As it is a quiet town, of course there are no Lifers.

There was no traffic because there were no people, so they were able to meet that much faster.

“I saw 2 people on my way here.”


“Yes. We only talked for a moment and they said something about Spain, but they said they were a cadre of a large guild. They looked really confused too since they aren’t used to all of this yet.”

Park Jin Hyuk saw Lifers while he was walking around. They are all in the same situation so they did not ask each other anything and simply exchanged courtesies.

Cha Jun Sung, Kyoko, and Koharu in contrast, did not see any Lifers. Whatever they are doing and where they are hiding, they cannot be seen anywhere.

They do not have the thought that they need to meet others. It is just an observation.

When they were standing on the roadside, several heavily armed cyborgs passed them. They did not pay attention as though inanimate.

“Look how they’re armed. They’re holding all sorts of things. It’s war setting.”

Park Jin Hyuk looked at the passing cyborgs and whistled. Like he said, the cyborgs’ arms are great enough to bring out admiration.

They seem to be the best. Their basic battling efficiency must be at least level 5. With that setting, they are estimated to be high level 5 or mid level 6.

“They need to do that much to prevent any Lifers’ unexpected behavior.”

“Is that right?”

“Imagine there’s someone making a fuss with a battlesuit on. They’ll need to beat them if they need to in order to calm them down. It’s a safety device to protect this city.”

-[You have guessed similarly. As there are more Lifers, there will be more cyborgs. Everything will be in proportion.]

Odin added on to Cha Jun Sung’s explanation. It is on speaker mode for the entire party to hear so that Park Jin Hyuk and the others could understand as well.

As the number of people entering increases, there will be weird people mixed in. If there is 1 crazy person in every 10,000, there will be 100 in 1 million people.

This is not the ultimate goal, but policing is one of the reasons for placing battle cyborgs. If they let their guards down, the city will fall into chaos.

“Well this is so sudden that I don’t know what we’re supposed to do first.”

“Since we’re here, let’s look around the city and find a place for us to stay. Once there’s an inflow of Lifers, there will be rapid changes to this place.”

It is empty and boring now, but say hundreds of people come gathering in. They will see the bizarre scenes they saw in the virtual version again.

They will be coming in and out constantly, and they cannot rule out the chance that they might stay long term. They need to select a good residence just in case that happens.

When there are more Lifers and an imbalanced supply and demand, Mechanic City would be occupied and they might have to stay in a cheap house.

“Let’s go there first.”

Cha Jun Sung pointed to the tremendous skyscraper. It is a mega tower, used as a place to meet. Its other significance is the store.

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