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Bang Bang Bang!

Feng Lin stood up as his body underwent some changes. Somewhere deep within him, popping noises resounded like firecrackers. His bones strengthened and his skin became incomparably smooth. It was as though he was sculpted out of jade, delicate and tender while giving off a faint light of translucency. Women would be envious of his skin.

However, if one were to observe closely, they would discover that while his skin was tough, it contained fine gradient lines like those of marble.

Feng Lin's skeletal structure had the greatest change. His height increased to 1.98 meters. It was as if he had become a giant ape with both his arms over his knees. His slim figure was encased in streamlined muscles that were filled with explosiveness and dexterity, close to the perfect body shape.

Thump thump thump!

A force surged from within like a tide without anywhere to vent. Feng Lin could not restrain the impulse and began to use his punching techniques to release the pent up energy out of his body.

While the punching technique seemed disorderly, the force it exuded was heavy like waves slamming into each other. The energy caused the surrounding metal walls to echo with banging noises.

After venting a little, Feng Lin checked his own stats.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 5.7

Monkey Gene: 10

Stonebirth Gene: 10

Genetic potential: 821%


Vitality 5.7!

With the increase in genetic points, his vitality was increased by 0.8 once again, filling his body with inexhaustible power and energy.

Feng Lin felt that his current state was good to the point where it felt unprecedented. With both the Monkey Gene and Stonebirth Gene at max points, he had reached the requirement for gene evolution.

Even though he was full of anticipation, Feng Lin did not rush himself. So, he went to take a shower first and quietly closed his eyes and slept. His breathing was slow and calm; his mood was relaxed.

He had a quality sleep without even dreaming. Thus, by the time he opened his eyes again, he was already full of vigor. The mental exhaustion from the previous day had been completely swept away.

Once his body and spirit were at their peak condition, Feng Lin officially began his breakthrough.

Gene evolution was a crucial leap in rank. Therefore, he could not afford any mistakes, or else he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Feng Lin even turned off his identity microchip and locked the door to his room, completely isolating himself from the outside world.

He focused solely on breaking through. He wanted to prevent any accidents from happening.

Finally reaching this point, he would not allow this opportunity to slip away.

Once everything was ready, Feng Lin began his breakthrough.


Monkey Gene x10 + Stonebirth Gene x10 = Stone Monkey Gene.


He slowly immersed himself in his inner world. The genetic map was clearly shown in front of him.

Two large golden stars shone brightly as if they were the everlasting ancient constellations, hanging and dazzling in space eternally.

Feng Lin mentally controlled the two genetic power and merged them together.

All he could see was the two flickering starlights. They flowed out of the constellation as though it was water emerging from a spring, slowly gathering into one spot.

The completely different forces were perfectly integrated into one, just like a perfect-blended mixture.

Just like a river and creek flowed into one, the two astral rivers became an even vaster river; its vastness extended straight into the deep end of the astral ocean.

The astral river continued forward without stagnating. It flowed towards a mysterious location within the astral ocean; nothing could impede it.

Each star in the astral ocean was like stars in the night sky, rekindled by the passing astral river. They shone dimly, lighting up the surrounding stars further ahead.

The astral river flowed unceasingly. It continued onward until it reached its final destination, a dimly lit star that was hidden far away.

The scene was like a hundred birds returning to the forest as it poured into the dim star. It was similar to the ocean current that flowed into the Pacific Ocean, providing the dim star with immense energy.

Thump thump thump!

The sound was like a strong and powerful beating heart.

The silver dim star started to shine brightly from its latent state and gradually revealed its true radiance. It turned into an eternal source of light similar to that of the sun, igniting the entire starry sky.

An inexplicable message appeared.

Stone Monkey Gene: The stone monkey has no parents and is brought up by the heavens and earth. It has a body of stone and bones that were as tough as steel. It also possesses extraordinary strength...

He did not have enough time to see all of the information.

All of a sudden, the Gene Constellation rose and began to devour everything. Its middle part became like a giant black hole, sucking Feng Lin's soul into it.

Too late to react, his mind fell into the black hole. He felt that he was quickly falling into a bottomless tunnel. When would he reach the end?

Gradually, he lost consciousness. He forgot who he was, where he was, and where he came from...

Forgot everything!

"Where is this?" He did not know how much time had passed. In the darkness of endless tranquility, a cold voice suddenly resounded as if the god of thunder had come and begun to spread chaos upon the world.

Feng Lin suddenly woke up and realized that he was curled up within a small dark space. He felt claustrophobic and excessively uncomfortable.

He reached his hand out and touched his surroundings. The interior of his prison was like a shell layer made out of steel.

Feng Lin continuously slammed the wall. In a while, his strength became extremely weak to the point where he could no longer move. He continuously hammered the wall but could not even create a dent. He could only give up.

Though he could not see what was outside, he could feel his surroundings. It was a miraculous feeling where he could separate from his body and sense what was outside.

It would seem that he was on top of a cliff near the ocean. The waves continuously pounded the shore, one wave at a time.

The air was filled with mysterious energy. As he breathed, the energy entered his body through the shell.

Instantly, Feng Lin felt extremely warm as if he was within the embrace of his mother and growing up.

As time went on and a thousand year passed by, the world underwent a lot of changes.

Feng Lin absorbed the energy of the world. His body was growing nonstop.

An inexplicable ancient memory awoke from the depths of his soul.

There was once a magic stone on top of a mountain which was thirty-six feet, five inches tall and twenty-four feet in circumference. It was thirty-six feet, five inches tall to correspond with the 365 degrees of the heavens and twenty-four feet in circumference to match the twenty-four divisions of the solar calendar. On top of it were nine apertures and eight holes for the Nine Palaces and Eight Trigrams. There were no trees around to shade it from wind and rain, but magic fungus and orchids clung to its side. Ever since creation began, it had been receiving the truth of Heaven, the beauty of Earth, the essence of the Sun, and the splendor of the Moon; it had been influenced by them for so long that it had gained miraculous spiritual powers. It developed a magical womb, which would burst open one day to produce a stone egg about the size of a ball. When the wind blew on this egg, it would turn into a stone monkey, complete with five senses and four limbs...

In his muddleheadedness, without knowing how much time had passed by, it would seem like he was suspended within the innocence of the world's primal chaos.

Feng Lin's body had grown large enough inadvertently, but he continued to be huddled in the small space. It was like a cage that kept him immobile.

A vicious current rose from within his heart. He wanted to destroy everything that appeared before him.

After an unknown amount of time, Feng Lin's expression became sinister. He could no longer stand it.

"Open for me!!!" He squeezed his hands into fists and exuded his strength, hammering the shell before him.


The cracking noise he heard was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard in his life. A large crevice appeared in front of him, allowing light and fresh air to go within.

He breathed deeply. This was the smell of freedom!

Feng Lin was ecstatic like a madman. He continuously pounded his fists away as if he was Pangu splitting heaven and earth apart. He wanted to break free from the darkness and enter a new day.

He pounded away until the last piece of the shell collapsed and turned into stone powder. What remained was a small figure standing in a place.

Feng Lin looked at his own body. He looked just like a monkey with monkey hands and golden monkey fur that was fluttering in the wind.

I became…?

A monkey!!!

A Stone Monkey that was birthed from a rock. !!???
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