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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 1021 Stealing Food from the Tiger's Mouth

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The entry of more than ten thousand people from the Fire Chi Race and the Mammoth Race into the fray turned the battle around. Though the Mantis Blade Sect had initially gotten the upper hand against the Dwarf Race, they were now—more or less—at a stalemate.

Members of the Mammoth Race took big strides and rushed forward to the front of the army of dwarfs. With their strong defensive abilities, it was impossible to kill them using ordinary mantis blades. Furthermore, the Fire Chi Race was the fire expert of the Snow Region. Their burning flames were terrifying. These flames could also be turned into Fire Snakes that danced in the sky. Once intertwined with a Fire Snake, one could either get injured or be burned to ashes.

The Mantis Blade Sect members were all gathered together; it was only when they were gathered together could they continuously release their knife formations with the greatest lethality. Hence, they were easy targets for the Fire Snakes of the Fire Chi Race. The Fire Chi Race just had to casually throw one of their Fire Snakes into the midst of the Mantis Blade Sect army to burn one or two people to death.

The dwarfs hurriedly retreated behind the Mammoth Race and started releasing Snow Dragons and Earth Slamming attacks. Their attacks could reduce the enemies' speed and their defenses, as well as weaken their sense of judgment.

In reality!

The reason why the three races were able to form an alliance was due to the mystical abilities of the three races. When combined, their lethality was greatly raised.

The Mammoth Race was now holding the front, advancing like war chariots. The Dwarf Race was supporting them with Snow Dragons to reduce the enemies' speed and defense while using the Earth Slamming attacks to affect the enemies' speed and keeping them unstable so that they couldn't react in time. The Fire Chi Race was the main attacker. Their burning flames had a terrifying burn effect. Even a five-star martial expert, if burned long enough, would end up dead.

While the Mantis Blade Sect was furious and cruel in attacking, their defenses were normal at best. Hence, after the three races had joined forces, the Mantis Blade Sect became suppressed. Both sides were starting to engage in a war of attrition. The Mantis Blade Sect's knife formation was going past the Mammoth Race to attack the Dwarf Race and the Fire Chi Race. The Mantis Blade Sect army was also constantly moving backward to prevent a close-quarter fight with the Mammoth Race. Even so, the losses that the Mantis Blade Sect was suffering were immense. Both sides were like cannons firing at each other. They were both suffering losses but were waiting to see who would give in first, who would give up first.

Roar! Roar!

In the distance, the Fire Chi Race had left a thousand over men to kill the Ice Beast King. This Ice Beast King was originally already severely injured. Under the brutal burning flame attacks by the Fire Chi Race, it was in a precarious situation. It had wounds all around and was going to die at any time.

Roar! Roar!

Perhaps knowing its impending demise, the Ice Beast King was roaring incessantly. That roar shook the heavens and the earth, filled with pain and anger. The trembling was such that even Jiang Yi and company's eardrums were hurting at such a distance away.

"It seems like the Ice Beast King is about to die!"

Jiang Yi sent his divine senses forth and saw that the Ice Beast King's whole body had turned charcoal black. There was not even a good piece of meat left on its body. There was only a pitch-black bone left on the tip of its tail.

His senses detected Cao Duantian again. Jiang Yi finally decided not to launch a sneak attack to kill Cao Duantian. There were three to four hundred people around Cao Duantian. It was possible these people all knew soul spirit attacks. His soul sword might not be able to withstand those attacks.

The most important thing was Cao Peiwen, that old devil, could be in the vicinity. He was the second strongest person in the Snow Region. If Jiang Yi became his enemy, Jiang Yi would not have any standing in the Snow Region anymore.

"Someone is coming!"

Up ahead, a small group of martial artists from a small race was retreating this way. Jiang Yi sent his divine senses forward but did not detect any martial experts. He also didn't feel like hiding. He buried himself into the snow. At this moment, he was disguised as a member of the Tiger Subdue Sect. Even if this bunch of people detected him with their divine senses, they would not dare to attack him.

"Sigh… it seems like this Ice Beast King will be falling into the hands of the Fire Chi Race. Man! We attacked it for so long and lost so many brothers. But now, they get to keep the spoils."

"Exactly. This goddamned Fire Chi Race and Dwarf Race! I hope they are both eliminated by the Mantis Blade Sect!"

"The ice powers in the core of the Ice Beast King are stronger than that of a hundred ice beasts. Now, these idiots get to have it. Commander… should we go and steal the core? There's a cave beneath dug by the Heaven Devil Race."

"Are you insane? The Fire Chi Race's Fire Snakes have enveloped the Ice Beast King. Whoever dares to go near will be burned into pulp. If you want to die, go ahead and try!"

The reprimanding voice from the soldiers rang out. There were also one or two divine senses that scanned him. However, no one dared to come and disturb; instead, they were running far into the distance. Jiang Yi waited until they have left before rushing out of the snow. His eyes were raging.

"Ice powers?"

He had heard about this before and had asked Mo Yao'er about it. Thus, he knew a little about the ice powers. However, all the ice beasts' corpses in Heaven Devil Race were given to Mo Shen for him to cultivate. Even Grand Elder had not been authorized to use one during this period of time, much less the rest. Hence, Jiang Yi had never bothered before.

"Steal the core of the Ice Beast King?"

Jiang Yi's mind was formulating a daring plan. This ice power seemed to be similar to the power of the star sphere. It had countless applications. Besides being used for cultivation and its health benefits, if the ice powers could help him to activate the Smelting Divine Furnace, he could then use the furnace to kill Demigods.


Mantis Blade and Qiu Shan and company were engaged in battle nearby. Mantis Blade had stated clearly his desire to get the Ice Beast King. If Jiang Yi went to steal the core and was found out, the four would probably join hands to kill him. Furthermore, who knew if other Demigods were hiding in the vicinity?

Roar! Roar!

The Ice Beast King's roars became weaker and weaker. It was obvious he was getting closer and closer to death. Jiang Yi's eyes flashed a few ties. He finally gritted his teeth, sat up, and entered the State of the Union of Heaven and Man. He used his Divine Perception to start investigating.

Without taking long, he had scanned a two-hundred-and-fifty kilometers radius. He managed to confirm that besides the four Demigods fighting a devastating battle one hundred kilometers away, he did not detect any other Demigods. His eyes widened as his body changed into the body of Mo Xing's.

Swish! Swish!

He used the astral winds, his body tunneling 100 feet beneath the surface and rushed towards where the Ice Beast King was. He was determined to snatch the core of the Ice Beast King!

He had enough of this kind of arduous life. He did not want to wait any longer. He wanted to eliminate Dwarf Mountain and then go see the Sect Matriarch of Heaven Hidden Sect. He wanted her to unseal Su Ruoxue's memories.

The Dwarf Race was too strong. It was too difficult to eliminate them using the Heaven Devil Race. The Dwarf Race's alliance with the Fire Chi Race and the Mammoth Race made it impossible for the Heaven Devil Race to eliminate the Dwarf Race.

Instead of begging others, why not do it myself?

If he stole the core of the Ice Beast King and managed to refine the ice powers inside it… if he could activate the Smelting Divine Furnace and release the Nirvana Flames, burning Qiu Shan to death would be too easy.

"Something isn't right…"

After galloping for a period of time, Jiang Yi suddenly thought of something. He was currently looking like someone from the Heaven Devil Race. If someone were to investigate, the Fire Chi Race would definitely be furious. At that time, it was possible the three races would destroy Heaven Devil Race.


His body changed again as this time, he turned into someone from Tiger Subdue Sect. The plum flower mole between his brows was exceptionally obvious. Even if someone were to scan him with divine senses, they would definitely assume him to be from the Tiger Subdue Sect. After all, this plum flower mole was the unique marker of the Tiger Subdue Sect.

He moved like the wind and quickly reached the place where the Ice Beast king was. Although it was one thousand feet away, the severe trembling on the surface was still being transmitted underground. The Ice Beast King's sorrowful cries could also be heard clearly by Jiang Yi.

"Almost there!"

Jiang Yi sent out his divine senses, and he rushed up to the surface, his body like that of a sharp sword. The Ice Beast King effectively couldn't move anymore. There was only one iron tail that was still furiously thrashing about. Its body was charcoal black, with black smoke coming from it. The terrifying burning flames had baked many parts of its body. For it to still be alive at this moment was due to its stubborn will to live.

Perhaps the Ice Beast King was not entirely dead, or perhaps the Fire Chi Race thought that this Ice Beast King was already theirs—they did not rush forward recklessly. They were still attacking from afar, with their burning flames and dao patterns.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The thousand-odd members of the Fire Chi Race once again released a wave of explosive attacks. The Ice Beast King's body became utterly like a lump of barbecued meat. Its tail also finally stopped moving. Its eyes and mouth slowly closed shut while its breath slowly disappeared. The Ice Beast King was finally dead.

"Ancient One, you guys come with me to dig up the core!"

An old elder started dashing forward. However, another elder next to him yelled loudly, "Oh, no! Someone had stolen food from the tiger's mouth. Someone had snatched the Ice Beast King's core!"

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The many martial experts in the Fire Chi Race scanned using their divine senses. Their faces changed immediately. They found out that someone had exploded out from underground, directly opened up its lower abdomen, and went straight for the Ice Beast King's core.

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