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Reyman's eyes lost both of its pupils, leaving behind two distant eyes looking like black holes.

A chaotic aura of rage, scheming and bloodlust burst from his body.

In this small underground space, countless blurry spots of black light suddenly appeared, rotating around him like flying insects.

"I… I'm Reyman… Reyman…!!" The White Dragon struggled, trying to bellow out loud.

However, the blurry and distorted silhouette within his consciousness started laughing maniacally.

"No… I am Nimitras… The Child of Hell… Hahaha!!!" Another low voice suddenly burst out from his mouth.

Reyman's entire dragon body started to exude a strong and evil red halo. His body suddenly expanded a lot as black whips and ropes slowly emerged behind him. These long strip-like items kept fading in and out of existence, almost as if they were snakes weaving and climbing around, burrowing into the darkness, and coming out of the shadows.

"Let's go, let us punish those invaders of the Void…" Reyman seemed to have finally calmed down, grinning with a sly smile.


He tore open a black crevice directly in front of him, revealing a scene from the Shadow Plane. The grayish plane had many Shadow Creatures and alien creatures fighting with each other.

The portal that Reyman opened seemed to coincidentally be in the center of a small battlefield.

He rushed in without any hesitation. Very quickly, screams of pain and sufferings could be heard.


It has been five days since he returned to the clan.

Garen was perched atop the new Dragon King Peak. This snowy peak was officially named by him to be Dragon King Peak, blatantly implying that he has no intention of giving in to the White Dragon Mountain.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Garen reviewed the whole situation with the White Dragon Clan.

Fifteen Mature Dragons, more than eighty Dragon Whelps, and more than twenty Elder Dragons, whereas all the Young Dragons fell in battle. Only a handful of them who were living abroad under a Symbiotic Contract managed to survive.

This was the current situation of the clan. As for the Third Elder and the other higher-ups, almost all of them had already exhausted their Life Soul. They had completely used up all they had after transferring all their powers to Garen, naturally dying in their own caves.

The Deladia Empire had already lost. The once glorious and powerful empire had rapidly fallen as Emperor Gus went missing in action in the Ten Thousand Dragon War.

Even the chances of their own survival had come into question, they could not spare any effort taking care of this weak White Dragon Clan.

Snow City had also lost two of their council powerhouses. The remaining wizards also incurred fatal injuries. In this destructive war, the biggest winners were no doubt the Void Creatures. No matter the Black Elf Empire or the Deladia Empire, they had both suffered an unprecedented amount of losses.

Garen did not make any extra arrangements. The clan's food supply was already running out, he had to transport some of the food over from the Cold Winter Tower. The Cold Winter Tower had food reserves sufficient for the clan to survive for more than ten years, all stored in the space equipment's vacuum.

Garen initially planned to use the ration in dire situations as emergencies, such as if the Wizard Tower got trapped in a space storm. Little did he expect that he would have to use it now.

No matter what, the Clan did help him back then when he was still weak and small.

Swiftly, he gathered all the White Dragons who could still participate in combat. The Void Original Opus had once again gotten new upgrades. Using the Despair Skull and the Death Bracelet, he absorbed potential aura and souls to further upgrade the Original Opus.

The key to it all, the strongest epitome of all Secret Techniques, had finally returned to him.

Hellfrost Peacock Queen!

It was Garen's strongest state back when he was in the Mech World.

He had already reached an even stronger degree than the original Hellfrost Peacock Queen.

Furthermore, with the Void Original Opus fully upgraded to 100%, this absurdly strong Secret Technique had finally returned to its original power.

Disregarding the series of frost abilities it gave, the Hellfrost Peacock Queen's Low-Temperature Winter ability had a lot of overlaps with the White Dragon's traits, so its power was near equal. Thus, it did not increase Garen's power by a lot, it at most added the Cold Chaos skill, allowing him to cause mental confusion.

However, the Hellfrost Peacock Queen's most important ability was the key factor for Garen's strength.

Distorted Seed!

Distorted Seed 5 (Creating chaos was one of the Hellfrost Peacock Queen's favorite past times. Stat increment raised to 12 times. Aberrations produced a pollution effect, objects that are polluted will automatically aberrate into a next-level distorted object, its stats increasing by 12 times. If the increment reached the upper limit, it would automatically stop.)

This was the key effect Garen would be relying on.

Garen managed to collect a large amount of food and Demon Cores without a hitch. Directly using the Hellfrost Peacock Queen's Devourer ability, he condensed all of it into tiny Distorted Seeds, planting them on the fifteen White Dragons over here.

The effect of the Distorted Seeds had a huge effect on the humans, but that was because a human's body foundations were too weak. For the White Dragons who were from the Dragon Clan, their actual foundation was very strong, the strengthening effect most likely would not be able to reach a 12-times multiplier.

This was not out of Garen's calculations, the White Dragons' with the seeds planted on them had only doubled their overall attributes. However, just with that, it was already absurdly terrifying.

An average mature White Dragon's attributes would usually range between forty points to thirty points and were classified as a Level Six Creature, However, after the seed was planted, their attributes just skyrocketed, reaching sixty to eighty points.

At the end of the day, the strengthening of the Distorted Seed also had its limit. Otherwise, if it could strengthen beings like deities by over 12 times, then they would be able to easily increase a level of their Divine Persona.

The upper limit of the Distorted Seed used the Hellfrost Peacock Queen as a benchmark, the upper limit of the Hellfrost Peacock Queen's strongest physical body would be equivalent to the maximum point the Distorted Seed's Strengthening could reach. Furthermore, this type of pure strengthening was also limited by the restraints of certain rules. A White Dragon's blood vessels cannot be upgraded too much before its body evolved, otherwise, their body might not be able to withstand the burden.

That said, however, these fifteen White Dragons were already upgraded to Level Nine creatures. With the entire clan in mind, this was already absurd.

They went from Level Six to Level Nine in just one day.

Garen's prestige shot up instantly.

There were now fifteen Level Nine White Dragons patrolling the area. Although they were mostly melee-type warriors, with Garen's personal Arcane Art Protection, Dimensional Confinement and other measures, no matter if it's a teleportation spell, projection spell, or even a real-life attack, nothing could bother him.

In addition, he was trying his best to use the Divine Weapon of Absorption, the Death Bracelet to absorb the shards of souls.

On the battlefield, there were too many shards that he managed to collect. Even if Garen had the willpower of his mind to help, he could only slowly digest all of it.

However, this peaceful life could not be maintained much longer. In such a chaotic era, Garen still made time to visit the Fiery Blaze Mountain Range. He had to meet Ann one more time.


At the bottom of a dark abyss

An average-sized White Dragon slowly headed to the bottom of the abyss. His movements slow but sharp. He was completely surrounded by countless, smoky black, human-faces in the abyss, all rotating around him, but none dared to approach him. It was almost as if this dragon's body had something that they had feared.

It had been a long time since he was last at this place. But because the necklace that Ann gave him had been destroyed, Garen spent a lot of effort to find that weird snow typhoon and to once again return to this place.

As he nosedived into complete darkness, Garen could soon see a blurry seal at the bottom of the abyss.

Ann was seated at the side of the light ball seal, conversing with a creature completely engulfed in flames.

As if sensing Garen's, the flame creature looked up at him.

A chill went down Garen's spine. He felt tremendous stress with just a gaze from the creature.

"Demigod?" He guessed in his head.

"Garen, come down here," Ann turned her head and waved at Garen.

Suddenly, a huge distorted space enveloped Garen, then immediately teleporting him to Ann's side and the flame creature.

Ann was still very beautiful. Her black skirt seemed to have a lot of new patterns, he was not sure if it was her old one or did she get a new one. It was still mysterious and flawless.

"He's the Demigod Lich Gawain. The two of you had some misunderstandings in the past, but it's still not too late to bury the hatchet," Ann said briefly.

Demigod Lich?!

Garen immediately became cautious of this fellow. Even an average Lich was troublesome enough to deal with, if you could not find their Phylacteries, they could never be killed.

To make things worse, this was a Demigod Lich. That means that this fellow could easily summon a million-strong undead army at any moment. These types of fearsome fellows were existences that could eradicate an entire nation with a flick of a finger.

Looks like the Void invasion had even caused all the powerhouses in hiding all over the world to come out and take action.

Suddenly a thought crossed his mind. Garen gave a friendly smile to the Lich and turned into his human form.

"His Highness Garen and my student had a scuffle previously due to a misunderstanding. However, since Ann came forward as a mediator between us, I hope we can let bygones be by bygones and create a friendly relationship." The Lich's body was still engulfed in flames, his attitude towards Garen seemed very friendly.

"Your student?" Garen said with a slightly confused look.

"Yes, he was living in seclusion back at the Fiery Blaze Mountain Range and had a few Suffering Knights as his underlings," the Demigod Lich Gawain answered softly.

"Oh, it was him!" Garen suddenly remembered. The Suffering Knights that Garen killed at the beginning was the underling of this fellow's student.

Seemed like this fellow was convinced by his student to take revenge personally. But after barging in and noticing that Ann was a powerful existence with a Middle-Level Divine Soul, he naturally decided to obediently make peace with Garen.

"A few years ago, I have officially pledged my loyalty to Her Excellency Ann, so I'm on the same side as you now." The Demigod Lich laughed as he answered. Through the flames, Garen could vaguely make out the appearance of a handsome young man.

"Garen, the timing of your return is perfect. I'm going to need you to help me send a letter." Ann said softly by the side.

"What letter?"

"How many Demon Lords and True Souls are you able to contact?" Ann bluntly revealed Garen's background without hesitation.

However, Garen was already at the stage where he did not mind. As long as Ann was still around, he would not have to be afraid of any of the remaining Gods looking for him.

He thought for a while.

"I should be able to contact the three Demon Lords nearby."

"Alright. I need to settle some slightly troublesome stuff, so the more helpers I can get the better. Of course, you can also participate. I see that your body has been through some sort of unknown change, maybe that might be of help to me," Ann said solemnly. "You can tell those Demon Lords and True Souls that I'm willing to pay them any reward they deem appropriate, as long as they help me with one task."

"What task? Count me in if you need my help," Garen answered seriously. What type of task would require Demon Lord and True Soul Level participants? Demon Lords were already Divine Soul Level, it's only the difference in strength.

Ann smiled gently. She knew that she was right about Garen back then. For an existence with this type of personality, she was right when she decided to help him back then. To an existence like Garen, as long as someone helped him in the past, he would always remember the gratitude they showed to him. From then on, he would not hesitate when they need his help.

She slowly raised her hands. A blurry black mist suddenly enveloped the three.

"Have you heard of the God of Time and Shadows?"
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