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Shrouding the Heavens

Shrouding the Heavens

Author: ChenDong Status: Ongoing Update Time: 2018-06-05 11:51:13
Latest Chapter: Chapter 190 Great Emperor Arrives Late
In the cold dark reaches of space nine huge dragon corpses are pulling a large bronze coffin giving off an aura of ancientness. This image was captured by an unmanned space probe in the depths of the cosmos. Did this mean the return to the ancient era? Or did it mean reaching the other side of the stars? A vast world filled with bizarre and mysterious immortals. A world where hot blood erupts like volcanoes. A world where passion surges like the vast ocean. A world filled with an endless abyss of desires. On the road to ascending heaven witness a melodious journey, a journey that would shroud the skies. Non spoiler short translator synopsis A group of young adults are transported to another planet and undergo a chain of events before finally entering a new world with cultivation. Through a serendipitous happenstance, the main character becomes younger and stronger as he begins to explore the new world. Many people are jealous of his special circumstances and try to deal with him but he takes a no nonsense approach in handling them. Initially, the protagonist is hesitant about becoming a cultivator when he sees that it is not all fun and roses however a series of events leads to him wanting to cultivate for real and become a strong person so that he will never be pushed around again.


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