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In the three meter tall glass cabins, numerous naked human figures could be seen floating with many tubes inserted in their bodies. Their faces were filled with agony as their bodies spasmed and contorted.

These genetic researchers were already used to such a sight. They coldly continued to do what they needed to do, pouring in the potions they concocted into the tubes and used various kinds of instruments to probe for the 'white mice' reactions to judge the potency of a potion.

These genetic potions were nothing but a trial product, and the effects would be extremely unstable. There were various kinds of unexpected side-effects.

After drinking these trial product potions, it could very well be imagined how pitiful the fate of these test subjects was.

These 'little white mice' all had looks of pain. Their bodies contorted to unnatural positions and green veins could be seen protruding on every part of their bodies, resembling spiderwebs. For some of the test subjects, their bodies turned completely red, as blood flowed from their seven orifices. There were some others whose bodies turned black, rotting completely, exuding a pungent smell.

For a moment, Feng Lin thought that he had stepped into hell.

Yet, these genetic researchers didn't seem to be bothered at all. They rushed up and excitedly observed the reactions of the test subjects, some of them even panting as though they were about to reach climax.


One of the test subjects suddenly swelled up inside a glass cabin and exploded.

Yes, the poor test subject exploded.

Fresh blood and flesh splashed in the glass cabin akin to a goddess scattering flower petals, dyeing the entire interior of the glass cabin red.

Feng Lin instantly felt a surge of disgust; he was about to vomit.

However, these people here were already used to this scene. They simply pushed a button, and a powerful current of flowing water flushed the entire glass cabin, cleaning it completely. After that, high heat radiated, as the disinfecting process began.

"Quick, quick, quick! Get another white mouse up. If the task's research got delayed, every one of us would be in trouble. Don't make me deduct all your bonuses!" said a malicious-looking man that seemed to be a leader of a task force in the R&D department.

All the genetic researchers trembled silently, not even daring to breathe loudly.

A sentient robot at the side walked through the middle of the room, dragging a naked human that seemed half-alive and placing the poor one inside the disinfected glass cabin. It filled up the glass with fluids and inserted the tubes into the human's body.

"Are these the 'white mice' you were speaking about? This is clearly human experimentations!" Feng Lin's expression was filled with anger as he questioned Isabella.

The test subjects were clearly humans, yet they were referred to as white mice and treated like a commodity that could be tossed aside at any moment.

Isabella had an 'as it should be by rights' expression on her face as she spoke, "Yup, researching genetic potions is a science that's incomparably precise. Animals and humans have different genetics, and it's tough to test out the complete effects of trial products if we used animals; thus, we can only use humans. I'm merely following the example of the R&D department to refer these test subjects as white mice!"

This woman was clearly an excellent specimen of a sexy human female and was incomparably beautiful. But her words clearly showed that she treated the lives of these test subjects as insignificant, like rubbish that could be thrown aside anytime. This revealed an ugly side of her personality that was extremely disgusting to Feng Lin.

Feng Lin couldn't accept this. "But they are all humans, how can they be laboratory white mice?"

Isabella didn't feel anything. She puzzledly replied, "These are merely prisoners on the death row who have lost all living rights in the Solar System Coalition Government. They no longer have any authority to be humans and would die sooner or later. Since that's the case, why don't we use them for science? Their death would at least be able to contribute something. Although they are rubbish, they still have some worth to them if we did this. They should feel happy instead."

Feng Lin still had no way to accept this explanation. His innermost-self whispered solemnly,

Does having no authority make one less of a human?

Humans are humans. We are of the same race because all of us sprang from a common ancestral source. We are different from animals because we have civilization.

As a civilized race, how can someone be willing to do such a thing to others of his or her race?

If he knew that the Giant Pharmaceutical Company was carrying out human experimentations, Feng Lin would have never come here. He started to feel regret in his heart.

That Isabella was someone with extensive experience. With just one look at Feng Lin's face, she already knew something was wrong. She smiled a smile that was not a smile. "Are you regretting it? Don't forget that you've already signed the contract. If you want to break the contract now, you have to pay the penalty fee!"

Feng Lin's expression grew heavy. He thought of the penalty fee in the contract and cursed himself inwardly,

Shit, that was 500,000 star coins!

This was such a high penalty fee. Back then, he thought that since the Giant Pharmaceutical was the leader of this industry in the solar system, the company would definitely be open-board and legitimate. Hence, he didn't really think too much when he signed the contract.

Who would have thought that things would become like this? Where could he find enough money to pay the 500,000 star coins?

He had a feeling that he had fallen into a pit. But if the company wanted him to do experimentations on humans, he truly didn't feel that he would be able to do it.

Feng Lin wasn't a saint; he could be ruthless with no hesitation if the situation called for it.

But humans were humans precisely because they had intelligence and emotions.

Moreover, one always must have a bottom line when doing things. If not, how would they be different from beasts?

At this moment, that leader of the task force with the malicious-looking face frowned. He immediately felt Feng Lin was a nuisance the moment he glanced at him. "Hmph, are you a hero fighting for justice? So what if it's human experimentations? Do you think any cats and dogs can enter our Giant Pharmaceutical Company so easily and join our R&D department? Let me tell you, you are an extremely lucky man. If you want to remain in our company, stop thinking of all these useless things. Just do whatever you are told to do or just scram. NOW! IMMEDIATELY! INSTANTLY!"

Feng Lin had just escaped the control of his clan and come here to the Giant Pharmaceutical Company. The reason why he did so was because he wanted to find a way to strengthen himself, and he didn't want to walk inside a trap where he would be controlled by others.

His expression immediately changed, instantly wanting to leave.

When that malicious-looking man saw this scene, he actually sneered in derision.

The tension in the air grew by the seconds. At this point, when it seemed as though the situation had grown to an unresolvable extent, a calm voice suddenly broke the silence.

A middle-aged man with a gentle expression on his face walked in. He was tall and sturdy but had a scholarly aura.

"Manager Frank!" That malicious-looking man instantly bowed respectfully.

Feng Lin glanced over and discovered that this man was none other than the main interviewer back then.

The manager named Frank walked over. "You guys can go busy yourselves with your own stuff. Isabella, you can return first."

Isabella cast a glance at Feng Lin before slowly walking away with her catwalk, causing the genetic researchers who were extremely thirsty for a long time to whistle like perverts.

That malicious-looking man instantly blew his top. "What are you all looking at? Have you all not seen a woman before? Hurry up and do more research!"

Everyone instantly scattered after they heard that.

Manager Frank stared at Feng Lin's eyes as he smiled. "Feng Lin, if you feel troubled in your heart, please come with me then. I'll give you an answer."

After speaking, he turned and walked away. Feng Lin hesitated for a moment but chose to follow after him eventually.

After a while, a door opened as they entered an enclosed office. All the other sounds were blocked as soon as the door closed again.

Manager Frank stared at Feng Lin. A serious expression appeared on his face as he spoke, "Feng Lin, I understand your reactions. In truth, everyone who was newly assigned to the R&D department would feel that it was tough to accept this. They needed a period of time to adjust their state of mind. But let me tell you this, our Giant Pharmaceutical Company is a fully legitimate business, and everything we are doing has the approval of the Solar System Coalition Government. We are not breaking the law in any way at all!"

"Human experimentations are legal?" Feng Lin couldn't understand. "The Solar System Coalition Government would actually agree to this?"

"In reality, yes, the government has agreed!" Manager Frank spoke. He then paused and glanced at Feng Lin before continuing with a smile that was not a smile. "You wouldn't know that our solar system is considered a chaotic star region, right?"
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