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-[Risk warning! Red Eye, tracking disabled! Special mission activation! Helper intervention! Achievement point restriction has been lifted and Lifers can return to reality!]

-[30 seconds until the 20 special cyborgs to buy time are summoned!]

They can hear alerts from the PDAs that it is dangerous. Like before, there is the notice that it will take 30 seconds for the cyborg to arrive and that they should quickly go back.

The ark’s hatch is open, so the inside is wide open. If this kind of situation had not occurred, they were thinking of waging a war.

They had been hit from out of the blue while setting up firearms like fire bombs.

“Enemy confirmed!”

Hercules detected the approaching enemy and quickly changed into a booster. That action however, created a ridiculous result.

Red Eye extended his arm and brandished it. Hercules was hit and went flying 50m into a boulder. It was destroyed in one hit.

“So it’s not a living creature.”

Cyborgs do not exist in this world. He can feel something hard in his hand. This is approximately the defensive of level 4. It is trivial, but something he is unfamiliar with.

“Who am I supposed to give the notepad to out of all of these humans?”

Red Eye looks at the trembling force members. It looks like there are 60 to 70 people. He slowly tried to remember what the human had said to him.

‘If you look over each person, you’ll know who to give it to.’

Will the person have a unique characteristic? He cannot give up here anyway, so he followed the instructions exactly. His eyes wavered when he saw Cha Jun Sung.

His senses are different from those of humans, so he can take a picture of a scene and look it over. He does not need to look over something multiple times to find his target.


All of the time is used up and the special cyborgs come out of the summons gate to surround Red Eye. In this time, the force members are going back to reality.

“There’s no time to waste.”

Within seconds, the 20 cyborgs are flung off in all directions. They are of a higher level than Hercules, so they do not lose their ability to function.

That is enough. The human had said that if they have time, they will disappear.


Red Eye uses the wings on his back and flies at Cha Jun Sung. He tried to resist, but Red Eye wrapped him tightly with his fingers and quickly disappeared.

The force members left inside could not figure out what had happened.


As soon as Cha Jun Sung disappeared, the description for a special mission came up. It is a playback.

-[Level A Mission: Red Eye’s cavalry] [Goal: Attainment]

-[Description: Red Eye is the highest class of the 36 nightmares. He has been injured in battle with Parasite King. Find the purpose of his deal, kill him, and bring the axis down.]

-[Reward: 150 million points. Lucky box.]

-[Level B Mission: Fallen king] [Goal: Attainment]

-[Description: Parasite King lost to Red Eye and has been wounded. It took the deal in order to save its life and will soon be moving. It is one of the 36 nightmares, and this is your chance to kill it.]

-[Reward: 30 million points. Lucky box.]

2 missions were produced and there are nesting special missions. The force members identified the substance of level A and B. They are horrible difficulties.

It is 180 million points in catching 2 mutants that are not in their best conditions.

How many points would it have been if it had been their homeground and they had been healthy? As the mission description says, this is their chance to kill them but the force members do not have the ability to do so.

“Jun Sung!”


Kyoko holds Park Jin Hyuk back. Cha Jun Sung had been dragged away by a level 8. She understands that he wants to chase after them, but they do not even know where they have gone. They disappeared in the blink of an eye.

If they go in without preparation and are discovered by the parasites, they will not be able to make it out alive.

“Let go!”

Park Jin Hyuk is in a craze. Hercules has fallen and does not move at all.

-[It is okay.]


-[It does not seem like Red Eye is trying to kill Cha Jun Sung.]

Helpers can see what is happening in real time through the PDA. It looks like Red Eye wants to talk. They will be able to see in detail soon.

“How can I trust you?”

-[There is no way to prove it.]

By that time, most of the force members had gone back. They had been trapped for 1 month. They thought that if they missed the opportunity, they would die or be trapped forever.

When Park Jin Hyuk was about to say something, cadres including Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin walked toward him. They had stayed in place of sending the force back.

Too many things had happened to the force at one time. Unprecedented things irrelevant to the mission had jumped out at them and there was not a single thing that they could understand.

Now, there are not even 10 Lifers left inside. Lim Si Hyun went back to where the Lieutenant Colonel is, saying that he would explain to the survivors what is going on.

They feel bad for leaving the survivors behind, but they are not people from this world.


Red Eye changed the structure of his back to that of a bat and headed straight for a distant cliff. He held Cha Jun Sung in his left hand.

Cha Jun Sung felt the chilly wind and looked down. It is dizzying.

If he falls while next to the cliff, he can stop while falling but if Red Eye throws him far like a pebble, he will die.

Even with body modifications, humans do not become birds so they cannot fly.

Red Eye sets down on the peak. They are high enough that the large ark seems small, but it had taken 2 or 3 breaths to come up.

Cha Jun Sung was flung away and he rotated in the air to find balance. Red Eye watched this carefully.


They do not simply look similar. They have different natures, but his father, the human, and this man – the 3 of them are carbon copies.

What could be the connection between these 3? Red Eye does not know the details of the situation either. Father and that human only told him to relay the notepad.

While he was locked in his thoughts, Cha Jun Sung pointed the Wolf Kill at him. Facing a level 8 nightmare. It really is a nightmare.

At this, Red Eye came back to his senses. All he has to do is do what he was asked to do.

“A stick? Is it a toy?”

“It’s a weapon to slash your throat with. Why have you brought me to a place like this?”

Red Eye looks at the Wolf Kill. He became curious before he could get to the point. Looking carefully, it is similar to what that human has.

He remembered the blow that had cut his arm off.

“Hit me.”


“I’m telling you to hit me with this stick of a weapon that you have such confidence in.”

Red Eye motions across his neck with his finger. Cha Jun Sung watched.

Arrogance is poison. If by some chance he is able to kill Red Eye, he will be gain an overwhelming amount of points. The reward points alone are 150 million.

It is worth a try when he includes the basic points that come from level 8.

His thinking was short. Cha Jun Sung turned the vibrating weapon on and flew. He is a stone’s throw away. He will cut in one try. If he lacks the strength, he will hit multiple times.

The Wolf Kill had small vibrations and cut Red Eye’s neck.

A hard repulsive force goes through Cha Jun Sung’s hand as though hitting a bat against a wall. He lets go of the Wolf Kill. It feels like his hand is going to fall off.

“It’s garbage.”

It does not even leave a scratch. They only look the same and Cha Jun Sung does not have even 1% of the power. They have only wasted time. He will have to just do his job.

Red Eye turned off his main body and vigilant state, and went back to humanoid form. His muscles and skin took on the form of clothing and changed into a pleasant state.

High level mutants were like that in the virtual version, and they are the same in reality.

“Let your guard down. If I was going to kill you in the first place, I wouldn’t have done something so bothersome. It would have been easy to kill everyone on the spot.”

Cha Jun Sung thought that this is right. Red Eye is level 8. 20 special cyborgs had not been able to do anything to him.

“I’ll be direct. Are you Cha Jun Sung? From a different world?”

“How – how did you know?”

“Level C mission Infection Tree. That’s the name of the mission here, right? I knew you would be coming. If you hadn’t come, most of those people would have died.”

Red Eye, a mutant, knows what Life Mission is. Cha Jun Sung was curious as to why he was brought here. What secret did he have to tell him?

“I’ll only tell you what I know.”

Red Eye opened his mouth. Anchoring the ark at the infected city was a decided procedure and it was said that Cha Jun Sung and the force members would eventually go into a mission.

The variable however, is that Parasite King was in Tonga. The normal scenario of this battle is that only a few Lifers survive.

Therefore, it means that Red Eye already knew that Cha Jun Sung would be coming here to Tonga. A mutant had prevented a Lifer’s tragedy?

Red Eye took the notepad from his body and threw it to Cha Jun Sung.

“I don’t know the details either. I just got a request from someone.”


“What you want to know is written in there, though I’m sure it’s not everything.”

Cha Jun Sung opened to the first page of the notepad while watching Red Eye. It is quite clean, but it is visibly old.

The weird thing is that the handwriting is strangely familiar.

He flipped it without much thought. But he could not do so with the content. How could this be. What does this all mean? Is what Red Eye is saying true?

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions. If you want to know that, you’ll have to hone your skills and go to father. He knows much more than I do.”

Red Eye’s father. If they follow Life Mission’s story, does that mean that Aduroque, the warlock of the 6 disasters is behind this?

The world is becoming tangled in a complicated manner. Where is this place and where is the earth? What about the mutants? The helpers? This notepad? There is only what he does not know.

“What on earth are you guys?”

“That’s what I want to ask. Lifer? What right do you have to hunt us? I’m sure you’ll come to me one day. I’ll be waiting.”

Mere humans are coming at him with their teeth bared. He will annihilate them as they come.

‘Level A…..’

At the moment, it is a difficulty that they cannot approach. How many years need to go by?

If they want to get to level A missions, they need to get through B and C. The obstacles in each level are a way to advance. There are 2 left. The future looks bleak.

“I’ll give you a gift, from me. Think of it as an honor, you lowly human.”

“A gift?”

“Parasite King absorbed all of the infestors living in Tonga in order to heal its wounds. At this time, there won’t be any left.”

Red Eye left those words and spread his wings to go to the city center. Since there are not many left, Cha Jun Sung can do as he pleases whether he takes care of them or runs away.

Cha Jun Sung put the notepad in his space compression bag. He will have to go back and look at it.

“….. Let’s go down.”

A cliff was waiting for Cha Jun Sung.
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