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The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor Chapter 432 – To Save Little Yan First

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Chapter 432 – To Save Little Yan First
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He had an isolation spell formation setted up here, no one would be able to use their divine sense to probe this place.

This was part of special measures that were set up by the academia to protect the unique recipes of Spirit Chefs from being spied on.

All teachers within the Hidden Origin Hall would have similar secret functions being setup within their accommodations.

Bai Chen Feng felt very curious, he was only a new student of the academia and did not know this teacher, why would he be having questions for him?

“Teacher please go ahead.”

“Did you encounter any strange incidents within the Tyrant King Lizard’s nest?” Jin Da Zhong coldly asked.

Bai Chen Feng was stunned, Tyrant King Lizard’s Nest? He immediately recalled that hot and intense kiss he had with Little Yan, Young Master Ya’s arrival, Little Yan attempted assassination on Young Master Ya; these were all forbidden knowledge, so naturally no outsider should know.

He decisively replied, “Nothing strange happened.”

Jin Da Zhong no longer have the patience to ask in a roundabout manner, “After the two of you entered the Tyrant King Lizard’s nest, the remnant Tyrant King Lizard Soul that this teacher has been nurturing has gone missing. Speak, did you do it? Did you take the Tyrant King Lizard soul?”

Bai Chen Feng’s mind was turning quickly, the remnant soul of the Tyrant King Lizard? He did not see it; however, he did sense that something was looking at them when they were within the nest…

However, when Young Master Ya appeared, that feeling also disappeared.

Can it be?

“No I did not, that remnant soul of the Tyrant King Lizard is likely very powerful, this student is only a Seven Star Spirit Master, how could I possess the ability to take it? However, when this student was inside the nest, I did sense that something was staring at us, however it disappeared shortly after.” he mostly spoke the truth.

Jin Da Zhong still didn’t believe him, “This teacher has invested a long time and a lot of effort, cooking all sorts of soul strengthening spirit dishes to nurture that remnant soul, yet you appeared halfway and stole it; such audacity! Quickly return it to me!”

He was stuck at the late stage of Mystic Spirit Master for too long, if he could not rank up, he would likely become the first Mystic Spirit Master in Spirit Treasure Continent to die from obesity.

Bai Chen Feng shrugged, “Teacher Jin, I really did not know why you are nurturing that Tyrant King Lizard for, however this student really did not encounter it…”

Jin Da Zhong revealed a cruel smile and grabbed Huan Qing Yan, who was beside him, and choked her neck, “If you want her to live, then be honest and tell me the truth. If you continue to lie to this teacher, then her life… heh heh!”

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Bai Chen Feng’s heart tightened, and quickly replied, “Teacher Jin, please hold on! Did you caused Little Yan to become like that?”

“Heh heh, both of you are tough nuts to crack but all you have to do was to tell me where the Tyrant King Lizard has gone, and this teacher would have used a secret spell to wipe out your memories; there would have been no need for us to reach this point. This girl is also very stubborn, in the end when this teacher only used a moment of Soul Search; she turned into this idiot state…” Jin Da Zhong smugly said.

Huan Meng Yue also added some cynical remarks, “Lord Ninth, if you really like Young Mistress, then return that remnant soul to my teacher and we can end things happily.”

Bai Chen Feng was greatly enraged, no wonder Little Yan turned into that state, he had felt something was not right from the beginning.

So Little Yan experienced such inhumane treatment when he was not around!

Due to Elder Snow’s incident, the previous life’s Little Yan was… The current Little Yan has yet to meet Elder Snow, so he thought that there was still time for everything to remain fine temporarily. Little did he expected her to fall into the hands of Huan Meng Yue and her teacher.

He silently hated himself for not being vicious enough that time and not kill Huan Meng Yue immediately. Huan Meng Yue was definitely irrevocably involved in this incident!

“Teacher Jin, I will say; we encounter Young Master Ya within the cave…” Bai Chen Feng could no longer care about the consequences, he needed to save Little Yan first.
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