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Titans were first creations among the god in greek mythology. They were birthed by Mother Earth Gaia and was able to devour the myriads of living creatures. They also had the power to dominate the sky and land.

Titan was a race of beings, and they came in different forms and sizes. There were the thousand-eyed titan, hundred-arms titan, dragon-winged titans...

Each of them would have different abilities, but they were all extremely powerful. In greek mythology, they were the strongest rivals to gods of Mountain Olympus. Countless divine wars have been fought, but the gods had no way to eradicate them completely.

Because, they were the descendants of Mother Earth Gaia, as long as Gaia didn't die, they would be the favorite of heavens and earth, blessed by fortune and luck.

And as for this artificial god, he had awakened the titan gene, and his abilities allowed him to easily control wind, thunder, ice, fire...all sorts of energy types, enabling him to have countless attacking methods.

After swallowing the green giant, the titan's vitality stats surged even higher. After it absorbed the green giant's energy, the titan expanded further, reaching a height of over 15 meters.

A bloody eyeball was in Feng Lin's hand. He was extremely tense now.

Although he had managed to injure the titan, he also had completely infuriated it.

This titan seemed even stronger now as the pressure it radiated was more intense. Its single eye swiveled around and stared at the eyeball in Feng Lin's hand; flames of rage rose in the titan's heart.


His mouth opened, revealing blazing flames within his throat that now surged forth with great momentum.

Feng Lin rapidly dodged but these flames were as if they were fueled by kerosene, burning everything they came in contact with and were rapidly extending forth, causing him to find it hard to evade.

Bzz, bzz, bzz~

The raging wind kicked up, causing a wind storm.

Chi, chi, chi.

Lightning crackled, arcing through the air.

Ding, ding, ding!

The cold ice turned to rain, threatening to freeze this space.


The titan used divine force to control all sorts of energy, burying Feng Lin within.

Feng Lin felt that he would soon be melted into ashes by these chaotic currents of energy.

His ability to be impervious to fire and water reached the max limit once more. He had to continue adding genetic points!

Feng Lin didn't have the time to think. He used the remaining free primeval genetic point on the Stone Monkey Gene, causing its strengthening tally to instantly changed from 4 to 5. His vitality stat became 63.2, increasing by a total of 8.6.

Warm currents appeared in the depths of his body, circulating all around, allowing him to recover rapidly.

From this point, one could tell Feng Lin's wisdom at holding genetic points in reserve. He was able to rapidly recover from injuries and allow him to persist much longer in battles.

Feng Lin's injuries lightened, and the fatigue he felt from overusing his mental energy was also washed clean. Right now, his skin became even tougher as they blocked the energy from seeping within.


His punch was like thunder, capable of generating explosive impact.

Feng Lin leaped up, moving like a nimble monkey, escaping the chaotic currents of energy.

"Ai?" The titan was startled. It didn't expect that a bug whom it could crush casually to be so unyielding.

Feng Lin repeated the same old tricks and hurriedly evaded. With a single leap, he leaped up the titan's body as he frenziedly launched attacks while seeking for flaws in the titan's defense.

The titan was extremely angered, and both of its hands continuously smacked out.

Fortunately, Feng Lin was incredibly agile. He constantly shifted his position and dodged to the left and right.

Also, the higher the titan's vitality stats climbed, the larger its body grew. But due to the most basic logic of physics, its agility naturally worsened. To Feng Lin, this was actually a good thing.

He depended on his small size and agileness to prance around the titan. At this stage, he was able to easily avoid the titan's attacks.

Moreover, the titan was blinded in one eye. Due to its vision being greatly impaired, its movements also slowed by several notches. It still had no way to do anything to Feng Lin.

Feng Lin couldn't help but sigh at how fortunate he was. This titan seemed to be skilled in all aspects but luckily, the titan didn't have any self-recovery ability. If not, his blinded eye would regenerate quickly, and there would truly be no hope for Feng Lin then.

Using skill against strength!

For a period of time, Feng Lin, as an interstellar cultivator, fought equally against the titan who was an elite cultivator existence that was one large stage above him.

But Feng Lin was very clear that this was just an illusion!

Right now, he could only dodge. It was truly immensely difficult to injure this titan.

The titan was extremely gigantic, its body also being extremely sturdy like mountains and as tough as stone and iron. It was almost impossible to damage the titan.

Feng Lin unleashed all sorts of attacks, resulting in deafening sounds when they hit the titan. But no matter what he tried, he had no way to break the titan's defense.

For this point, it was how other people felt when they fought against Feng Lin, completely helpless and full of despair.

And at this moment, after the titan suffered a major disadvantage, his recognition of Feng Lin began to rise. One of his hands protected his remaining eye, not wanting to give Feng Lin any more chance to get near him. As for the titan's other hand, it was lashing out attacks, aiming for Feng Lin.

Bang, bang, bang!

The titan's strength was simply too high. To capture Feng Lin, the titan went all out, smacking with all parts of its body, causing thunderous sounds to ring out.

With every palm slammed out, Feng Lin felt as though a giant mountain was rushing right at him.

His body wasn't as tough as the titan, and once he was hit, he would surely become a pile of meat paste.

Feng Lin dodged around. This wasn't dancing on a steel wire; it was like dancing on a landslide instead. If he was the slightest bit careless, he would be completely crushed and even his bones wouldn't remain.

The titan's eyes turned red, shooting out fiery rays of energy akin to light beams from ray guns.

He also realized that Feng Lin had the ability to be immune to energy effects. Hence, he chose to concentrate all the energy into light rays that were incomparably scorching, allowing his attacks to gain extreme speed.

Although Feng Lin didn't fear this that much, he wouldn't stand there stupidly to receive the attack.

He was rapidly dodging the light rays.

These light rays were too hot, and even the titan himself wasn't able to endure it. After Feng Lin evaded the light rays, conspicuous red imprints appeared on the titan's skin. It seemed that it had been burned from using the light rays to track Feng Lin as Feng Lin pranced around. This caused the titan to roar in agony.

Feng Lin's heart stirred. This was a good opportunity!

He hurriedly dashed over, guiding the titan to shoot out more light rays to injure the titan itself.

Feng Lin would occasionally be lightly grazed by the light rays. Just the slightest contact caused him to feel a burning, intense pain at the areas where he was grazed.

His heart sank. Feng Lin knew that if he was truly hit by one of the rays, he would definitely not be able to endure this degree of injury.

Gradually, the titan felt that something was wrong. By doing this, not only did it fail to injure the little bug, but it was injuring itself instead.

This bug was like a flea that kept jumping around its body. Although the flea wasn't able to hurt him, it was truly extremely frustrating.

After a long time, the titan still had no way to capture Feng Lin. The titan changed its method and right now, he spun rapidly on the spot like a spinning top, increasing the speed of its revolution.

The large amount of centrifugal force caused Feng Lin to feel extremely unstable. He felt like he was about to fall off at any moment.

He silently groaned, instantly realizing the titan's intent. He hurriedly used both of his hands to grab hold of a part of the titan's body, wanting to stabilize himself.

The air whistled past his ears. Feng Lin felt his surroundings blurring and if he didn't hold on tightly, he would soon be thrown off. However, by doing this, he was also restricting his own movements.

Although the titan was still spinning, both of his hands could move freely and right now, they were both moving toward Feng Lin.

Feng Lin was in a bad situation whether he dodged the pair of hands or whether he continued to hold on. This was simply an extremely dire situation.

But when the titan's hands neared him, he couldn't care anymore. He released his grab and tried to use the momentum to jump up in the air. But by doing this, he lost the opportunity to freely move about since he was now in the air.

A fist that was akin to a small mountain then heavily slammed over.

Feng Lin felt as though he was being slammed by a hammer. His bones were on the verge of breaking down, while his body was flung through the air like a cannon.

Could it be that everything will end like this?

Feng Lin felt a deep sense of helplessness, and his heart was filled with extreme reluctance.

All of a sudden, he felt as though his head had hit a hard object. He had actually managed to penetrate through the glass cabin used to conduct the divine blood ritual. The glass was something he wasn't able to break earlier.

An endless flow of the unknown blood that was filled with lifeforce gushed over, burying him within, unceasingly corroding his body, his organs, his cells and his genes…

This was truly a situation where there was no hope of survival...
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