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The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor Chapter 651 – I Love You.

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Ji Mo Ya smiled, his deep dark eyes seemed to be going off with fireworks. He took the eyeballs, immediately pulled Huan Qing Yan into his arms, and then he pulled down her chin to make her swallow it.

“Mmm mmm, Ji Mo Ya, you dare to force feed me, do you want a beating… Eh? Why did it melt the instant it enters my mouth? The taste is actually not bad, I feel that my vision has gotten really good as well…”

She was resisting just earlier on, but now she started to savor the taste.

Yu Yi continued to dismantle the fox corpses, but ‘Huan Jiu Li’ and Ji Mo Ya were no longer interested in watching the dismantling anymore.

Ji Mo Ya instructed them to keep the materials and to only distribute it out after the demonic energy within has been removed.

At that moment, from the sky above Mask Town help arrived from the Holy City. It was Plant Sage, Ji Mo Kai Yuan, even Mu Rung Xin Nuo and Bai Li Zi Xi were part of the group, as well as many others…

It was unknown when but ‘Huan Jiu Li’ melted into the crowd and disappeared.


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The Saintess Ceremony ended badly in the end.

After such a long preparation, this humanity’s biggest event of the year only left behind the impression of bitterness and countless deaths.

This was the first large scale conflict between humans and demons after a long period of peace.

With the incident, the security measures of the Holy City had greatly increased; as for the Demon Men that entered the Holy City, most if not all have been exterminated.

Ji Mo Ya received the Half-Sages’ commendation for killing Madam Fox Charm.

With the Saintess Ceremony completed, everyone parted ways and left the Holy City.

At the gates of the Holy City, within a flying carriage was a reluctant Huan Qing Yan pulling on the sleeves of Ji Mo Ya, “I am returning to the academia alone? You aren’t coming with me?”

Ji Mo Ya’s bland expression revealed a trace of helplessness; he stroked Huan Qing Yan’s head as his lips curled up gently, “You will return ahead to exchange for the True Spirit Grass and become a True Spirit Master first. Once I have settled things on my side I will go look for you.”

Huan Qing Yan would hitch a ride to return together with the people of Surging Wave Academia who attended the ceremony, while Ji Mo Ya would remain in the Holy City to handle some matters.

He had made a high-profile declaration to the public that he was marrying the unknown young lady, whom everyone thought was his concubine, to be his wife instead. He estimates that his clan members were now waiting for him to explain about this serious matter.

He must make some preparations.

“However, I have some phobia about Surging Wave Academia…” the incident where Jin Da Zhong harassed her as well as the matter about her turning into a fool had no doubt planted a mental shadow within her heart.

“I will get Mo Si, no, Mo Liu to follow you. Jin Da Zhong is dead, Huan Meng Yue is also dead, there will be no one to do you harm again. Be rest assured.”

Mo Si talks too much and tends to get too close to people; Mo Liu rarely expresses his thoughts, a very qualified shadow guard that will keep her safe! That is set.

“What do you think about Brother Jiu Li? Why did he suddenly disappear? Coming and going so suddenly, why did he not say his goodbyes first? Did he notice something wrong about me?” Huan Qing Yan started to feel worried

“I don’t know, the current Huan Jiu Li looks very unfathomable; however he did not seem to hold any ill intentions towards you, so be rest assured.”

The Surging Wave group had been waiting for quite some time outside the gate.

But Huan Qing Yan’s hold on Ji Mo Ya’s sleeves remained.

She had not truly committed to him before and had thus never express such a sticky temperament to him; now, she cannot stand the feeling of being separate even for a day away from him.

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes were filled with a warm laughter; he gently caressed her face, he was also reluctant as well.

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“Be good, return and train well.”

Huan Qing Yan started to tear up as she went up to him and lightly kissed Ji Mo Ya on lips; she softly said, “Ji Mo Ya, I love you.”
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