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An Lin had truly been frightened. These seven Celestial Maidens had completely let themselves go!

If they were only letting themselves go, it would be fine, but it looked as if they were trying to take him down along with them!

"It's alright, he really won't." Celestial Maiden Tian Qing made her way toward An Lin with a comforting expression on her face. She was still holding her chipped bowl as her blue dress fluttered around her. "You're the most prodigious immortal in the entire Heavenly Court! My father values you far too much to kill you!"

Lin Junjun spoke with a faint smile, "If you cook a dish for each of us, we'll have an excuse to wheedle our parents. The excuse would be that since we accepted free food from you, we should repay you for it. That way, it will simply look like we're trying to repay our debt, and it will have nothing to do with you. What excuse would my father use to blame you for anything then?"

An Lin thought for a moment before speaking again, "If I cook a dish for each of you, that would amount to seven dishes. Each of my dishes is worth more than two hundred thousand spirit stones. Is it really worth it for me to exchange seven dishes for ten spots?"

"Of course it is! In fact, you've lucked out…"

Lin Junjun inched closer to An Lin with a smug smile on her face. "Let me put it this way. All those who participate in the Heavenly Peach Banquet can enjoy three spirit-rank peaches, which ripen once every one hundred years! Furthermore, there are many interesting games and competitions in which you have the chance to win immortal-rank peaches, which ripen once every one thousand years! How about that? Does it sound worth it to you now?"

Celestial Maiden Tian Shou: "The Heavenly Peach Banquet is not an event to make money for the Heavenly Court. Instead, it's an event that will gather powers from all over the Tai Chu Continent for a friendly exchange, as well as to boost the reputation of the Heavenly Court."

"We're not like you; holding the same wedding twice is beyond us." Tian Shou covered her mouth as she chuckled lightly.

All of the Celestial Maidens also burst into laughter at the thought of the second wedding An Lin had held.

An Lin rolled his eyes. "Alright, I'll do it then. I can cook the dishes for you in advance, but you better deliver on those twenty spots."

"Yay!" All seven Celestial Maidens whooped in unison.

"Seven people, seven dishes! We've got a week of bliss coming up!"

"Haha… This is a lot easier than having to work hard for money."

"Don't worry, Chef God An Lin, if we don't get the twenty spots, we're willing to give ourselves to you!"

The seven Celestial Maidens finally left the restaurant after much celebration.

An Lin's life resumed normalcy after that.

The Heavenly Peach Banquet was going to be held in two months' time, which was a long time away. Therefore, he should take this time to focus on improving his cooking skills instead.

In cooking, knife techniques and flame control were of the utmost importance.

An Lin pulled out the flesh of some sea creature he had hunted down in the West Sea before drawing his Evil-Slaying Sword and practicing his knife skills on it…

A black light flashed, and an adorable little girl who appeared to be around six or seven years of age appeared.

She stood off to the side, glaring coldly at An Lin with resentment in her eyes.

"Little Xie, have you come out to get some fresh air?" A smile appeared on his face, but his Evil-Slaying Sword did not falter in the slightest as he continued to practice his knife skills.

"You're using me as a kitchen knife again… I really want to attack you again!" Little Xie's tender voice was brimming with her killing intent.

An Lin's movements faltered, and a small golden sword appeared on his forehead as he laid a hand on Little Xie's head before placing his hand on the blade of the Evil-Slaying Sword.

"Ah…!" Little Xie let loose an involuntary, light cry, and her adorable cheeks became flushed as she looked at An Lin with a pair of watery eyes.

"How is it? Does it feel good? Just stand there and watch." An Lin chuckled before continuing to practice his knife skills.

"Remember that all occupations are made equal. You should be honored to be the kitchen knife of the number one Chef God in the Heavenly Court.

"Furthermore, countless immortals are dying for a taste of the dishes that you will play a role in making. Doesn't that give you a sense of pride?"

Little Xie sat on a chair with a grumpy expression as she listened to An Lin's lecture.

After being replenished by An Lin's Divine Weapon Origin Energy, Little Xie was too embarrassed to continue criticizing him.

"I'm working hard for the happiness of the Heavenly Court immortals. You don't know how much they've missed me in these past few days." An Lin sighed with emotion.

"You're just doing this for the money, you shameless bastard!" Little Xie scoffed.

"Have you thought about why I want money? I'm earning all this money to give you and the rest of my big family a better life!

"I strengthen myself using spirit stones so that I can better protect all of you. I use spirit stones to buy things for all of you whenever you tell me you need something. Hence, there is nothing shameless about earning money. Am I at fault for trying to forge a better cultivating environment for everyone?"

Little Xie was completely speechless after hearing An Lin's words, and she hung her little head in shame…

An Lin nodded with a content expression upon seeing Little Xie's reaction before focusing on honing his skills.

He was practicing his knife skills and fire control, as well as pondering the intent realms of the dao of cooking.

The days passed by very quickly.

He made a whole week of free meals for the seven Celestial Maidens.

On the eighth day, he was finally free to run his restaurant as normal.

An Lin embarked on his joyful entrepreneur journey.

On the day before the commencement of university, a familiar figure appeared outside his door.

This was a man wearing a loose, white robe with a pair of crimson, yet extremely gentle eyes. He had a pair of translucent Kirin horns on his head, and there was a monster with a human face and a goat's body beside him.

"Hey, Senior Dongfang Zhuangshi, long time no see." An Lin extended a warm greeting.

"Mr. An Lin, you sure have been busy during this time. The Four Nine Immortal Sect is quickly growing more and more powerful, and your titles of Lord of Transcendence and Chef God are renowned throughout the entire Heavenly Court," Dongfang Zhuangshi praised him with a smile.

"Quit telling the truth so bluntly!" An Lin was quite flattered by the compliments delivered by the jovial middle-aged man. "It looks like you have some good news to share?"

"I have found the Heart of the Divine God and the Divine God's Elixir, so I will be able to forge a body for myself!" Dongfang Zhuangshi laughed heartily.

"Oh? So soon? This is indeed something worthy of celebration!" An Lin was quite happy for him.

An Kirin had forcefully snatched away Dongfang Zhuangshi's Kirin Blood Jade, which was a lethal blow to Dongfang Zhuangshi, who was now dependent on An Lin for his survival.

Now that Dongfang Zhuangshi had the means to forge a body for himself, An Lin could finally live his life without a middle-aged man following him around, so this was a win-win situation.

"So you came the way here to inform me of this?" An Lin was a little touched.

He was quite elated that he was the first person to share in the Demonic Blood Kirin's joy.

"That's not it. Forging a body is going to be extremely energy-consuming. As such, I would like to suck you really hard in order to replenish my energy supplies so that I'm well-equipped to deal with the upcoming challenge!"

Dongfang Zhuangshi spoke with a scorching light in his eyes.

An Lin: "…"

F*ck! He had been all touched and emotional for nothing!

However, he decided to risk it for his freedom!

"Come on then, Senior Dongfang Zhuangshi! Suck me as hard as you can! There's no need to hold back!"

"I'm coming now! Gasp… Oh… That's so good!"

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