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Head directed downward while legs upward!

Feng Lin was inverted in the air as he plunged down abruptly with his two hammer-like fists, performing the Sky Flipping Hammer Imprint. It came down with a fierce pressure as if he was going to smash the entire human world, causing the mountains to collapse.

Facing the violent wind produced from the fistforce, the interstellar cultivator raised his head with great difficulty. His entire face was distorted from the force, and his gaze was that of shock.

What a violent punch this was!

There was no way of dodging at all!

This was a blatant overpowering with strength and no fanciful techniques involved. However, the more this was so, the harder it was to defend.

The moves seemed simple and plain, returning to the simplest state of things, appearing as if they didn't have many changes. However, there were no loopholes either.

This was real power.

A person of great strength can defeat ten people who know martial arts! 

The only way to break the myriad of changes was to forcibly take it head-on. There was no other way around it.

"Damn it! Don't underestimate me!" The interstellar cultivator's eyes were filled with fury, and strength surged up in his body like waves.

Star Tiger Blasting the Sky!

He leaped up and smashed head first like a mature Black Star Scaled Tiger charging out toward the scorching sun. It was as if he was going to smash and shatter everything in his path.

The two fists crashed with the head, neither side giving in.

Feng Lin's body was instantly sent flying back, and he did dozens of somersaults, negating all of the force and once again stabilizing his body.

On the other hand, things weren't as easy for the interstellar cultivator. His body plunged down like a meteor, crashing fiercely into the ground and sinking deep into it. He expended great efforts to crawl out, but the land under his feet had become a huge crater.

Feng Lin's vitality was strong, being at 90 or higher, and his means weren't weak either. At this moment, the interstellar cultivator knew that he had to bring out his trump card.

After assessing the situation and acknowledging that he was at a disadvantage, he knew that he'd definitely lose if he didn't make any change in tactics.

He gritted his teeth, unwilling to be defeated just like that and made a decision.

Bloodfiend Asura Body!

Baleful auras were absorbed into his body, and he emitted a demonic red glow, turning into a blood figure. The atmosphere became eerie, cold, and brutal.

Feng Lin immediately got his guards up. He had no idea what strange means the other party was using again!

Kacha kacha!

The interstellar cultivator's body rapidly shot up in height, and he grew to a height of over three meters within a short moment. Green veins popped up all over his body, as if many chains were entangled on it. His face was savage and distorted, extremely fierce and terrifying. He had turned into an Asura who had crawled out from the bloody hell, emitting a great killing aura and wanting to annihilate all living creatures.

Feng Lin's eyes contracted intensely. He felt that this interstellar cultivator had gone all out, using this means that would provide explosive powers but having severe consequences thereafter.

It seemed that he mustn't hold back either!

Feng Lin let out a deep bellow, and his body underwent a change as well. He fully stimulated his Stone Monkey Gene, turning into a jade figure that could destroy everything and had tough skin.

Vajra Dragon Claw.

His hands took the form of dragon claws and pounced forth. He struck with his elbows, knocked with his shoulders, kicked with his legs... Every part of his body had turned into a weapon that could destroy everything in their path. His hands formed extremely fierce sharp claws that grabbed out toward his opponent's throat.

The interstellar cultivator took the form of an Asura with flushing red eyes as if he was a maniacal demon. He kept on performing the Star Tiger Killing Fist; each move was out to kill.

Dragon claws versus tiger claws!

Neither party backed off and they crazily attacked each other. Sparks flew around, leaving behind astonishing traces.

However, unlike the faint white marks on Feng Lin's body, the interstellar cultivator's body was covered in blood. Red bloody flesh could be seen from his wounds.

He kept on retreating and gradually fell on the disadvantage in this head-on exchange. He wasn't a match for Feng Lin at all.

Feng Lin performed his moves at full-power, not giving his opponent a chance to take a breather. He went head-on, fighting to see which party was stronger.

Although his opponent's body was extremely tough, Feng lin had absolute confidence in the Stone Monkey Gene. This was a mutated Primeval Gene that had been strengthened to over ten points. This was his greatest advantage and even if he only performed a low-grade low-tier genetic martial art—the Vajra Subduing Devil Fist—he was able to suppress his opponent.

No matter how strong the martial art was, they had no life. It would all be dependent on the individual to see how great the prowess was!

Although the Vajra Subduing Devil Fist was of low grade and was a far cry from his opponent's Star Tiger Killing Fist, it was the martial arts that could best display Feng Lin's advantage.

The abilities of the Vajra Gene and the Stone Monkey Gene were extremely similar and could perfectly unleash Feng Lin's specialty.

Things turned out the way he expected them to!

After many rounds of clashes between them, the interstellar cultivator's expression became distorted. He was clearly in great pain. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even an Asura, after receiving consecutive heavy damages, would just be a sheep that was waiting to be slaughtered.

Feng Lin was waiting. He was waiting for his opponent to completely break down before he retaliated and defeated him, no longer giving his opponent a chance to fight back.

The interstellar cultivator's hands kept on trembling. He was slowly finding it hard to hang on.

He also realized this and his heart sank. Feng Lin was clearly trying to drag things out and torment him slowly. If he didn't find a way to break out of this situation, he would definitely be defeated.

Preta Asura [1]!

Red light gleamed intensely in the interstellar cultivator's eyes and he pounced over like a hungry ghost. His claw-like hands emitted eerie black aura, and he turned into a ghostly shadow as he pounced over, wanting to engulf Feng Lin.

This attack might seem ferocious, but in any case, the stronger one was, the greater the loophole and the most fragile the person would be.

This was the chance!

A cold gleam flashed in Feng Lin's eyes, and his spirit force erupted out explosively, turning into material psyforce. The psyforce was like a bunch of invisible ropes that tangled onto his opponent's body. Feng Lin pulled fiercely, causing the Interstellar cultivator to lose his balance and reveal a great loophole.

What? Such a powerful psyforce?

How was this possible...

The interstellar cultivator felt as if he was restrained by heavy metal chains, and his movements were restricted and thus slowed down.

Taking advantage of the situation while the opponent was in a precarious position!

Before he could break out from the restraints of Feng Lin's powerful psyforce, his scalp turned numb and a sharp aura locked onto him from afar. He had the feeling that great trouble was coming.

Immortal Slaying Sword Imprint!

He raised his head and saw a pair of sword fingers rapidly magnifying before his eyes, taking up his entire vision.

What a fierce sword attack!

It had the intent of slaying immortals, wiping out gods, and destroying the entire world!

I will die!

If I were to be hit by this sword, I would die!

His expression was that of horror. He knew that he was unable to take this sword attack at all.

There would always be someone stronger out there. He finally came to a clear realization that Feng Lin was stronger than he was. If he were to be hit by this attack, the consequences would be dire. This was just a test, and there wasn't a need for any life or death battles.

The interstellar cultivator's mind turned blank. He no longer had any foolish thoughts about his pride and decisively admitted his weakness, "Hold on! I admit my loss!"


The sword fingers came to a stop three inches away from his forehead.

Drip, drip!

Blood dripped down and the interstellar cultivator's face was drenched in cold sweat. There was a wound left on his forehead from the sword qi that had pierced through the space, revealing a bloody hole with blood flowing out from it.

Thankfully, he had shouted out in time; thus, the sword qi only left marks on his skull and didn't pierce through his brain. Otherwise...

The sword hadn't reached its target, but the prowess of the sword qi was terrifying!

"Do you admit your loss?" Feng Lin tilted his head and looked at him expressionlessly.

What a lunatic!

Seeing Feng Lin's cold and emotionless face, the interstellar cultivator cursed inwardly. If he hadn't admitted his loss in time, this lunatic would have killed him!

His fatty face broke into an extremely ugly smile that was worse than a crying face. He quickly nodded. "Yes! I admit defeat!"

"That's good then!" said Feng Lin calmly. Without saying another word, he drew back his hand and left.

The interstellar cultivator stood at the same spot, watching in a daze at Feng Lin's departing figure. Unknowingly, his back was drenched in cold sweat.

Where on earth did this demon pop out from?

How could there be such a genius in this retrogressive Earth? It didn't make any sense!

After Feng Lin had walked off far in the distance, the man felt an intense pain coming from his forehead and only now did he react. He grabbed onto his forehead and howled.

Feng Lin didn't stop and walked out from the Earth's Cultivation Association sparring area. He threw a glance and was slightly stunned to see that there were already three or four figures standing there. These people were wearing uniforms and were candidates from other high schools on Earth.

Despite the fact that he had gone all-out and crushed his opponent, he wasn't the first candidate to defeat the assigned interstellar cultivator!

Feng Lin wore an amused smile.

As expected of the applicants for the Cosmos Universities. There were stronger people and hidden talents out there!

[1] Preta refers to hungry ghosts.
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