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He did not refuse the Power of Abyss at all but absorbed it fully into his body instead. Since he had already spent so many years in the Abyss, his body had been corroded by the Abyss long ago until it possessed the Vitality of an Abyss Creature. Thus, the Power of Abyss was undeniably the greatest tonic for him.

Garen sniffed lightly and noticed that the smell of sulfur in the air around him had seemed to become much more intense.

The battlefield became clearer. The Demons had retreated once again in defeat. Without the support of their leader, the effectiveness of the high-ranking Professionals massacre was even greater than the cannon balls of earth.

Nonetheless, the Corpse Witches' Exploding Corpse Spells could cause the deaths of more than ten people each time.

Garen looked over from afar and saw that a seemingly countless amount of densely-packed light green Exploding Corpses were centralized on the battlefield and were bursting forth in a completely soundless manner. There were only light green shrouds of smoke that were permeating outwards and dispersing slowly.

A feeling stirred in his heart suddenly before he noticed that Deception Demon Master and the others had disappeared completely at an unknown moment when he turned his head to look.

"They've left, huh?" Garen exhaled.

They had left while Ann's enemies had found him. It looked like it was necessary for him to find Ann and talk to her now. He could not resist her enemies on his own in the Abyss.

Without a single trace of hesitation, Garen raised his hand and snapped his fingers before a shroud of black smoke that was shaped like a dragon shot out. The black smoke soared into the sky and burst into a gigantic and complicated-looking flower in the air.


The flowers released a dull exploding noise that echoed throughout the entire battlefield.

All of the Demons and mercenaries that belonged to Vengeance Fortress retreated suddenly one after another. There were only a few maniacs that continued slaughtering and stabbing insanely because they were blinded by bloodlust and their brains were dominated by the Will of the Abyss.

Large crowds of Demons withdrew rapidly while Battleships, Succubi, Little Demons, and Elder Demons in the sky gradually gathered together in the direction of the base camp in an orderly manner.

"I can't stay in the Abyss any longer…" Garen looked at his numerous Demon subordinates before him and knew that he did not have much time left in the Abyss.

"The real battlefields are the Primary Plane, Astral Space, and the Heavens. This is not the first battlefield that is vital for us to invade…"

He glanced at the black ring on his hand that had already become slightly translucent without him knowing. These were the traces that were left behind after the Divine Weapon had finished silently absorbing the Soul Fragments in its surroundings.

Garen turned around and did not even turn his head before he walked towards the direction that he came from.


Meanwhile, when Wanku Fortresses was breached by the Devils, Kratos led a group of Demons out and fled through the side door.

"Damn! This damned Garen should be executed and burned at the stake! He actually dared and was apparently brave enough to attack the encampment of another fortress that was part of the same alliance as himself!! Is he mad? Does he not want to get along with the rest of the Abyss or what?!!" Kratos cursed exasperatedly.

However, the expression on his face stiffened immediately.

Two imposing Half Elves with white cloaks draped over their bodies were currently in front of him and blocking his escape path.

"Lord Garen has been waiting for you for a long time, Kratos." One of the Half Elves was playing with a short dagger that was glimmering with a dim light in his hand. The dagger resembled a fan that was spinning at high-speed while constantly flashing extremely difficult and magnificent slicing patterns.

"Get rid of them!" Kratos roared. His body enlarged suddenly from its shrunken state before he soared into the sky and shot himself into the distance to escape.

However, his subordinate Demons were smart enough to raise their hands and surrender.

They were merely Demons and were not any kind of loyal Slayers. None of them were willing to sacrifice their lives for a person who was doomed to die.

"Cherlyn." The leading male Half Elf glanced at his companion.

The other one shook her head and took one step forward before taking down the longbow on her back.

She placed the arrow on the bow and pulled the bowstring.


The bowstring tightened tautly immediately. It formed a full moon shape before delicate rings of green brilliant ripples were released from the body of the bow.


The arrow disappeared on the longbow instantly before collapsed in the faraway sky and fell downwards right at the sound of it as if it happened simultaneously.

"Let's go. Take him back." A look of admiration appeared on the male Half Elf's face. "You're becoming more proficient in Soul Intimidation."

"I have a premonition that the refining in the Abyss this time is about to reach its goal already…" Cherlyn replied quietly.

"Are you going to break through already? Tch tch, you're worthy of being a first-rate prodigy of the clan. You're about to enter my realm within a short span of merely two hundred years… Level Thirteen…" The male Half Elf shook his head. "I don't have anything good to say or to teach you anymore."

Both of them led a crowd of surrendered Demons and walked towards the fallen Kratos immediately.


Main Substance Plane

Northlands, Ten Thousand Woodlands.

Seemingly countless amounts of various wild animals and natural creatures were hidden all year long in the vast sea of trees in the woods that was located on the left side of Fiery Blaze Mountain Range. These gigantic woods that stretched over a continuous span of over ten thousand kilometers also concealed Half Elves, dwarfs, Dog-Headed Humans, Werewolves, and various other major tribes and races.

When the world's first ray of sunlight streamed into the woods at daybreak, a gigantic tower that seemed to appear out of thin air was reflected there.

Sunlight cascaded on one side of the tower and reflected blue-gold shades off its blue material. Meanwhile, the other side looked peaceful and tranquil in the shadow of the sunlight.

It seemed that this tower had been standing upright in these woods for an unknown period of time.

A little rabbit with red eyes crawled out of its nest before suddenly sensing that something was blocking its daily warm sunlight.

It raised its head and glanced at the shadowy object before it seemed to turn dull abruptly.

The enormous tower before its eyes had clearly not been here yesterday.

It hopped around a few times and circled here and there while attempting to observe the tower from various angles. However, this colossal object did not change at all despite where the rabbit moved.


The clear cry of an eagle echoed from the sky.

A little black dot flew towards the top of the tower from afar. It was a Roland Shadow Piercer, a legendary and extremely fast eagle species that could kill shadows.

It moved extremely quickly as if it wanted to fly towards the top of the tower and rest there for some time.

However, it seemed like some slight changes had occurred throughout the tower instantly.

A white ice ball that was suspended at the top of the tower was spinning there slowly.


It seemed like a white flash of lightning had streaked across.

The black eagle fell down at the sound of it.

It seemed as though nothing had happened. The tower was peaceful once again while the black eagle had not flown over at all.

The rabbit shivered fearfully before fleeing frantically.

A blurry large arched door appeared slowly at the bottom of the tower. Next, a young handsome white-haired youth walked out of the large door slowly before the same blurry door disappeared behind him instantly.

The youth was dressed in a white robe that seemed plain and simple while he held a short staff that was embedded with blue gemstones in his hand. A white-gold money bag was attached to his waist. From the looks of it, he did not seem much different from those traveling Wizards except that he was more aristocratic than them.

"The air in the Main Substance Plane…" The youth inhaled deeply before an infatuated look appeared on his face. "It's truly fresher than the air in the Abyss…"

This youth was actually Garen who had recently grasped the Ultimate Transformation Spell. Many years had passed since he had arrived in this world and transformed into a dragon's body. This was the first time that he was truly able to change over freely in the presence of any dragons.

After recently achieving Level Nine Arcane Arts, he was immediately able to grasp the spell that he had most desired to comprehend all along. He could perform various activities more freely when he was in his human form. After all, his dragon form was far too eye-catching.

His Wizard Tower had teleported with him and shifted to the Main Substance Plane. A large number of resources needed to be consumed for him to stabilize the space freely but Garen had accumulated a lot of it during these few years. Moreover, Lady Vengeance had also supported him with some strength that allowed him to be teleported back to the Northlands in the Main Substance Plane from the Abyss that was located at a faraway distance.

"Fiery Blaze Mountain Range, huh? It just so happens that I can go and see Snow City. Although they banished me to the Abyss previously, I received a helping hand from them nonetheless…" Thoughts stirred in Garen's mind as he reconsidered. "However, White Dragon Mountain has been troublesome so I might as well get rid of them together."

White Dragon Mountain's headquarters were located on a certain level in the Abyss. They had received the protection of the Abyssal Demon Dragons race while the Evil Gods were overseeing that place. He did not have the skills to proceed with vengeance temporarily but he still possessed the strength to take revenge on the branches in the Main Substance Plane.

"I don't know what has happened to the Deladia Empire, White Dragon Mountain, and Snow City after all these years." Garen did not hear about the situation in the Deladia Empire all this while. Now that he had the strength to protect himself when he returned this time, he was gradually not going to restrain himself anymore.

"It just so happens to be near Ann's location. It's time for me to see her as well…"

Garen did not bring any of the Abyss' troops out with him as Vengeance Fortress was the base camp that he was managing. Andrew was temporarily replacing him in power there while holding the position of Deputy Commander. After all, that place was richly endowed in advantages. Thus, merely abandoning it would not be in line with Garen's interests.

Since Cold Winter Tower had already become Garen's Wizard Tower fully, it could be used as an armed vehicle to envelop him when he proceeded with shuttling through the Plane. The energy for that was mainly provided by the Elemental Pond.

Garen scanned his surroundings briefly before walking slowly in the direction of the right side of Fiery Blaze Mountain Range.

Within the woods, all of the creatures and animals along the way were dodging his aura automatically. Garen's special Draconic Aura would release itself naturally and cause all of the wild creatures to evade his oncoming path unconsciously.

Despite the deceptive cover-up on his body that was specially added by Deception Demon Master which made it appear as if he only possessed a Level Twelve standard, he was still considered as an ultimate powerhouse in these woods because of this high degree.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Garen found it slightly strange at first before he suddenly recalled that this place was not like the Abyss that was filled with powerhouses. He shook his head and laughed in spite of himself suddenly when he remembered that it was the Main Substance Plane.

Garen hastened his speed. He stopped dragging his feet and charged fearlessly in the direction of Fiery Blaze Mountain Range directly.

Along the way, he encountered a few animals that did not dodge in time such as sika deer, little squirrels, spiders that were the size of washbasins, and white bears that were only as small as little chickens.

The strongest one was a gigantic squirrel with a white bone armor that grew over its entire body. This creature looked extremely fierce. Garen was unsure of this creature's level but it was suppressed by his Draconic Aura to the point where it did not even dare to move.

Garen passed through a vast expanse of the woods quickly in less than half an hour before he approached the central region of the entire Ten Thousand Woodlands.

"My clan's station is in front. Stranger, state your intentions for coming here!"

Suddenly, a loud male voice echoed from the front.

Garen's footsteps stopped suddenly before he stood in the middle of the woods firmly.

Two Elves who wore light green leaf wreaths on their heads walked out of the shrubs in front of him slowly. It seemed as though the shrubs had spread open automatically as if it was a living creature to avoid stabbing or wounding the two Elves that looked unusually harmonious.

Garen's gaze scanned across both of the Elves' bodies briefly before he noticed that they were both female Elves. It was a normal phenomenon for there to be more females than males in the Elven race.

"Respected powerhouse, do you have an entry invitation upon coming to our tribe?" one of the Elves asked Garen quietly in a fearful and respectful tone.

They were clearly two interrogators that were sent by the powerhouses of the Elven tribe when they discovered the direction that Garen was traveling in beforehand. 

Garen smiled faintly.

"I was just passing through. I had never expected that there would be an Elf tribe here as I was only traveling towards Fiery Blaze Mountain Range."

"Fiery Blaze Mountain Range… Our tribe's headquarters are in front and a powerful boundary was arranged there. How did you charge through directly…" said the other Elf softly while an embarrassed expression appeared on her face.

Garen's nose twitched slightly suddenly before a trace of surprise appeared in his eyes.

"Do you have any connections with the nearby White Dragon Clan?"

"Yes, we have a business relationship with the clan over there. Their Elder often comes to our place here to purchase goods," answered the Elf frantically.

"Is that so…" Garen's expression turned milder. "I was also born there as part of the White Dragon Clan. Please help me notify them. I'm sure that you have a Teleportation Array here, right? Since I've already encountered them, I might as well return for a visit."

"Do you have any proof of your identity?" asked the female Elf who did not lower her guard.

"You just need to go back and inform your Elder that I, Garen, have returned." Garen was confident that the clan had not forgotten him completely in a short duration of a few decades.

This name was unexpectedly effective.

Within less than half a minute, a group of Advanced Elves that looked like Elites rushed out immediately and invited Garen inside.

The inside of the elven village was filled with houses and buildings that were harmoniously built with vines and enormous trees. There were buildings that were over ten stories tall which were supported by giant trees and also little houses that resembled cages which were solely formed by vines that grew naturally. He could not seem to see any signs of anything that was unnatural when he walked inside.

Garen was led into a remote bamboo house where an enormous old man whose hair and beard were completely light green was already waiting for him there.
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