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The holidays had just passed and it was time for the beginning of yet another school semester.

Feng Lin walked into the school.

This was the first day of school, and it was very lively. After the winter holiday, all of the students had very excited expressions on their faces.

The college examinations were nearing, and there was a nervous and suppressing atmosphere in the air.

The first day of the last semester in the senior year of high school was also the annual selection for the gifted class. Only by clearing the martial pagoda's 30 levels would one be able to enter the gifted class, receiving focused attention from the school to nurture them and going ahead with the final dash before the college examinations.

Although Earth High School was a well-known school in Earth's Huaxia City, it hadn't been able to develop. It could only be considered third-rate amongst the high schools on the planet. There were limited cultivating resources, and they could only nurture students selectively.

People with a vitality of over 2 points would be considered geniuses. This was something that would be seen as unbelievable in the Feng Clan.

Although the Feng Clan was a small clan in the whole interstellar space, they were a rich and powerful clan on Earth. Furthermore, they had the Interstellar Ancestral Clan as their backing and had no lack of martial techniques and resources.

There were many Interstellar cultivators with vitality points that were over 10, and the competition was very intense.

Feng Lin didn't care too much about this gifted class.

However, since he was going to participate in the college examinations, he would need to receive the school's full support. Therefore, he wouldn't mind getting into the gifted class.

Interstellar universities were also differentiated by grades, and the university in each grade would also have different registration procedures and limited vacancies.

The Interstellar Era was also an era of great competition. People had to compete over everything and didn't keep a low-profile.

If you didn't display abilities that far surpassed that of the people from the same generation or age, why would the school give you their precious quota of college examinations?

Feng Lin didn't stop and headed straight in the direction of the illusory martial pagoda. He suddenly frowned.

A group surrounded him rapidly, and a sinister-looking Caucasian youth crossed his arms at his chest and threw him a cold glance. Zhao Kai followed behind this young man and was also wearing a smirk on his face.

"Feng Lin, you can forget about escaping today. I'll make sure to take revenge for the previous time..."


A series of waves surged out like flooding water.

Klot hadn't finished his threats when he was already flying out like a sandbag.

Feng Lin lowered his eyelids, not throwing him a glance. It was as if he had just slapped and killed a bunch of irritating flies. He didn't stop moving and left.

Klot and Zhao Kai laid on the ground, their eyes wide-open and listless. They were shivering all over.

The two pitiful kids had been given a great shock.

They had not even seen Feng Lin's frontal view and only felt a wave of immense mental energy sweeping toward them. It instantly broke down their consciousness, and their brains almost turned into paste.

Withstanding the mental impact from earlier, they were like mortals looking at God's prestigious pressure right in the face. They felt the horror of death...

What era was this?

It had been over 10,000 years since romanticlovebookss were created in Ancient Earth. Yet, they were still using such old-fashioned tricks?

Didn't they know that it was already outdated?


Feng Lin had no intention to spend time talking gibberish with this group of people. He sent his spirit force sweeping out, instantly breaking down the minds of these school bullies and giving them a great scare.

He left rapidly in great strides. A group of people laid on the ground behind him as if they were fowls waiting to be slaughtered. They kept on convulsing, attracting shocked and puzzled gazes.

Feng Lin moved very quickly and soon arrived at the illusory martial pagoda.

A long queue had already formed outside, with many people wearing anticipated expressions.

After devoting a lot of hard work during the winter break, quite a number of people felt that their vitality had improved by a lot. They felt that they would have a chance of clearing the illusory martial pagoda and get into the gifted class.

When they entered, they were all filled with exultation. But when they came out, they were all dejected and despondent.

Feng Lin stood in the queue, feeling bored as he watched everything with a cold gaze and understood the situation.

Having a vitality of over 3.0 didn't mean that one would definitely be able to clear the martial pagoda.

The illusory martial arts masters were all top-notch existences amongst people of the same level as them. They had strong battle prowess.

These students only had vitality but didn't have much experience in battles. Therefore, their battle prowesses weren't strong and even if their vitalities were above that of the illusory martial arts masters, it would be very hard for them to have any advantages.

It was the same for Feng Lin previously as well. He entered the martial pagoda with a vitality of 1.5 points, but he went through great difficulty in clearing the first ten levels. It was because he wasn't trained in martial arts and had no killing techniques.

It was only after he acquired many ancient martial techniques as well as the genetic martial art—Vajra Subduing Devil Fist— that he managed to turn the tables around and cleared his way to the 20th level before he was stopped there.

To the current Feng Lin, the situation had changed drastically.

For the others, this illusory martial pagoda might be as hard to cross as a heavenly chasm. However, for Feng Lin, it couldn't even be considered as a stumbling block.

Without realizing it, his battle prowess had already far surpassed others of the same age as him. Only those most outstanding geniuses in top-notch high schools would be able to give him some pressure.

Earth High School's cultivation standards were too low, giving him the feeling of children playing houses. It didn't perk his interest at all.

He had experienced far too much from his journey to Mars. The experience that far surpassed that of his age had also brought him capabilities that far surpassed others from the same generation as him.

On Earth, or even within the solar system, it was already very hard for him to encounter an opponent amongst people of the same age as him.

After dominating over the clan's ranking competition, Feng Lin understood this point very clearly. His opponents were at that vast and boundless universe.

Star regions with advanced technological developments, sufficient spiritual substances, ample cultivating resources, and intense competitions tended to be the ones that could produce unrivaled geniuses that were beyond one's imagination.

Only these people were his future rivals.

Feng Lin had never restricted himself within the solar system but had looked toward the boundless interstellar space.


As the queue continued to move forward, it was finally Feng Lin's turn. He wore a calm expression and walked straight in.

However, he had just entered when the illusory martial pagoda's alarm suddenly rang out. The sound was piercing and red light kept on flashing.

The principal led the group of head-teachers and walked over with a grim countenance. "What happened? What did you guys do?"

The illusory martial pagoda was the school's most precious asset and nothing must go wrong to it. The principal was very furious to see that such a great mishap had happened on the first day of the school semester.

"I don't know either!" said the students queuing outside the illusory martial pagoda innocently.

At that moment, the illusory martial pagoda's system released an alarm throughout the entire school. "Warning! Warning! Someone's vitality had exceeded the system's limits, and the system has broken down. People clearing the trials inside should evacuate quickly! Evacuate quickly! Evacuate quickly..." Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The alarm rang over and over again in an urgent tone.

"What? Vitality exceeding the system's limits, causing a system breakdown?! Who's that?" The principal and the head-teachers were taken by astonishment. They hadn't expected such a thing to happen.

The Earth High School had specially purchased illusory martial pagoda from an Interstellar Empire. Although it was of the lowest level, it could withstand a vitality within 10 points. However, someone had now caused the system to break down. This was too unbelievable.

Who was it that had such a horrifying vitality?

An Interstellar cultivator?

Earth High School had never produced a genius like this!

Who could it be?

Such an amazing character didn't exist in Earth High School!


The school's leaders couldn't understand this.

At that moment, Feng Lin walked out with an indifferent look.

The principal's eyes lit up and he quickly headed up to ask, "Feng Lin, what did you see inside? Why did the illusory martial pagoda go through a system breakdown?"

Feng Lin slowly spoke up, "Nothing. I merely cleared 30 levels in the illusory martial pagoda within a minute, and the system broke down and chased me out!"

His countenance was very calm and his tone indifferent. It was as if he had just said something insignificant that had nothing to do with him.

Although those illusory martial arts masters were said to be unrivaled amongst people of the same level as them, a vast difference in vitality like that between heaven and earth wasn't something that could be compensated through any means.

A person with great strength could win against ten people who knew martial arts!

After Feng Lin entered, he didn't need to make a move. He merely sent his spirit force sweeping out to form a surging tempest, and the illusory martial arts masters would be instantly defeated.

Regardless of what extraterrestrial races they were, what kind of martial arts masters they were, or how great their means were, they wouldn't be able to fend off a gushing massive power that was like floodwaters. All of them were crushed.

"What? You were the one who did this?!" The principal and the other leaders in the school couldn't believe this and suspected that Feng Lin was boasting.

They remembered that when Feng Lin attempted to clear the illusory martial pagoda's trials previously, his vitality had yet to exceed 2.0. However, to think that he was able to cause the illusory martial pagoda's system to collapse.

The before-and-after difference was too huge!

He had already become an Interstellar cultivator within two months?

Faced with many suspicions, Feng Lin couldn't be bothered to explain himself. He merely said calmly, "You guys can just take a look at the system's records to see if what I said is the truth!"

Seeing that Feng Lin didn't seem to be lying, the principal and the others pulled out the records from the illusory martial pagoda's system and looked through them.

Feng Lin's figure appeared in the projection.

Feng Lin had an unstoppable attitude, defeating the many illusory martial arts masters and continued to head upward without stopping. He cleared trials after trials until even the martial pagoda's system blew out.

The countenances of the principal and the other leaders in the school appeared to be at a loss as they came to a faint realization.

Before Feng Lin—an unrivaled genius who had suddenly rose up—the gifted class had already lost its meaning.
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