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The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor Chapter 346 – Playing Rogue With Your Life

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Chapter 346 – Playing Rogue With Your Life
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The voice was so soft and alluring that it would make a person’s heart to pump harder.

“If you speak anymore, I would take you on the spot.” Ji Mo Ya locked her lips.

The blood circulation within his body was in reverse, causing his whole body to be in chaos; his ability to exercise self-control was also not as good as when he was in normal condition. When he woke up due to Huan Qing Yan’s licking, he had already gotten beyond being over excited, if he did not vent his frustrations and achieve some sort of release, his internal injuries would, without a doubt, worsen by another level.

However, he also was reluctant to force himself on her, and his current situation also did not suit doing so as his body could not last long. Yet this little thing only knew how to ignite the flames within him and did not think of the consequences of her actions…

Huan Qing Yan dare not release anymore sounds, but her body continued to remain restless as it kept twisting and turning.

Ji Mo Ya retracted his burning hand within her clothes. If he continued on, he knew that he would no longer be able to hold himself back any longer.

However, he was still unable to reconcile with things ending just like that. When he tried to control himself, his injuries began to worsen.

To alleviate his condition, he viciously kissed her lips and punished it with every method he could think of, as though her lips were the only outlet he had to vent all the frustrations that he was currently experiencing. This led to her lips turning red and puffy…

After some time, the force behind his kiss dropped while his whole body laid on top of Huan Qing Yan as he became unconscious again.

Huan Qing Yan was still struggling against the sweet assault a moment ago, yet she jumped in shock the next moment due to Ji Mo Ya.

“Young Master Ya, what you are doing is playing rogue with your life!”


The Flying Ship of Surging Wave Academia.

It was currently using its fastest speed to leave the Hanging Cloud Empire.

This was due to the fear of demons chasing after them.

Teacher Kang looked at several of his treasured disciples who were currently heavily injured. With a pained heart, he chided, “Who told you guys to send yourselves to death? Fortunately, the Demon King did not pursue us, if not, all the new recruits on this boat would be in danger.”

“Teacher, that new student wanted to leave without permission, we had no other choice but to…”

“Eh? None of the three returned!”


Only now did everyone noticed that Bai Chen Feng, Huan Qing Yan, and Huan Jiu Li were nowhere to be seen.

The situation was chaotic, with the black, heavy demonic energy covering them, plus being too focused on escaping, none of them discovered that someone was left behind.

“Teacher, what do we do now? Bai Chen Feng is the Ninth Prince of Hanging Cloud…”

Teacher Kang pondered for a moment before waving his hand, “The ship continues its current course, this teacher will return and take a look.”


Seeing a few Demon Generals making a retreat, Huan Jiu Li chased after them.

Suddenly, as he gave chase, he seemed to have lost control of himself as his mind forced him to hasten his steps.

“Faster, chase after them! This is a rare chance, by following them, this daddy would be able to reach the demon territory and end my days of suffering within the human’s territory! Jiu Li my boy, quickly follow them…”

This was without a doubt the voice of the Eagle Demon!

Huan Jiu Li struggled in pain.

“Jiu Li my boy, this daddy’s life is secured; for the sake of deceiving Young Master Ya, I have sacrificed a large portion of my soul and have turned into a fragmented soul. I will forever be unable to leave your body; from now on, I am you and you are me, so stop trying to struggle. When we reached the demon territory, you can be a carefree and happy Demon King with your own lands, it would be a hundred times more pleasurable than staying in Hanging Cloud…”

Huan Jiu Li was unable to resist. He could only turn his head and look at the Five Black Mountains, his gaze was filled with reluctance…

“Stop looking, once you recover the strength of a Great Demon King, you could just grab her for yourself. And not just her alone, you can take a hundred beautiful human girls when the time comes!”

A pair of wings grew out of Huan Jiu Li’s back as he followed the group of demon generals and disappeared into the distance.


Eight days had gone by within the dimension.

Ji Mo Ya was still unconscious, causing Huan Qing Yan to feel flustered. From the memories of the reincarnated girl, Ji Mo Ya died in the Five Black Mountain Range, so would he never wake up again?

Instead of being killed by a Demon King, he died of over excitement because the two of them did some embarrassing stuff together?

Ah peh! Ah peh!

No, it cannot be!

There was no use feeling anxious. Moreover, his breathing and other life signs were rather fortunately stable.

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