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The blood seethed and gushed into Feng Lin's body through his seven apertures and any other openings on his body. They were scorching hot like lava.

Feng Lin had been inflicted with serious injuries to begin with, and these blood had great corrosive prowess, causing him to feel intense pain inside out as if his entire body was going to rot.

He summoned the last bit of his mental energy to assess the inside of his body.

Those blood seemed to have a life of their own, gushing up like piranhas, treating Feng Lin like a prey and gushing into his body with all they had.

Feng Lin could sense that they were like small bugs which incessantly made their way into the depths of the human body and gnawed on the human genes, wanting to turn him into some kind of unknown existence.

He had previously avoided this Divine Blood Ritual but hadn't expected to still end up in it.

He knew that if he didn't resist, he might end up unscathed and directly turned into one of those children of god with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Even those weak researchers could withstand the Divine Blood Ritual. Given that his vitality was a lot stronger than theirs, it simply didn't make sense for him to be unable to do the same.

However, it was impossible to get Feng Lin to give up on resisting!

For Feng Lin to give up on his blood lineage and turn into those disgusting egg-humans? No way!

This was the baseline he had as a human. It was impossible to force him to change his mind regarding this, no matter what the situation he was in!

Tossing away his emotional elements, Feng Lin wouldn't choose to change his blood lineage even if it was based on reason.

Based on mankind's history accounts, Huaxia civilization was the only ancient civilization that had continued on from the Ancient Era to the Technological Era and then the Interstellar Era. It also had the most brilliant myths and legends.

There were no lack of awesome characters from the myths and legends who would fight against the heavens and wipe out the earth. There were also plenty of transcendent characters who could even control the natural laws.

In comparison, the characters from other civilizations' myths and legends were merely slaves to the natural laws. They were merely existences who didn't live up to their reputations. Once they fell from their divinity status, as the masses stop believing in them, they would be nothing.

Huaxia's celestial beings and generals relied on their own powers and weren't fearful of falling from their statuses.

Based on just in terms of freedom and potential, the path of Huaxia's myths and legends would be wider compared to that of other civilizations.

It was fine if he didn't know about this.

However, Feng Lin was extremely familiar with the myths and legends from various ancient civilizations. Would he choose to do such a foolish thing in neglecting what was important and focusing on what was less important?

Of course, he wouldn't!

Therefore, Feng Lin would definitely not choose to turn into an egg-human.

His strong resistance seemed to have stimulated the Divine Blood Ritual's rage.

The blood red-colored God's Blood kept on seething, faintly showing the signs of an ineffable rage. They came surging forth like tidal waves, bent on completely engulfing this person who was trying to go against god's will.

The God's Blood encompassed Feng Lin's entire body like wiggling bugs, turning him into a blood figure.

Feng Lin sat cross-legged within it, guarding himself strongly. However, the God's Blood kept on trying to find gaps to squeeze their way into his body. It felt extremely painful.

The God's Blood kept on seething. It was an extremely strange and horrifying sight.

Even that titan didn't dare to get close when it saw Feng Lin sinking into the Divine Blood Ritual. Its stiff and robotic face revealed a wary expression.

Feng Lin, who was within it, felt even more excruciating.

This mustn't go on!

Feng Lin felt that he must find out the truth behind the God's Blood and look for a way to counter it.

His mental energy was activated to an extreme and he started scanning. The sight displayed before him was extremely strange and horrifying.

Many blood red-colored cells appeared. Although he called them cells, they might be more suited to be called some kind of microorganisms.

These blood red-colored cells had sharp mouths growing all over them. They kept on opening their mouths, engulfing non-stop. They looked extremely savage.

When they entered his body, they kept on engulfing his cells and turning them into another form. They used the genes they carried with them to replace the genes that had been there previously.

Feng Lin felt disgusted. To think that this was what the Divine Blood Ritual was!

This method of changing one's genes made him think of a horror movie he had watched in his previous life--Dark Water!

This was simply like turning him into a monster. It was something he couldn't tolerate.

He must find a way to save himself. What should he do?

These cells in the God's Blood were so strange and had astonishing vitality, filled with energy!

Could they be refined?

With a single thought, Feng Lin started to circulate the process of transforming energy into qi. His gastric was like a cauldron, no longer putting up any resistance. Instead, it started to engulf the God's Blood in big mouthfuls. He was going all out to refine them.

The moment these God's Blood entered his body, it was like quenching thirst with poison, causing his entire body to feel intense pain.

The technique of transforming energy into qi circulated by itself, acting like a fire cauldron, incinerating and refining them, turning them into scorching heat waves that flowed into his body.

The God's Blood also sensed a danger and kept on seething in his body, stirring up Feng Lin's internal organs into a state of upheaval.

Feng Lin felt intense pain both within and outside his body. He almost fainted.

However, he forcibly hung on with his will. If he were to faint, then he would definitely die.

He must hang on.

The cells in the God's Blood had astonishing power. After they were refined, they were as thick as magma. Feng Lin felt as if he was going to be stuffed to the extent of bursting.

Such a strange thing was definitely not something that the Giant Pharmaceutical Company could have!

Was it the Interstellar Headquarters?

Feng Lin's heart turned grim. He had heard Frank mention something about it before that the Giant Pharmaceutical Company was merely a subsidiary company in the solar system. There was still the headquarters above it.

These thoughts flashed past his mind for a split second. In this critical moment, how could he possibly afford to think so much?

Feng Lin focused all of his efforts to refine the God's Blood. 

Genetic potential +60%, +60%, +60%...

The rate the genetic potential was increasing far surpassed his imagination.

Feng Lin was elated. This was really a good thing!

If he could strengthen the Stone Monkey Gene, his resistance would increase tremendously and the refinement rate would also become increasingly fast. In the end, it would completely digest all of the cells in the God's Blood, transforming them into nutrition for his body's replenishment.

His genetic potential shot up like a rocket, quickly reaching a free primeval genetic point.

Feng Lin decisively added the point. The Stone Monkey Gene reached 6 points, and it would hit the maximum after 4 more points.

What he thought of previously was right.

His body recovered and his vitality strengthened. The rate at which the God's Blood was being refined also increased tremendously, and his genetic potential also soared incessantly.

Genetic potential +70%, +70%, +70%...

Feng Lin gradually turned the tables around, fighting against the God's Blood.

However, the God's Blood seemed to have noticed this as well. They started to have a unified will and started seething.

They couldn't allow a mortal to resist god's will. Suddenly, the blood condensed rapidly, turning into something that was like a materialized blood figure that pounced toward Feng Lin.


The balance was instantly tipped over.

Feng Lin felt excruciating pain.

This will was extremely terrifying, having the intrinsic quality that far transcended that of mortals. It stood high up, looking down proudly on the rest of the world, causing him to be unable to fight back and gradually causing his consciousness to sink.

Feng Lin's thoughts sank deeper and deeper as if it had fallen into a bottomless pit and gradually into the depths of a person's heart.

Endless darkness gathered from all directions, gushing over like tidal waves, drowning him and making it hard for him to wake up.

Facing against this mutated divine characteristic, a violent thought of wanting to annihilate the entire world suddenly rose in his heart. The Stone Monkey Gene in his body flashed strongly, throbbing like a heart.

What kind of celestial crap was this?!



Feng Lin's body curled up uncontrollably, like a fetus in the womb. Stratum corneum grew on his body, wrapping him up like a stone shell, forming a stone egg.

The stone shell was formed from origin chaos and was completely impeccable, not allowing any energy leakage at all.

The God's Blood was stopped firmly on the outside.

Feng Lin's consciousness sank in deep. At the critical moment, he managed to stimulate the Stone Monkey Gene by chance.

He went against the flow of the time, searching for the ancient memories and mythological legacies at the end of that river of time. He wanted to look for the true indestructible nature of his body.

Seeking the cause in oneself rather than from somebody else. Living toward death!
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