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Golden Fox with System 349 Chapter 349: In the village of Mizuki.

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All initial problems in the Silver Dragon Clan have been resolved. Now, Theo and his group headed towards where Mizuki village was located. As there was a considerably large mansion in her village, she invited everyone to stay in her mansion, but Theo made a counter offer. That was to build the mansion itself in the village.

Jka and Klin also asked Theo to make a small house for the couple. Of course, Theo was not against it. In addition, he still owed some bonuses for the "help" the couple gave him in killing those people. Currently, he had many corpses in his storage ring. Enough for him and the girls to go up a few levels in cultivation.

Theo clearly did not forget what he said to Aomi and Mizuki before. He had promised earlier in [Ninth Hell] that he would reward the two ladies. Now that he would have some time of peace, he intended to do just that. At a minimum, he would spend 300 million points with each one.

Although it seems a high sum. Just one being that Aomi killed, equals 1 billion points. Of course, Mizuki also helped a lot, in sum, it should be close to 1 billion points. Although, he did not intend to transform these corpses into points but yes, in nutrients for his and the girls' cultivation.

"This place is beautiful, Mizuki!" Yuki said with a beautiful smile.

The place had many flower beds, of different varieties, shiny stones scattered in the flower beds. There was also a lake surrounded by trees, flowers and precious stones, in short, the place was very beautiful.

This was one of Mizuki's hobbies. She loved taking care of flowers and cultivating around beautiful places. There were many custom trees as well.

There were a housekeeper and a gardener who lived in a house not far from the village. The couple took care of the garden and the affairs of the village and the mansion. Because of that, even though Mizuki was away for a long time, everything was very well taken care of.

"I'm glad you liked it. You can stay here as long as you want!" Mizuki finally smiled, letting go of the previous low mood. Incidentally, she also had the seal on her body removed by the Great Elder. That in turn, Miller apologized several times.

Little Yui took Mizuki's hand and with a cute expression, she said, "Mom, can Yui play in the lake with Emma later?"

"Yes, my dear, I see no problem." Mizuki replied, touched.

Little Emma said while rubbing her hand on her stomach: "I'm hungry..."

"Oh!" Shina looked at Mizuki and asked, "Can I use your kitchen, Mizuki?"

"Yes, make yourself at home." Mizuki agreed with a smile.

Shina nodded and looked at Theo, shyly.

She went from shock initially to joy, happiness and finally closed her bright blue eyes while delicately enjoying the warmth between their lips.

Their lips parted.

Releasing Shina, Theo looked at her red face and watery eyes, as well as the expression that said he could do anything freely. Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. Somehow, he felt his loving spirit awakening.

Shina's blush went from her face to her shirt.

"I'm going to cook now! Today we will eat breaded meat with rice and red beans." Still intoxicated by her joy, Shina laughed as she stumbled towards the mansion. It looked like she could fall at any moment.

Everyone smiles seeing Shina's cute reaction.

Even Alice couldn't help but adore this cute little girl. She smiled and said, "I'm going to help her."

Alice started to think that she made the right choice when asking to follow Theo... or rather Theo's daughter. Everyone treated her very well and did not discriminate against her.

"I'm going to "build" Jka and Klin's mansion and house." Theo told them.

"Mhmm. If you need anything, just let me know that I will do my best." Said Mizuki.

"Haha. Okay, but right now there is nothing I want." Theo said, smiling: "But if I need anything, I'll let you know."

"Okay, I'm going to help Shina, and also prepare the rooms for the girls at the orphanage." Mizuki said and left for the mansion with the girls from the orphanage following her.

Then, almost everyone entered the mansion. Theo stayed to create his and the girls' mansion, as well as the home for the loving couple, Klin and Jka.


Moments later, Theo finished buying the house and mansion in the system. Spending a total of 3.5 million system points.

In comparison to the mansion that he bought in his city, this one was not so big, although it has 21 rooms, being 10 suite rooms.

Jka and Klin's house was quite luxurious, although it cost "only" 500,000 points in the system, it was large enough for a family of 8.

Moon and stars shone, and trees swayed in the breeze.

Theo, Jka, and Klin headed towards Mizuki's mansion.

With a cute pink apron around her waist and wearing a pair of white rabbit slippers, Shina picked up a hot pot and walked in front of the table with hurried steps.

Shina has always been meticulous.

Yuki, Mizuki, and Alice also helped carry the other pots and bowls with salad and mashed potatoes to the table.

"Theo, Jka, and Klin, come and join us." Yuki said, smiling.

"Smell delicious!" Theo said, hungry.

"Hehe." Shina smiled happily. "You can repeat, we did a lot!"

"Oh? So, I will not be polite." Theo smiled.

"It is not fair for just Shina to receive attention." Ariana came over and pressed her breasts to Theo's arm while acting flirtatiously: "I also helped to do it. Praise me!"

Theo swallowed his saliva dry with the heavenly sensation in his arms, he laughed: "Ariana, thanks for the hard work, I bet you must be delicious... I mean, the food you helped to make is delicious. Hahaha."

"Perverted!" Ariana patted his chest as she smiled shyly.

"Hahaha." Theo just laughed.

Alice who saw this turned red, she was very shy. The girls at the orphanage were also flushed when they heard what Theo said.

At the lunch table, Little Emma was noisy as always, while chewing food with her mouth full while playing with Little Yui. Aomi's seat was across from Theo. It was the first time that she tasted such delicious food, and she praised Shina's excellent culinary skills. Shina smiled shyly as always being praised, with her feet dangling under the table with joy.


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